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Paris' Cell Mate Hand-Picked

5/30/2007 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Paris Hilton's cell mate has already been selected.

Officials at the jail where Paris will do time have decided an inmate who is doing time for reckless driving will be the perfect match for Paris. Sources tell TMZ that jailers were looking for someone who they believe will not try to cash in on Hilton's stay. The woman is already in the cell that Paris will be in ... waiting for a touch of Hilton.

Sources also tell TMZ that jailers are already conducting searches of anything electronic -- they are prohibiting cameras, cell phones and Celeb Mugshots gallery: Click to lauch gallerythe like. We're told a memo has gone out to the staff, warning them that anyone who takes pictures of Paris will be disciplined -- i.e., fired.

Our sources say a "written protocol" has already been prepared especially for Paris' stay, detailing "when and how things should be done for her."


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Isn't she a retard?

2678 days ago


I just want to know why she's getting all this special treatment????? She Broke the law....Now if I or anyone else did the same thing she did, we would be tossed in Jail and not getting any kind of special treatment. I thought that if someone broke the law regardless of who they are they have to serve the time?????? Go figure.

2678 days ago

me. ay she is just another "human being" and then say she was the load that should have been flushed?!?!?! she is a human being as well and she is a product of her environment - just like the rest of us....cmon people - have some compassion instead of jealousy......

2678 days ago

Wise Guy    

Well, She did the crime, now she's doing time! I wish she was my cell mate! She sure is one Hot Chick! Say what you will, you can't take that away from her!

2678 days ago


I LOVE the part about firing anyone taking P's picture, heh-heh, if I were a guard, I know I could make more $$$$$$$$ from the rags for one little picture, than in my entire career as a glorified babysitter in the "so-called jail". I'd take the picture, sell it, and then take my lumps with the warden, who cares if I'm fired, I'm rich!!!!!

2678 days ago

George William Gockel    

Paris Hilton and I will have sex with each other totally nude on purpose in private after Paris Hilton will be released out of jail.

2678 days ago


Paris gets a hand-picked cellmate? That's not jail time......that's a PAJAMA PARTY! Spoiled punk brat! Paris should have been put in the next available cell, regardless of who the joint occupant would be.

If she'd have had a good a$$-whoopin' when she was a kid, maybe she wouldn't be near that jail cell now. Like I said, spoiled punk brat!

2678 days ago


I feel so sorry for that poor girl. She should be allowed to stay at home and think about things. In a safe and calm environment. Keep it cool Paris, this will pass. I know you will get released early for good behavior.

2678 days ago

tee tee    

This is BS since when do people get to pick their cellmate is this a new thing i havent heard about this is crazy.

2678 days ago

Belle Starr    

Nicole Hilton is hotter and smarter than Paris .

2678 days ago


Selling 1 picture of Paris in the slammer could easily net a jail employee many times what they might earn in 5 years. Definitely worth the risk of getting fired! They should go for it!

2678 days ago


Well folks, I really think she should be treated as any other person while she serves her time in the LA County Jail.... She hasn't really done anything to deserve being treated as someone special....she isn't any better or worse then I am.... But then again I don't drink and drive... and I have lived a lot longer than this child/woman... She might be more interesting if she had really accomplished something other than the Simple Life and a Carl's Jr. commerical. To borrow a line from John Stossel, "Give Me A Break" and not Paris... She really needs a reality check, BIG TIME. I don't think this special treament of whatever it turns out to be, will be it.... To much, to soon and to young for all of these kids. Someone should have made her get a real job someplace when she was in her teenage years so she understands how the other 99 percent of us live.

2678 days ago


How annoying. She should not get any special treatment at all. She's a person who messed up. She should be treated as that. Not a celebrity in jail.

2678 days ago


I'd say she needs Drug Court not just jail time, ( so does linsey lohan, ad Britney Spears) but you can keep on with the special treatment. It's worked so well in the past. yeah right!

2678 days ago


Some of you people are d u m b. This is not "special treatment" other than the fact that they must have some sort of security measures for high-profile inmates regardless of the crime. Use your noggins, they're not going to put her in with just anybody.

By the way, I myself am not a "fan" of her, but I do find it sad and dispicable to read some of the vitrolic and mean hearted comments from people who have no connections to this woman. The media always turns these affairs into circus', just finally give a 'celebrity' privacy and let her serve her time. Entertainment media has truly become parasitic in nature. How many people nationally have been corrected for similar occurances and no one has a clue about these people.

Paris (if this somehow gets to you, which I don't believe it will) this is a time to be introspective of yourself. How ever you have been blessed in your life is something for you to become truly aware of and not to take advantage of (especially for pop culture gain or public notoriety). Learn some humility if for anything but for yourself. Imagine being a viewer to this public spectacle, as opposed to the subject matter of it all.

Regardless of you riches; you can continue this way, or alter something. Grow.

2678 days ago
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