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L.A. City Attorney "Extremely Troubled" by Paris Decision

6/7/2007 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rocky & ParisAnother official is blasting the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department over the decision to reassign Paris Hilton to house arrest.

In a statement to TMZ, Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said:

"Today I was extremely troubled to learn that the Sheriff's Department has decided to release Ms. Hilton from custody just three days after she was admitted to county jail.

My office was not advised of this action. We learned of it this morning through news reports, just like everyone else. Had we been provided with the proper notification, we would have opposed the decision on legal grounds.

News reports indicate that the Sheriff's Department released Ms. Hilton to house arrest due to a medical condition. This explanation is puzzling. Los Angeles county jail medical facilities are well-equipped to deal with medical situations involving inmates.

I am also concerned that the judicial process may have been improperly circumvented in this case. Ms. Hilton was incarcerated as a condition of her probation. As a result, the judge retained jurisdiction over her case and only the judge has the power to modify these conditions of probation. If Ms. Hilton's medical condition truly warranted a change in her circumstances, what should have happened is the following: Ms. Hilton's legal counsel should have filed an emergency application with the court and provided my office with the opportunity to respond, and then the court could have held a hearing on the matter to consider whether there was sufficient justification to change the terms of his original order. I have directed my criminal branch to immediately explore all possible legal options to ensure that the law is being applied equally and justly in this case.

If law enforcement officials are to enjoy the respect of those we are charged with protecting, we cannot tolerate a two-tiered jail system where the rich and powerful receive special treatment. We must ensure that in our city, in our nation, and under our Constitution, justice remains blind."


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WTF???? Just goes to show that people with money have a different justice than us regular joes

2664 days ago


That's a great statement you made, Mr. Delgadillo. Now will you back it up with action? If Paris Hilton has a mental condition, then a medical facility is the best place to address her "problems."

2664 days ago


House arrest is a more appropriate sentence for her crime. You go girl!

2664 days ago


All I can say is, I hope this is the beginning of the end for both Paris and the dumb-ass Sheriff! She needs to go back to jail ASAP! What message is this sending to the younger generation? In Cali terms.... Consequences and repercussions!

2664 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

REMEMBER PEOPLE........THEY are ELECTED.......When election time rolls around......Kick their butts to the curb, better yet...the unemployment line....

2664 days ago


Well Rocky, poke all the eyes out and your system will be blind.

2664 days ago


Travis: I hope god does the world a favor and has you hit by a bus. :)

2664 days ago


Mel Gibson not being charged with resisting arrest after fleeing the cops while wearing handcuffs was bad enough, Nichole Ritchie's case never moving foreward was worse, but THIS was just ridiculous! She's let out for a medical condition when the prison has a hospital!!! The L.A. City Attorney is right on the money and I hope he gets rid of the Star Struct idiot that are always cutting celebrities an unfair break.

2664 days ago


Please Atty. Delgadillo...put her back where she belongs. This is a slap on the face of law enforcers and the law. She should not be given special treatment. According to TMZ survey, 93% disagree with her being out of jail. Teach her some lessons in life. She is a spoiled brat and the parents dont care.

2664 days ago


Officials had better do something QUICK! Get that bitch back into jail where she was ordered. Put her into medical, but just do what the judge ordered, please!!!

Alternative: Where oh where are the Crips/Bloods when we need them???

2664 days ago


Where is Mothers Against Drunk Drivers in all of this!!! They should be PISSED!!

2664 days ago


Paris Hilton Exclusive Leaked Footage - Body Cavity Search

2664 days ago


It is good to know that some members Los Angeles' legal system are not "star struck". This situation is causing a major backlash - If equal rights truly prevail then the LA County Jail should be empty soon with all inmates claiming a mental breakdown. Shouldn't their attorneys be able to get them out on house arrest within days???

2664 days ago


I hope this decision is reversed and she finds herself back in jail. NO GAMES THIS TIME. sheriffs office is ridiculous thinking they can do their own sentencing. if they had it their way, i guess there would be no court trials!

2664 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

More empty rhetoric by an 'Official' wanting his 15 minutes!

Once you are sentenced, you are in the Custody and Control of the Corrections people. They can do with you as they see fit; it's not the DA's business or the Judge's business.

2664 days ago
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