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6/6/2007 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis might be in deeper legal doo-doo than his pal Paris Hilton, but it sounds like his Graybar Hotel might be just a little more luxurious than Miss Hilton's.
Joe and Paris in jail
To get the scoop on what his life's like for jailed Joe, TMZ talked to a source inside the Washoe County Detention Center, where he's biding time before going on trial for tax evasion. We're told that he's been "napping and reading" quietly. We thought we'd compare Joe and Paris' respective situations -- and let you decide who's got it worse.

Living quarters: Joe is actually in his own cell right now, because -- get this -- he's waiting to pass his tuberculosis test. He has only two blankets -- Paris has three -- but he does have a pillow. He also gets a toothbrush, but it's only two-and-a-half inches long, making good dental hygiene tough. He also has a mirror, says our source, that "you can almost see yourself in," and a spork. Joe even gets two pairs of shoes -- one with Velcro closures and a pair of flip-flops.

Food: Francis gets two cold meals and one hot one every day. While Paris has to subsist (or not) on bologna sandwiches, Francis gets what inmates call "cat-food" sandwiches -- ground turkey or chicken mixed with mayo -- for lunch. Yum! But he does get a cookie! Sweet! Dinner might include spaghetti or franks 'n' beans.

Free time: Joe might have up to eight hours a day out of his cell -- depending on his behavior and staffing at the facility. In his "day room" at Washoe, he might have a choice of two TVs -- though no cable to watch late-night "Girls Gone Wild" infomercials on an endless loop. The only outdoor space has no grass or trees, but Washoe is considered one of the cleanest facilities in the country, because the inmates clean the place every day. Paris, on the other hand, barely gets an hour of free time -- and has to deal with the difficulty of collect calling! Is there no humanity?!


No Avatar


I think it's hell...LMAO

2693 days ago


celebrity cribs, time to ante up...$585 dollars to chess in prison....

2693 days ago


Who cares about Joe? about something "newsworthy"? Probably can't think of anything...

2693 days ago


yeah, but Parasite gets to play "show and tell" each time she bends over.
that's hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can they see her brain from down there ????? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

2693 days ago


Why is there a crib in that cell?

2693 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

I heard that Joe offered Candy Spelling $50 to do a "Candy Gone Wild" vid but she's holding out for $100. Nice to see the two made up!

2693 days ago


What's up with the baby crib in his cell? Was that photoshopped in to allude to his exploitation of underage girls? Or do they put him in diapers and make him sleep there?

2693 days ago


sorry ,but I forgot to tell you : DON' T FART next time

2693 days ago


i think he has it easier to some extent. just based on how much time he can be out of his cell. it's not easy being in jail people so don't judge, even though they both deserved it. i dont have a huge problem with paris- my only problem is why the hell lindsey lohan isnt in jail as well. she's dirtier, more annoying and way more retarded than paris

2693 days ago

Chris Jacobson    

Joe actually has it worse as far as spending the most time in prison, but his living situation within prison is much better it seems.

2693 days ago


I'm glad parisite's living conditions suck she needs to be brought down a peg or two the stuck up little mole WHO THE HELL CARES! SUFFER PARISITE YOU EARNED IT!

2693 days ago


They BOTH deserve what they are getting! Paris is a spoiled brat and thinks her name/money can get her anything.... and well, the other is a pig.... he should be chain in a barn and fed slop.

2693 days ago

U Know Who    

Well TMZ Staff clowns -

Get THIS - EVERY inmate gets a TB test - Even Parisite got one, otherwise you STAY IN YOUR CELL with a mask on. So joe Francis is nothing special.

If you go to jail and want your own cell REFUSE a TB test, you wont get visitors either and may not get court at regular times. But you will get a private cell.

Paris will be able to get food from commisary and also a phone card, she will be fine once Laundry/Commisary day come up.

TMZ you guys are BLATANTLY ignorant to the facts surrounding County Jail incarceration.
Do some research or just shut up you sound even stupider than usual.

Max Sawdust

Most County Jails are cleaned daily by inmates, some bi-weekly.

2693 days ago


Poor Paris that is sooo sad,I hope she is ok,she does not desrve this at all!




2693 days ago

Maggie Herrera    

United Press International - June 6, 2007
Staph Infects Jail Where Hilton Resides

The California women's prison where Paris Hilton is incarcerated for violating probation has a staph infection problem, a state epidemiologist said. More than 400 inmates were diagnosed with a staph infection last year at the Lynwood Correction Facility, an epidemiologist with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health told Inside Edition Tuesday. For every 1,000 inmates entering the facility, 13 will contract some type of infection caused by the staphylococcus bacteria. MRSA is a kind of staph infection that means it's resistant to the first line of antibiotics we usually use to treat staph infection, epidemiologist Elizabeth Bancroft said. That is the kind that is so prevalent right now or so common in the jail. Several factors contribute to staph's high presence in the inmate population, including its person-to-person transmission. No vaccine exists for it, either, Bancroft said on the syndicated television show. Bancroft said Hilton is at a lesser risk for infection because she is separated from the general inmate population. Still, the epidemiologist recommended Hilton maintain good hygiene during her incarceration to reduce her chances of infection.

2693 days ago
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