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Amy Winehouse Is a Marked Woman

5/30/2007 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

British songbird Amy Winehouse's reddish neck welt added a twist to her trademark disastrous look of ratty Bride of Frankenstein hair and Cleopatra/goth linebacker eye makeup. Stylin'!

While on her way to a gig in London on Tuesday, the newly-married singer revealed the lovebite/bruise. Real purrrty!

On a positive note, at least the "Rehab" rocker can revel in the fact that hickeys are easier to remove than all those lovely tats!


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I just heard some of her music and the girl looks nothing like her voice! She sounds like a sister but looks like a skank!!

2705 days ago


She scares me...

2705 days ago


Damn that is just NASTY

2705 days ago


I agree with what someone else said on here....just becuz she doesn't look like Paris or Ashley or whoever else she is considered ugly. She can look any way she likes...she refuses to conform and I don't blame her. By the way, the girl has one of the best original voices that I've heard in a very very very long time. Give the chick a break!

2705 days ago


Is it Amy WineWhore or Wine "O" i'm confused.

2705 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Jesus, she's UGLY. Why is TMZ promoting this broad?

2705 days ago


Who cares what she looks like? She's freaking T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D. Maybe if people got more credit for that instead of being tall and blond, there wouldn't be idiots like Paris Hilton walking around.

2705 days ago


Google her #57. She was "prettier" back in the day. To me she still looks the same, she just changed her style. Oh, did I mention that I L.O.V.E Amy Winehouse?

2705 days ago


Her music's only OK-- and I'm sick of seeing this overrated squeech everywhere I look! The only reason this girl's getting any press is because she's a British import. Note to TMZ: Just because the Brits love scrawny, toothless skanky-looking hags doen't mean we have to be enamoured of them, too. Give us a break!

2705 days ago


That's a GUY with fake heavens he/she was beaten with the UGLY stick ...LOL

2705 days ago


#59 I bet Paris is missing you on her page...why don't you go there and talk about how perfect she is because she has perfect hair, teeth, etc...and leave the real music lover comments to the rest of us. It's people like you that make us look like an egotistical country that only loves people because they are Americans and perfect. I bet you have every No Doubt album, annd think Gwen is totally unique! Gimme a break!

2705 days ago


omg she is frickin horrid..........

2705 days ago


SO WHAT!I STILL LOVE HER MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2705 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

GAWD, this is one UGLY chick. She makes me want to puke; why are you doing this to us, TMZ? There's nothing less attractive than nasty ass hair, tattoos, missing teeth & horrid makeup on a woman.

Does anyone actually like what this woman does? She just strikes me as a purposeful publicity whore; she does nothing of consequence, yet is chasing celebrity (from places like TMZ, that will happily report anything about her) like pair-ASS, "porno" kardashian, "wrong-way" ritchie and the rest of the worthless celebu-retards...

2705 days ago


Was she born a male?

2705 days ago
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