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Shirley MacLaine to Lohan: Get Better, Make My Movie!!

5/31/2007 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine, along with another producer of Lindsay Lohan's upcoming film "Poor Things," has just released a statement claiming that they are more than willing to work around Lohan's rehab schedule in order to get the movie done:
Maclaine & Lohan
In the spirit of helping Lindsay Lohan and her rehabilitation, we have been asked by Lindsay to comply with her wishes to continue working on "Poor Things." We are trying to rearrange the shooting schedule to facilitate her working at the end of the shoot to coincide with the completion of her rehabilitation. We wish her love and the blending of mind, body and spirit.

Shirley MacLaine
Rob Hickman


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Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

In recovery it is very important to keep busy when you get out of treatment. One of the goals in rehab is a gameplan for when you get out. If you have idle time after you get out--you use--its that simple. I commend Shirley and those shooting around her rehab schedule. It gives Lindsay a goal, a reason not to use. Support. I wonder where some of us would be if, when we reached out for a helping hand one wasn't there? I went thru rehab 20 years ago and have been clean ever since. From what's i've seen, other that the BS "special treatment" the media is hyping, Lindsays doing all the right things. If she is just playing it as a game shes not playing it on us or Shirley, but on herself because addiction, unchecked, keeps getting worse and worse--until it kills you and, as for myself, theres a lot of people I'd rather see die than little Lindsay Lohan!

2677 days ago


Lindsay should NEVER book another gig again. She is a junky whore that LOVES it. She is in rehab for PR, not for sobriety. Anyone who thinks she is there for any other reason is an idiot. She'll be doing lines off a toilet seat next month on her birthday here in Vegas and then go back to rehab. Where is she? Somewhere in Malibu where they take your money and tell you you are cured? She has been in AA forever but won't NOT drink, won't get a sponsor, won't DO any step work. Why? BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO DRINK AND USE!!!!! It is more important to her than anything. And her movies keep bombing. I cna't believe they still think she is marketable. Hollywood is stupid. I am ashamed of Shirley M. I refuse to see this movie.

2669 days ago


Old hag feeding on the young and sick for major publicity! No better than Dina!

2680 days ago

Tired OfLohan    

Christ. Keep kissing her ass.
Can her, hire someone who can act and isn't a rehab hopping loser like LL.

2680 days ago

Alec has no brains    

That's really kind of Shirley M. Nice, supportive thing to do and I hope Lindsay L. makes it. She's a pretty, talented young woman and apparently has a lot to overcome.

SM could easily find another youg actress, but she didn't--good for her.

2680 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Shirley McLaine giving Lohan a break? People still catering to this little twit. If Lohan screws this chance up, I'd say she can kiss her career goodbye. From her track record, she'll be right back to her old ways. She needs to be in a "real" rehab (Betty Ford), not another Hollywood Hotel (at least it's not a Hilton).

Looks like another future movie not worth seeing.

2680 days ago


Lets have the cameraman zoom in on Lindsay doing a line of coke then washing it all down with vodka. Who in their right mind even thinks she can act? That's the even bigger joke!

2680 days ago


I think it is great...
Lindsay has her whole life ahead of her...she is a talented actor ( although we wouldn't know that these days with all the reports we are hearing ). Good for the Producers...helping her out while she is going through this rough time!
Yes...Hollywood is about PROFITS, but I know that it is also about HELPING OTHERS WHEN THEY ARE DOWN!
Good Luck Lindsay...GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!

2680 days ago


What a bunch of enablers! Ms. Lohan has to learn that there are consequences in life. You drink and do drugs, you should be dropped from a movie cast. You drink and do drugs under the age of 21, you should be banned from a nightclub. None of these celebrities feel the bite that the average person does. If an average Jane screws up like she did, she is fired from her job. I swear, these celebrities live in "La La Land." and their handlers, relatives, friends and associates enable them to do so. So sad.

2680 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

Why would she want to work w/such a loser? Hollyweird has other personalities to fill the position. The least they could do is wait for her to finish rehab. She cannot get the full attention she needs to kick the habit and get back to living life one day @ a time.

Give the girl a break...geeeeezzzzzzz

2680 days ago

Mr. X    

Exactly what is Lindsay's talent? Snorting a 12 inch line of blow?

2680 days ago


I am glad to hear this. Lindsay needs support and encouragement. Shirley MacLean can probably remember her 'wild' times when she was younger. After all, she hung with the "Rat Pack". lol
She can be one valuable friend for Lohan as she is very blunt about things but at the same time insightful.
It is not unusual or unforgivable that young people mess up at certain times. Strong judgemental lashing out is really not helpful.

2680 days ago


Maybe just what Lindsay needs. An ADULT who is willing to stand behind her and offer their support.

2680 days ago


OK this is the last time I'm going to post anything about Lohan or Paris because I'm am sick of these *ithces! They don't deserve my time. NEXT

2680 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    


2680 days ago
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