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Grammy's Blow -- Or Not?!

6/10/2007 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit over the Grammys -- a lawsuit in which a man claims he's not getting any from his wife anymore and he wants someone to pay.
Grammy lawsuit
The man claims he's been denied access to the "services" of his wife after a Jumbotron monitor fell from the ceiling and crushed his wife's neck at the 2006 Grammy Awards. That's gotta suck.

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Nicola and Tom Galassi claim that the people operating the jumbo-sized video screen allowed one to drop in an uncontrolled manner, which allegedly struck several audience members, Nicola among them. Heads up! As a result, Nicola claims, she sustained severe and permanant injuries, including ruptured cervical discs, traumatic brain injury, neck and shoulder pain, and of course, mental and emotional distress.

So, why is her husband, who wasn't hit by the Jumbotron, suing? According to the suit, Tom claims he's lost the love affection -- and more importantly -- the "services" of his wife. Guess he'll just have to service himself instead.


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He is suing over "lost the love affection". People would do anything for money.

2659 days ago


Well, They should get sued for dropping crap on peoples heads.

2659 days ago


There's actually a clause in every commercial policy (and maybe homeowners too) that covers this loss. Alienation of affection is a serious 'damage' in the lives of people who have been injured. There's a calculated rate of pay that they are automatically entitled to receive, written into policies. I don't blame this guy one bit, or his wife. Sounds lke damages are still being assessed and catalogued. This lawsuit will get and see.

His poor wife...ouch!!!!!!!

2659 days ago


well he will get money for many many many many hookers

2659 days ago


Any up or down neck or head movement might be bad...... real bad for his wifes future hand jobs ..... :( ............poor fella.... ;)

2659 days ago


Now he can buy his own Jumbotron and watch porno while his relieved wife thanks the Grammy's

2659 days ago

Mad As Hell    

Who cares Harvey?

I'm an avid TMZ person, but am starting to change my mind. A lot of us very loyal TMZ people, have banded together over this whole Paris thing, and is what you started.

Then, you go on every station you could accommodate and after all the crap you started, go on TV and tell America what a raw deal Paris got???

Now, you're giving us another "Story" with no apology? What's up with that. And, Jane Velez Mitchell, I love you lots. In fact I love both of you. And, I've been an avid fan since O.J., but don't play us this way.

Maybe you should have been writing about Spector more than you have on Paris. After all, you guys are the instigators in my getting "caught up" in this trashy drama. Where have the interesting stories gone? We NEED to STOP paying attention to the trash, it's making America look worse than it does already. PEU!!!

I've been watching the Spector trial since the beginning, but where has Harvey been on that one? Instead, he focuses on Paris, Britney, Lindsay, and Nicole (And, I already know she's the next one on the chopping block).

What is it that you do Harvey? Chew up people, then spit them out? I'm not the only reader who feels that way, read all the Paris blogs. I, and your avid fans, are starting to feel like you've chewed us up, and spit us out too.

Why haven't you been covering more interesting stuff like Spector and this fool, rather than the trashy fools of Hollywood? Is this Journalism at it's best, I think not. At least you can stay loyal to which side you are on.

Oh, and Jane, I look forward to reading your book. You are a lovely lady, I've watched you for several years. And, you are a good friend to Harvey, to step in and try to divert attention away from the circus that Harvey has helped to create in those Paris rooms.
I've seen your book, and do intend to read it.

I also hope we do get more Phil Spector stories. He's WAY more interesting than Paris.

2659 days ago


I agree with "Happy as Hell".

If Paris Hilton is having emotional issues then the antics of TMZ's reporters are partly to blame. Why is it that, even during sweeps, this is the only story being updated several times a day? I enjoy the celebrity news and gossip...but this is stalking.

2659 days ago


Damn sometimes it sucks to be married doesn't it?

