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Paris' Cell Mate Hand-Picked

5/30/2007 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Paris Hilton's cell mate has already been selected.

Officials at the jail where Paris will do time have decided an inmate who is doing time for reckless driving will be the perfect match for Paris. Sources tell TMZ that jailers were looking for someone who they believe will not try to cash in on Hilton's stay. The woman is already in the cell that Paris will be in ... waiting for a touch of Hilton.

Sources also tell TMZ that jailers are already conducting searches of anything electronic -- they are prohibiting cameras, cell phones and Celeb Mugshots gallery: Click to lauch gallerythe like. We're told a memo has gone out to the staff, warning them that anyone who takes pictures of Paris will be disciplined -- i.e., fired.

Our sources say a "written protocol" has already been prepared especially for Paris' stay, detailing "when and how things should be done for her."


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She should NOT be getting any kind of special treatment.Hell,when she was on the road going across the country,she had no idea what a "Walmart" was,that cracked me up?! Dah,and Walmart is great on prices,etc...she disovered.
Just because her last name is Hilton and evrythinggs "Cool!"I have no idea of her intellect?Nobody does...............PUT HER W/EVERYONE ELSE.She needs to feel what the percussions truly are for her mistake.She's no different than anyone in that aspect.No so called "Celebirty"as she is(so called?!)should get anythingd different than anyone.
He'll they can repeatedly do it again and get rosiie treatment,so what's the punishment!This is really.B.S........A JOKE.

2666 days ago


WTF!! It's JAIL!! She shouldn't be getting any speical treatment of any kind. Jail is to punish u for what u did wrong, its not suspose to be a low - class vacation. What the hell, I swear, someone needs to let her alone for hmm five mins? w/ some of us "lower class" ppl and she'll learn real quick what life is suspose to be like. Stop waiting on these dumb celeb hand and foot, teach them a lesson!!!

2666 days ago


First of all, haven't we all done something, if caught, could have landed us in jail, especially in our younger years when we just didn't realize what we were doing, when we thought we could get away with anything. In fact, lots still many don't try to 'cheat' on income tax...or run that red light. Paris is young, entertaining and using her good looks and charisma to be in the spotlight; she didn't seek it and even it she did, so what. Good for her. Something about her obviously intrigues us and thus we pay attention. I find she's cute and having fun with her luck in inheritance, personality and looks. When I was younger and definitely not famous nor rich, I did things, like driving under the influence, this is before MADD, and didn't realize I, too, could be 'caught' and unintentionally land in jail. She needs to be protected in jail, especially because of her reputation and position. This will shock her and most likely cause some sort of change, and hopefully not be so traumatic that she doesn't recover. I hope she isn't mistreated in jail...she really hasn't done anything other than the driving issues that deserves such hatred. Watch that jealousy those who are putting her down. My prediction: Paris will grow up to be someone who does good in the world. Come on, some of the things she's endured on her reality show I would never do and she's always very nice to the children and people...she's definitely entertaining. So...those of you who like to be hateful...put your attention on also doing some good in the world instead of harboring such negative attitudes...YOU will feel better and will help the world and most importantly, help yourself. Read's a good lesson (do a search for the poem if you don't already know it). Perhaps someone can tell me where all the hatred spewing from some of your mouths comes from and wouldn't you rather feel GOOD enough about yourself to be compassionate ? If the answer is 'no'....then hopefully someday you'll grow up and learn that's best for your health, and your own life. Good luck to Paris and here's hoping she'll get through this ok. I'm glad they've chosen her cellmate and hope they keep her safe. Thinking further, the jails are already horribly overcrowded with minor crimes while the worst offenders are let out to hurt more people. Let's concentrate on programs to help those people. And that is my two cents worth.

