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No Joke -- Lindsay Laughs During Drunk Driving PSA

5/31/2007 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two years before going to rehab and her DUI arrest, Lindsay Lohan filmed an anti-drunk driving PSA. Priceless!

Shot in May, 2005, the PSA features the then-blonde 18-year-old laughing -- after pop band A Simple Plan says, "Please don't drink and drive." Hysterical, isn't it?!

Lindsay manages to compose herself long enough to utter the words "Be safe!" and flash her trademark peace sign. If only she had taken her own advice!


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What are you that Stupid?    

Gee I wonder if she will only get a couple of weeks in jail just like her buddie Paris

2672 days ago

Amy Silverman    

NO talent stupid drunk slut-her movies bomb,firecrotch,loser,trailer park trash,fake ass Bitch,WHORE for a mom,plastic,ugly,Shirley McClam-stupid bitch- is loosing her mind AGAIN,stupid Hollyweird,druggie,makes fun of US soliders,BOYCOTT her wasted life moivelife??? Why even go on????? Shirley -"Get a past life and some sense-dumbass-you have done some GREAT work-Shirley????? I really Love your movies Shirley? Wake TFU -IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

2672 days ago

Amy Silverman    

HEYDon't tell
Hey don't tell anyone -nut Tom C.........very SWEET-good guy:) pS Don't tell Katie-He's really straight-it will VOID
their marriage LOL :)~ He blew me for FREE the other night-I have a
BIGGGG one-really-he likled it-us guys on Hollywood don;t get much
press or place to tell our story & NO one believes us??? But Tom
gives OK head??? Sorry this guy is coming back-,ore maybe later???Hey he's blowing me -ohh-shh he is lookihg at kepboorsd-------

2672 days ago


OMG how ignorant can you get??!! She and the whore brigade need to go find a cliff and jump off and rid the world of their ridiculousness... I am so sick of hearing about this stupid bitch and her equally stupid mother and father. Her mother wants to be the white Oprah??!! I would be terrified of the advice she would give to young women if this is how her daughter has ended up... a 20 year old Hollywood punchline with a drug and alcohol problem.

2672 days ago

Say What    

Everyone fails to realize that this girl has no guidance in her life, her parents are both crazy. She has a mom who thinks she's 20, she acts more like a friend to Lindsay then a mom and thats where she went wrong, then she has a idiot father who was recently released from prison and never really had much to do with his daughter until she made it big. Although Lindsay is an adult, I blame the parents. She is obviously looking for attention. I really feel bad for her.

2671 days ago


She is ugly and without her money shed be a bag lookin lady..She is not pretty, has no nice body, nothing attractive about her...I ve never seen her movie?? Why all the fuss about her...The money covers her up...The clothes make her look good..Good thing she has money thats all she s got...She will self destruct soon....Shes a rebel without a cause.....I need a loan Lindsay..Ill help you get straight 4 sure I will..How much is she worth $$wise? She may really hurt herself soon..... Shes an addict already..It wont be EZ to get Sober

2671 days ago


I feel bad for all the people at the rehab tht are serious about getting clean now they not only have to put up with Lindsey and her larger than life attitude, they have do put up with the media. It is all about being anonymous but with good ole Lindsey there they can forget about staying anonymous. Please have some respect for those who are wanting to get clean and not trying to get on the cover of the next gossip mag.

2671 days ago
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