Lindsay in Lockdown Movie Role on Hold

5/29/2007 6:37 PM PDT

Lindsay in Lockdown, Movie Role on Hold

A source connected to Lindsay Lohan's next movie says the actress' rehab will not get in the way of her performance, but TMZ knows differently.

The production source told TMZ that arrangements had been made to shuttle Lohan back and forth from Promises in Malibu while Lindsay shoots the new Shirley MacLaine movie, "Poor Things," right down the road in Santa Monica. Lohan was scheduled to be on the set next week.

A well-connected source tells TMZ that this "absolutely is not going to happen." The first time she'll be available to work on the film will be when she's an outpatient -- probably a month from now. And, we're told, Lilo's focus is on getting better, not on the movie -- Shirley MacLaine or no Shirley MacLaine.