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Fired from 'Grey's Anatomy'

6/7/2007 11:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Isaiah Washington has been fired from the ABC hit "Grey's Anatomy."

Washington's rep, Howard Bragman, confirmed this evening to TMZ that "Grey's" creator Shonda Rhimes called Isaiah today and told him he would not be invited back to the show next season. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, who first broke the story, reports that the decision was due only in part to Washington's on-set troubles, and was a result of a "pattern of problematic behavior."

As for how he feels about his termination, Washington issued the following statement: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Paging a mediator, STAT!

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Race has nothing to do with this. He called someone the "F-Word" and got fired, and i'm sure that if someone called someone else the "N-Word" they would have been fired as well.

Justice was served, there is no need to go off the wall about this.

He got what was coming to him, same as if someone had used any other offensive word against someone else.

So just leave it alone.

2664 days ago


About time, this guy is too big of an asshole to appreciate his good fortune at being on an award winning show so he needs a dose of reality - like the door hitting him in his ass as he's booted. The cast must be ecstatic to be rid of this jerk.

2664 days ago


Finally!! Ido not like him at all. He is stupid and i am thrilled that he is gone! Hopefully Sandra Oh will go next!!!

2664 days ago


Reginald- you think that it was wrong of Washington to use the F-Word, well its also wrong of you to use the N-Word.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Please don't be ignorant.

2664 days ago


This was all expected from the time the incident happened. To add fuiel to the fire he had a run-in with McDreamy, you can't mess with the stars of the show. Isaiah should know by now that Hollywood has a prolific community of gay men from producers to screenwriters to directors to wardrobe directors to executve assistants to etc, etc, on and on and on. You cannot use language that is offensive to a group of people that you work with. You can beleive the TR is not the only gay man that he works with, people behind the scenes have "alternative" life styles to. Too bad, I know he was getting a nice paycheck from a "HIT" series, open mouth,place foot in it. Too Bad.

2664 days ago


About time

2664 days ago


25 Freedom of speech does not mean to call other people hurtful names that could ruin a career or typcast them. Get it?

2664 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

Somehow it'll be turned into that he was fired b-cuz he's black. A race issue, just wait and see............

2664 days ago


As a gay man the word f*g should not be said at all. Just like the n word

2664 days ago


Thank god! The days of discrimination and other forms of horrible citizenship are over, and the entertainment industry needs to stop supporting those who engage in behavior like this.

2664 days ago


AFTER this bigot apologized, he got the microphone at the awards event and REITERATED everything he said that he previously apologized for. He was not only NOTsorry, he repeated his vile spews every chance he got, RUINING the awards show for the entire cast, who was standing around Washington totally dumbfounded that Washington was spewing his bogoted crap AGAIN. He wasn't the least bit sorry, and he was determined to keep up his racial spews, regardless of how much embarrassment he was causing everyone. He did not deserve a break, and it's great he's been tossed.

2664 days ago


For everyone, specifically those that use hurtful words...

I can understand you being upset as someone using the F-Word. I think it's wrong as well.

Everyone seems to agree on one thing; the F-Word is comparable to the N-Word.

Knowing the pain that the F-Word can cause on someone... why would use intentionally use the N-Word? If they are one in the same, how could you get upset at someone calling someone else the F-Word, and not get upset if someone uses the N-Word?


If you believe that it is wrong to use the F-Word, then you must also agree that it is wrong to use the N-Word.

2664 days ago


Enough is enough! This has went too far, whatever happened to forgive and forget? Surely he is not the only person to ever make a mistake? Or maybe he is and everyone on here who is sounding off against him is perfect? Oh this cracked up world, maybe that is screwed up justice.

2664 days ago



2664 days ago


Really, there is a difference between freedom of speech and meeting certain expectations at your place of employment. Everyone here has the right to say f-- this n----- that if they want to. This is a public message board where everyone can hide behind their computer and say pretty much anything they want. Isaiah Washington included. But when you are in your place of work, you do not use that kind of word in reference to ANYONE. There is a very clear difference between Isaiah's comments on the set directed at his co-star and co-worker, and his right to not like gay people (and he has that right just as anyone has a right not to like black people, even if that is ignorant, people think what they think and they have every right to do that)...

2664 days ago
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