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Will's Classmate Picking Up Royal Sloppy Seconds

6/2/2007 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A little over a month after Prince William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton split, Kate's working the rebound angle. She got herself a new man!

Middletown's been seen out on the town with Will's Eton classmate and high society lad, Henry Ropner, who has a little bone to pick with the prince. Seems Henry lost former girlfriend Jecca Craig to William back in 2004, and their relationship's been frosty ever since. British rag "The Sun" reports that Kate and Henry have been cozying up together all around London. "There's been a lot of flirting," says a source.


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jProud American Author    

I say...Good for her! Why should she pine over William? She is gorgeous and so elegant compared to our starlets.

2665 days ago


Good for Kate. Nice to hear abut something besides LiLo and Paris. Both have become the poster children of boring.

2665 days ago


I agree. She has a tremendous amount of class and style. William should be so lucky. As a matter of fact, he's not quite as cute as he used to be anyway. Getting a little thin on top as well. You've never seen pictures splashed about with her hand on some guy's willie like you did him grabbing that girl's tatas.

2665 days ago


I agree that Kate is far too good for Prince William. She is gorgeous, smart and elegant and would make a terrific princess. Since he was dumb enough to let her go, I'm glad to see she's not sitting around pining for him.

2665 days ago


Ain't that the truth. Must be there's no Orthodontists in the U.K. .....

2665 days ago


She appears to be a beautiful girl (inside/outside) and, hopefully, they emotionally and socially grew a lot in their long relationship together!

2665 days ago

Harry Houdini    

Wow!!!! Yet another rebound incident I could give a holy hell about!!!! And "YES"....I agree....British folks do have crazy dental issues....

2665 days ago

Duke, Duke, Duke, - Duke of Earl    

Can some one please explain to me WHY we should care that Kate Middleton is flerting with Henry Ropner??? I thought we faught a war to get ride of the royalty -- and these two are not even part of the royal family! Pass me a pint of New Castle Brown Ale or Young's Bitter and lets be done with it, governor.

2665 days ago


Oh wow, now she's dating another rich British guy. That should stop those rumors that she's trying to climb the social ladder. I mean, the guy's family's only worth how many million?

Wait, why do I care about this again? And why is she still news-worthy?

2665 days ago


Looks have nothing to do with this. Prince William feels he is too young to get married and didn't bend under her pressure. It's his choice, not ours or hers or his grandmother's, and it is probably for the best. Look at the number of military marriages that fall apart because of long separations. Since Kate wants to get married right away she should find a man who feels the same way. Good luck to both of them, but the relationship is over.

2665 days ago

John Q. Public    

Hey TMZ, give her my e-mail address. She is a Q-T-PIE.

2665 days ago


All are average. Average is - average does

2665 days ago




2665 days ago


Calling a young woman "sloppy seconds" is degrading and uncalled for - shame on you!

2665 days ago


Prince William cannot help his feelings, like the rest of us. Would you want to stay with someone you didn't love? Had he married her, it would be another disaster, just like his parents' marriage. Give him a break.

I think he's handsome. I didn't think she was pretty enough for him, as far as looks go. However, she may indeed be a very nice girl, but he obviously wasn't into her.

2665 days ago
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