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Paris Hilton

Free Woman

6/7/2007 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517-paris-ex-01-2TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has not only had her sentence cut short, she is already out of jail!

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ the deal was sealed yesterday, and that Hilton made her exit early early this morning.

She was originally sentenced to 45 days in jail, but that was reduced to 23. She served a total of five days -- the normal stay for a violation of this kind. Her five days began Sunday night and concluded early Thursday morning.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will hold a news conference in an hour to discuss what went down.

UPDATE 10:16
LA County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore says that Paris Hilton has been fitted for an ankle bracelet and put under house arrest for the next 40 days, after authorities decided to release Paris from jail due to medical reasons. She got out of jail just after 2:00 AM.

Whitmore says he cannot release details about Paris' "medical issue" due to confidentiality, but said that medical officials "constantly examined" her while she was in jail.

Paris will be under house confinement in her West Hollywood home for 40 days. After the 40 days are up, Whitmore says she will have "fulfilled her debt to society."

Whitmore made it clear that Paris was not released early -- she was reassigned. She is technically still in custody.


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Christine Alford    

I guess that it will take Paris Hilton driving drunk and killing someone before she will have to spend four days in jail. How sad.

2661 days ago



2661 days ago


People, did you really expect this spoiled little rich girl to serve her sentence, like anyone else would and should? Daddy's money carries a lot of influence, and she can pretty much do as she pleases.

Perhaps at some point, the parents of this spoiled little girl will wish they'd made her suffer the consequences of her actions, instead of bailing her out; like maybe if she dies in an accident while driving drunk.

Situations like this one are the reason why people have so little regard for the law these days. Seems they only apply to certain people, and those who are priveledged can do as they please with no thought to how their actions affect others.

The Hilton's make me sick, and I'd love to see their dynasty go up in smoke, so to speak. Wonder what they'd do without all that moeny and power.

2661 days ago


i bet she will be out partying as soon as that anklet comes off, or better yet, back in jail. they shouldve made her stay in there for longer, lots of inmates have "medical issues" no one cares except when its a celebrity slut like paris who will sleep with any guy she hasnt defiled yet

2661 days ago


how long do you think it will take her to walk out of her house with the ankle bracelet on, and violate her house arrest?

2661 days ago


alcohol & drug withdrawal symptoms maybe?

2661 days ago

Are you Kidding me?    

Absolutely ridiculous, but you know you expected this to happen. Justice, just like everything else in this country - political policies, college admissions, and even jobs - is biased towards the financially privileged. This is a disgrace to the legal system.

2661 days ago


I am sure her attorney told her that if she cried hystericly, refused food, and just acted all around crazy, her psychiatrist could get her a psych release. This might be her first real acting job.

2661 days ago

Tyrone Copper    

I bet you she'll be having all kinds of parties in her Mansion. Drinking, doing drugs and making sex videos. What a life!

2661 days ago

a former DUI offender    

Reassignment my a_ _!!!! She had violated Probation HELLO! Paris can not handle jail life plain & simple not many in Hollywood can, cos they are not apart of the real world and this just shows how in competent the systen really is! There are sum real mental cases in jail been there visit sum sumday do they get an early out??!!!

The sad thing is its like treatin a spoiled Brat which Paris is, a slap on the wrist & go about ya way sadly this is our system fair or not you all make the call! you think she has learned her lesson give me a break a few days in jail she cries wolf & is out! Give me a break this is punishment its not ment to be glorious its ment to break you so you come to the lord for Help!!!! If sumone dies because of Paris you can thank our judicial system for it!

2661 days ago


Sing to the tune of Green Acres.....

LLLLLAAAAA is the place for me.
Star livin' is the life for me.
Legs spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep your laws, just give me that crack pipe now...

LLLLLAAAA is where I'd rather stay.
I get to do and say whatever I may
I just adore a penthouse view.
Dah-ling I love you and and can do anything I want to do....

...The whores.
...The stores.
...Fresh air.
...Under age drinking…..
…LA cops knowing , not caring….

I am a spoiled rotten brat
Good bye, criminal walls…
Party Central we are there.

2661 days ago


this would never happen to a black person or working person.

2661 days ago


If you are as pissed as I am that this USELESS bitch got out of jail go to the LA County Sheriff's web site and make a complaint about Sheriff Lee Bacca who is responsible for countering the judge's jail sentence. Shame on the LA Sheriff. If only you and I could use the argument of our mental state being at risk if sent to jail. What crap!

2661 days ago


Please read posting 1878!! The attorney is right. Paris served the same amount of time as anyone else... in the same situation in LA... about 3 days. I can't believe how ingnorant some of these posts are. Get the facts folks! Geez. What is disheartening is how venomous people are. She is a rich spoiled brat as far as I know. I don't know the woman. Do you honestly believe everything you read in the tabloids or see on E. Give me a break. Non violent offenders are often released very very early. The average for the same thing Paris was convicted of is 3 days. Its a fact! Look it up and stop being so stupid!!

2661 days ago


Think about it. You know, this pathetic little rich girl is never going to have a happy life.
She's already under the care of a psychiatrist! She has dyslexia and never even finished high school. She's a slut and a joke. What's she got to look forward to?

2661 days ago
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