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Does Xtina Have a

Genie in the Bottle?

6/8/2007 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With rumors swirling that she is pregnant, everyone's favorite dirrty girl, Christina Aguilera, made a visit to a maternity doctor on Thursday. Baby on board?!

Casually dressed and sporting dark sunglasses, Xtina and hubby Jordan Bratman had their driver drop them off at NY's Maternal Fetal Medicine Association -- a practice known for their expertise in high-risk pregnancies and state-of-the-art ultrasounds. Guess we know what this girl wants!

After leaving the doctor's office, the happy couple stopped for a bite at Capitale on the Lower East Side. You'd be hungry too if you were (possibly) eating for two!

A rep for Christina refused to comment. Inquiring minds want to know!


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okay there are so many haters out here!!!She can sing way better than brittany and she looks better than brittany...not to mention more mature and not a drunk and crack head like back off my gil xtina she is just one step ahead of the haters!!!

2658 days ago


She's a talented performer and lives a more upstanding life as a former Mousketeer (along with Justin Timberlake) than a lot of the young singers out there today!

If she wants to have a child with her husband (as she didn't rush into marriage nor prospective parenthood too quickly), I wish her the greatest success. Despite some disparaging remarks from others regarding her husband, they appear to be in love and would have a beautiful child together and, most likely, would be loving and attentive parents.

It's a cruel thing to wish anything bad upon a woman who is going into a special clinic as you never know if she has a challenge around conception, miscarriage, etc. Although I believe in a woman's right to choose, I had two miscarriages prior to bringing my child into the world at an older age--they are emotionally, psychologically, and physically draining for the woman who desires to be a wonderful mother and a strain upon the potential father.

Wish Christina and Jordan great success if they wish to have a child of their own!!!

2658 days ago


Wow seriously people pull your head out of your ass! If you think Britney's better than Christina then you need SERIOUS help!!

Christina is amazing in every way, that voice blows peoples minds, and shes really hott and its funny how Britney fans say Britney's hotter when I garuntee ask all the strait males in this country who's hotter and they'll say Christina!

To all my Christina fans out there, don't let these bitches bother you, they're just Britney fans who have nothing better to do with their lives than insult Christina because they're jealous that she's ACTUALLY SUCCESSFUL! Unlike BRITNEY!!!

Hmm lets see Back To BAsics has sold 4.5 million copies, and her tour was sold out on the majority of the dates so seriously Christina haters, get over yourself!

Congrats Christina - love you girl :)

2658 days ago


Don't you haters have something better to do. your saying she can't sing yet she's sold millions of records and her concert's have been sold out...jealous bastards!!!

2658 days ago


Well said, Mary. We struggled to have children also, and are now blessed with a beautiful daughter who is the light of our lives!

Yes, Xtina gave herself the "dirrty" image...but it sold, and was's not necessarily who she is. She and her husband seem much more grounded than many Hollywood folks, so I wish them the best with parenthood!

2658 days ago

George William Gockel    

I do care about Christina Aguilera. I love Christina Aguilera. I am concerned about Christina Aguilera. Is Christina Aguilera pregnant?

2658 days ago


Christina Aguilera is the much jealous ppl.............she's not like the regular hoes, britney, lindsay, paris, nicole........and ppl can obviously see that

2658 days ago


Christina has more talent in her pinky than paris ever will and class and brains, c'mon free paris, lock her up and throw away the key!!

2658 days ago



2658 days ago


If she is Preggers, I wish her the best! I can already tell she would do a better job that Brittney.

2658 days ago


man are you people mean! christina has always had the better voice over britney and jessica!
i have to admit I wasn't too crazy about her style during her dirrty phase, but she's got the voice!
i also think she's got a good figure even when she put on some pounds--but she got herself back into shape, didn't she?
as for her husband, unless you're married to brad pitt, take a look at who you've got, is all I've got to say. he treats her well so what's the big deal?
good luck to the both of them if she is pregnant--i'm sure she won't end up like train wreck britney!!!

2658 days ago


Wow!!! Sounds like there's alot of jealous people still out there when it comes to Christina. First of all she looks 100x better than Britney Spears, second your "pop princess" Britney looks like she has downs syndrome, third didn't she tell you idiots before that the sociapathic name calling doesn't get to her anymore, and last but not least she's gifted and talented your Paris or Britney isn't, that's why they're washed up stank crack whores trying to salvage what's left of their 15 minutes.

2658 days ago


The truth is Xtina turned a lot of people off with that trashy "Dirrty" image and her bad attitude. She doesn't get a lot of attention because she's a copycat and doesn't do anything original plus she's just not that interesting. Christina doesn't have any star quality. Remember the MTV awards with Britney and Madonna kissing. I didn't even realize that Christina was on stage until a few days later. Christina will alwasy play second fiddle to Britney despite her voice. The masses don't care about her and I don't either.

2658 days ago



2658 days ago


All you haters need to get a life. Shes happy right now, while Britney isn't. Christina in no way is jealous of Britney. Christina has the awards and the voice. Britney has nothing anymore. I don't see Britney touring the world and having an album that has sold over 4 million albums worlwide in just 9 months. Christina has that plus in Feb. she just won her 5th GRAMMY. I also didn't see Britney make either Maxims or Stuff's hot list. Christina was #4 on Maxims Hot 100 this year. Christina is also getting the best reviews of her career. With some critics calling her the next Madonna and that she is claiming her "Pop Throne." Christina is the "Pop Princess" now. Not Britney. If anything Britney should be the jealous one. Christina has made smart business and personal decisions while Britney has become nothing but a joke in the tabloids. Congratulations to Christina if she does turn out being pregnant. And as for Jessica, where the hell is she. Oh yeah thats right, her musical career has fallen off the face of the earth.

2658 days ago
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