2666 days ago


paris is a pussy

2666 days ago


She shouldn't of gotten a jail sentence, thats so stupid

2666 days ago



2666 days ago


paris, you are my hero!!!!! jail sucks! u rule!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!! you are my total role-model, don't listen to what the other mean people who posted comments said, there stupid and don't know what they are talking about! stay strong. :) and know that you are in my thoughts, and you would be in my preyers too, but i don't prey... what the heck!!! i'll make an exeption! "i pray to you o lord that you make the meanies go away, and save paris from this sad fate!"

2666 days ago


wow between sheriff Goerge Jaramillo (Orange County Asst. Sheriff in jail) handpicking his place for jailtime and Paris Hilton's big joke for jailtime leads me to believe that our justice system is no longer about justice. Its about who has the most money or clout. Our justice system has become the laughing stock of the world, starting with the O.J. case. How pathetic!

2666 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Paris had her minions inform the inmates that she was "taking karate" and "would be in shape when she got there" Worst thing she could have done. A old-fashioned butt kicking wouldn't be bad for the bigoted things she said but putting her in special quarters and selecting her cellmate was done for her safety after what she said. Child molesters and child killers are more protected than Paris will be and I'd rather see them put out there in GP than some spoiled rich girl. Shes doing the same time any minion would do(45 days with 22 days off for good behavior). The media is shouting this "special treatment" BS to keep this story alive and, just as I predicted, the press is starting to do the same about Lindsay .
Get a clue--the media is pulling your chain with "special treatment" BS to milk all they can out of these girls. Can't wait to hear "Paris getting caviar and champagne in jail"

2666 days ago



2666 days ago


wow between Sherriff George Jaramillo (Orange County assistant sherriff) and Paris Hilton I have come to realize that our justice system is no longer intact. Who cares if some blonde bimbo with money goes to jail for violating her parole. Let her jail partner exploit her-serves her right, let her deal with the outcome. With every action there is a reaction-isnt that what being a grown up is all about???

2666 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

"Paris Hilton gets special treatment. Betty Butch picked to be her cell-mate"

2666 days ago


Whoever Paris gets placed with should be someone who has unfortunately killed or hurt someone due to drunk driving so that she can see what will happen to her if she continues to think that she is invincible and out of the realm of normal everyday working people.

2666 days ago

Evie Sanchez    

Oh Please! Money Talks...BS walks...Paris has too much money for anyone to take advantage of her. You can only wish you could put her in the hands of those who envy her or would want to destroy her..........shame on you.......what goes around comes around..........Hilton is a name and it is can't change that.........but thank you anyhow for attempting to show her she needs to appreciate her life while she still has it.....Paris........if you come to Houston in the near future.........please visit Lakewood Church.....and Pastor Joel the old Toyota Center......believe me......this will be an experience that will get you positive results..............Evie in Texas :)

2666 days ago


I can't wait for the pictures of Scare Us Hilton hit the tabloids! This skank deserves what she gets and hopefully some lowly public school bi+ches will be there to teach her a lesson or two. You can't go through life thinking that you can say anything or do anything you want and not have to pay for it some time. The vile things this girl has said about other people like african americans, public school students and others are just examples of what a horrid person her family has created by giving her everything she wants and telling her she is better than everyone else. What right does this uneducated dumb a$$ have to put down the majority of the people in this country by insulting public schools and those who attended them? Obviously her private school education - what little of it she got did not teach her anything of value. She didn't even graduate so what gives her the authority to put down those who went to public school? Can we all say together now - Paris is a LOSER! I hope that if she has one live brain cell left in that vaccant bleached out blond head of hers that she will be smart enough to never reproduce. The world doesn't need to be put through another Paris Jr.

I am a proud public school bi+ch with a college degree, my own home and my own car. I earned everything that I have and I can be proud of my accomplishments. I wonder if Paris can be proud of hers? I give what I can to charity or church and I believe the things I learned in public school helped me to be an honest hard working productive member of society. What has this girl done to further society in any way? I sure don't see her winning any Oscars in the near future because from what I have been told her acting in her sex video wasn't very good. I will be counting down the days until she has to report for jail. Cee U Next Tuesday Paris!!!

2666 days ago
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