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Process Server to Opri - It's Dangerous Chewing Her Ass

6/1/2007 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriTMZ has learned Debra Opri got a visit tonight from a famous P.I., who served her with Larry Birkhead's lawsuit filed Friday.

Birkhead hired attorney Michael Trope to sue Opri, alleging she defrauded him by taking hundreds of thousands of dollars he earned and diverted them into her client trust fund account.

John Nazarian, the famous P.I., went to Opri's Santa Monica home tonight and handed her the lawsuit. We're told Opri's reaction: "I have insurance to cover this,"

Opri then told Nazarian, she wanted to know who the hell was Michael Trope. Nazarian put it this way, "I wouldn't want him chewing on my ass."


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If it were not for Opri, he would not have that baby to this day. He is a either the biggest fool for aligning himself with HK$ or he is just backwoods STUPID.

Posted at 12:38AM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Laughing Out Loud


If it were not for Opri? Put down the crack pipe, pal. Opri did not help him at all. She kept on making filings in California when the place she need to be was in the Bahamas. Notice how once Birkhead fired her and went to the Bahamas things finally got moving?

2611 days ago


Sounds to me like she should be running for President in the Democratic Party. You know, take the money, dont do anything, take the money. Oh yea, like the rest it her platform could be, TAX more, except politicians and lawyers. Yep, I would vote for her!!! NOT!!!

2611 days ago


I can not believe Larry did this to her! She fought tooth and nail for him to fight Stern to get this baby. She will probably on the news tomorrow telling ALL!

2611 days ago


Wow!!!! I'm absolutely speechless right now....

Yes, I've been a Larry Birkhead supporter since Daniel Wayne Smith's mysterious death while in his mother's hospital room and (then) Anna Nicole and her lawyer-manager's repeated shenanigans (thereafter) on Entertainment Tonight regarding Larry's biological daughter. However, tonight in seeing that he is using Trope & Trope (Ronald A. Rale's law firm) to sue Debra Opri, I am absolutely finished with the whole Anna Nicole saga and wish him the best on behalf of his daughter, Dannielynn. He doesn't need the little people to support him as he has something far better as he has been sleeping with the enemy!

Finally, the veil has lifted for me and the truth is revealed! Usually, I am an excellent read of people though it will be awhile before I trust my read of "strangers" in the media, again!

G_d Bless Dannielynn Hope as she will need his/her abiding love and grace throughout the coming years!

2611 days ago


This story just keeps getting sadder and more sadder all the time. IMO

2611 days ago


Poor Dannielynn. ANS was high on everything when carrying her. HKS (Count Chocula) is just a creep. Pretty boy airhead Birkhead is showing his true colors. Opri, the pit bull, ought to be disbarred. The one person that doesn't quite belong in this rogues' gallery is Virgie Arthur, Anna's Mom. I'm not sure sure that Virgie is after the old coot's billions. She tried to get Anna off the drugs and booze. She was the only one who demanded answers when Daniel overdosed on Anna's Methadone & other drugs in the Bahamas. She seemed desperate to get the baby out of HKS's clutches, and it seems to me, with good reason! She was worried about that baby's safety, not money!

2611 days ago


I can not believe Larry did this to her! She fought tooth and nail for him to fight Stern to get this baby. She will probably on the news tomorrow telling ALL!

Posted at 12:59AM on Jun 2nd 2007 by Peggy


Ever heard of attorney-client privilege? It isn't negated once the attorney is no longer representing the client.

2611 days ago

John Peters    

Agreed Peggy. I watched those trials like everyone else. And Opri was cut-throat. And that's what she was supposed to do. No one seems to understand that she hasn't been paid a dime by Birkhead. All that money is sitting in a client trust fund. Which means it's NOT in her account. She's just holding on to it hoping to be paid by Birkhead. Comeon, who really believes that she'd go to all the expense of flying all over the country, and to the bahamas, working night and day, etc...for free!?!? Just 'cause she's a tough, "crusty" (?) woman, doesn't mean she doesn't deserve compensation for her work

2611 days ago

jProud American Author    

Greed, Greed, Greed. What goes around...comes around.

2611 days ago


Opri did the work she WILL get paid. larry is using stalling tactics which he also learned from Stern......

She was obviously not hired Pro Bono...or he wouldn't have signed to pay her by the hour.....He is a liar and he wants money and fame.....Any attorney that does a job needs to get paid...all this BS about she wasn't experienced in family law is crap....When any of us hire lawyers we hire them based on a gut instinct that we feel comfortable with them....She is working in Family Law right now with Mrs Hasselhoff so where does he get off saying she was not qualified......A lawyer is a lawyer....

He likes the money and we know he likes to spend too....

so advice to Larry.....earn money from your own talents.....not Annas and not Dannielynn for her Gerber baby lookalike asset......

You hated Stern... now your best buds.....sorry look like a major idiot ! Pay your debts and do right by Dannielynn.... she deserves to know her grandmother not her kidnapper .......What kind of father are you....???!!! obviously not the brightest!

2611 days ago


larry the cockroach using Babys money..He will be in and out of courts the rest of his miserable life...The Baby wont get a dime from the Marshalls..They ARE WAY TOO SMART FOR LITTLE BOY larry...debra and larry drove Anna Nicolle over the edge during Daniels death..Howard isnt the Bad guy here...Larry always has been...a photographer chasing starlets remember??He moved in with Anna right affter he met her...Stupid Anna let him for a quick month...He was chasin fame and Fortune the whole time...He got Lucky with his sperm..What a piece of crap he is...maybe he will marry some guy and they will ruin Babys life....A mess forever..Child Protective Services dont help children to the lady who wrote in...Not very often does the system help anybody....Foster homes for Baby oh boy that will really be fun..DUHHH

2611 days ago


Opri was on TV again tonight saying she will not sling mud at Larry then went on to do so! lmao
This woman is something else. Clients are going to shy away from Opri because of her keeping the money, legal or NOT.
Opri's statement " I have insurence for this" Was that an admission of guilt? or just lack of common sense.

2611 days ago

My two cents    

I believe that Michael Trope is related to the famous, "Trope and Trope" attorneys in Los Angeles, however I am not certain, but the odd factor is that if you look up TROPE AND TROPE in Los Angeles, you will find that Ron Rale is an attorney with that firm, but our Michael Trope has his own firm.

2611 days ago


Larry knew she was a high profile lawyer when he hired her. She got his name in the limelight so he could get his baby girrl. For him to turn on her is wrong! If he would have hired a lawyer he could afford he would be just another bodyguard claiming to be the father. The way everything is covered up you may wonder who is the daddy? The Daddy would be trying to get to know his daughter, arbitrate with the lawyer about the bill and get on with his life! But no here comes the lawsuits Dannielynn and I guess you will have the same future as your Mom had. Sitting in the courtroom. My only sadness is it has nothing to do with how your Mom and Brother died. We should be watching a trial by now. Where is justice??? Come on Virgie and OQuinn!

2611 days ago


Get Off Howards Back Ya ALL..He did what The Boss told him to do..The Boss was Anna Nicolle...She wasnt bombed out of her mind all the time...HKS was her Gofer, annas bookeeper, her hired hand....He loved her dirty drawers forever...He aint the Bad guy......He s lost without her and her money..He had to be paid for his work too...She told him what the plan was...He jumped for her 24-7 He was ok..larry the greddy wannabe has always been a joke dont cha know

2611 days ago
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