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No Joke -- Lindsay Laughs During Drunk Driving PSA

5/31/2007 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two years before going to rehab and her DUI arrest, Lindsay Lohan filmed an anti-drunk driving PSA. Priceless!

Shot in May, 2005, the PSA features the then-blonde 18-year-old laughing -- after pop band A Simple Plan says, "Please don't drink and drive." Hysterical, isn't it?!

Lindsay manages to compose herself long enough to utter the words "Be safe!" and flash her trademark peace sign. If only she had taken her own advice!


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its funny how entertainment marketing works now a days. first we see celebrities get famous for negative publicity like the paris sex tape and now Lindsay is in the news for DUI. Look at Kelly Clarkson too!! Clive Davis is ripping her album but its generating more buzz around the album then if ever... genius marketing if you ask me! i found an article that details the Clarkson situation very well here

2641 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    


2641 days ago


LiLo is such a dumb airhead. No wonder she has friends like Paris. Their only talent is getting drunk and making headlines about it. Soon she'll be like a hasbeen, like Brintey has became.

2641 days ago


Im glad this knucklehead found something humorous in this serious messgae to be given to people. Mo wonder she is in the trouble she is now in. And her peace sign is NOT HER trademark. That is a gesture from out of the 1960's hippie movement. So believe, me, she didnt originate that one. Next of all, do us all a favor and remove her from the media. i have never been so sick in my life of hearing about her, She is being mercilessly crammed down peoples throats by the media. It is NOT the people who are enthralled by Lohan. It is the media who is enthralled.

2641 days ago


did anyone actually WATCH the video? they're reporting this crap like she can't contain her laughter, SHE GIGGLED ONCE - whats the BFD??

2641 days ago


She wasn't laughing at the cause, it was just a little giggle. A lot of young girls are giddy and do that all the time, for no reason. Stop making something out of nothing.

2641 days ago


whoever asked her to do a PSA needs to be drug tested.
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2641 days ago


whateva you are so original!

2641 days ago

Catt Alex    

TMZ....stop, stop, for the love of God, STOP already with all the Lindsey crap.

I'm so sick to death of seeing millions of pictures and video clips of her huge bulbous forehead and all this minute by minute nonsense about her.

She's just another pampered Hollywood spoiled brat who got too much, too famous, too rich, too soon. She doesn't handle it well and now we're all subjected to every burp she makes.


Do you think any of us can relate to her or those other snotty, rich, anorexic losers?
Why cater the 'attention whores'?
Do you actually believe any of us get up every morning and immediately concern ourselves with how poor Lindsey is doing today?

Honestly...I enjoy gossip the same as anyone, but enough is enough.
Can we say OVER-EXPOSED?


2641 days ago


This girl is out of control. Drunk driving is not funny, although I've had the giggles on more than one occasion at inappropriate times :) I just wish that these celebs would learn. I wonder who's the next for a DUI. Britney perhaps?

2641 days ago


I bet she is not laughing now....dumb bitch.

2641 days ago


Well, Lindsay and the whore pack (I love that) are obviously posting here, only a whore pack loser would defend a piece of garbage moron like Lindsay. "Just a giggle?" Yeah, we can see how Miss Barfly Cokehead she took her own anti-drinking message, when ISN'T this sot inebriated/on drugs when she's driving! She starts the day off drinking and coked-up driving around town shopping to fill her empty life and emptier head and she leaves every club high as a kite and drunk off her ass and she gets into her own vehicle and drives away. Who defends this? Only whore pack losers. But instead of giving her what every one of US would get, JAIL-TIME, Lindsay goes to some posh country club that is passed off as REHAB??? Yeah, we have seen how good a job these country clubs do for the rich and famous cojehead alchoholics, they all come out no different than when they went in.


2641 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

If you morons can't spell, and can't use proper punctuation, get outta here! Idiots on their Mommy's computers. Fookin' kids........

2641 days ago


Yeah, she can laugh all the way to jail.

2641 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

My oh my...what a judgemental group we are! And to take a swing at DiLo is uncalled for! She has certainly been more distinguised than this group of LiLo hate-mongers! If LiLo were acting this way because she had brain cancer or a diabetic reaction wouldn't we all be more sympathetic? And what do you all expect DiLo to do when her daughter lives independently? Get over yourselves and leave DiLo out of this.

2641 days ago
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