2659 days ago


working in theater, especially in california, it is a law to make sure any piece of equiptment that is suspended above an audience member would have a safety chain. this means anything should have a second piece of security that would keep anything from falling. in this instance it sounds like that the jumbotron screen may have not had this. siding with the couple that is sueing is understandable for the fact that safety, especially in california, is a common law that should be imposed and executed in our theateres. In the end i hope she is alright and will recover safely.

2659 days ago


Apart from the woman's injuries, this man now must look after his wife until one of them dies. Her injuries now stop her being physically being able to have sex, one of the things that most people assume that when they enter a marriage, they will have access to for a long time to come. Should he ever decide to have sex, he knows that he must have sex with someone other than the woman he loves, and cheat on her, even if she gives her blessings.

Could you actually understand that this would be distressing to someone?

2659 days ago


This is a common claim in all personal injury law suits. It is brought up in personal injury suits for car accidents all the time. This is no unusual and this man should be able to make a claim for this is pain and suffering. As well she should be able to claim it as well. Neck injuries are very painful and causes dizziness, migranes, etc.

2659 days ago


Well, it's oboviously Harvey could care less about "marital relations" and cares a great deal about "servicing himself"

This suit is actually justified. Isn't Harvey an attorney? He should certainly know this stuff and yes, the whole article reads like Beavis and Butthead wrote it.

2659 days ago



Why the note of sarcasm in this story? You think this is funny or cynical? How in the world is your staff labeling this "Wacky and Weird" with such ignorance is way beneath anyone of average intelligence! Did you read ALL the medical records, depositions and other records before you decided to write this story with a tone of doubt to the extent of this woman's injury or the validity of how it has affected her husband?

As this article quotes: " As a result, Nicola claims, she sustained severe and permanent injuries, including ruptured cervical discs, traumatic brain injury, neck and shoulder pain, and of course, mental and emotional distress.
So, why is her husband, who wasn't hit by the Jumbotron, suing? According to the suit, Tom claims he's lost the love affection -- and more importantly -- the "services" of his wife. Guess he'll just have to service himself instead."

The woman was reported to be seriously injured over something extremely negligent & in turn her husband and family are suffering the losses anyone experiences when a loved one is disabled/incapacitated.

Hey Levin, you claim to have been an attorney yet you are not aware that "loss of affection" is an every day legitimate claim of injury? Are you that starstruck & stuck on yourself these days that you have neglected to educate your staff so that you don't become liable in any legal way or at least avoid being accused of being stupid and insensitive.

You and your staff owe this family an apology. They are NOT public figures you have NO right being defamatory towards them, you better hope that they do not sue you for defamation of character. If they read this, I've copied it & Ill testify to how distasteful & wrong this article was. This was despicable and inexcusable!

It is bad enough you have turned into the Paris Hilton Support Fund & have gone all over the airwaves expressing your outrage about a girl who is a partied out, insultive bigot, attention seeking hussy that has not contributed one fine thing to society in her 26 years yet recklessly has repetitively not considered that her "under the influence" behavior could harm another human being! Are you dense! She drove under the influence, she was put on probation, she violated the probation TWICE (that she was caught) & refused to go to a court ordered one day alcohol awareness seminar, appeared late for her sentencing as if she was entitled to a red carpet on her way in to court, are you flippin serious!! We'd like to have statistics of how many people facing the same charges are released for over a month before they have to report or do not have to experience a cavity search after surrendering, how about that? For the love of God what are you people smoking these days that you and your staff have lost all sight of common sense, morality & respect. Do you realize how offensive you all are becoming?

O and PS Paris did NOT write that statement herself & whoever advised it/wrote it to pass off to "the media" to give to the public are imbeciles considering we all know Paris did not graduate high school & ta boot was reported for two days having had a mental break, currently medicated, acting despondent. How about the sheriff & TMZ reporting the real medical excuse she has? Why is that inappropriate to you...its not it should be public record considerintg she had a hissy fit & temper tantrum begging to get out of jail after three days. The sheriff was 100% wrong to ignore the conditions of the judge's orders, period. We all know he is lying that he didnt know who she was, records of their families campaign contribution proves that now. She screamed bloody hell & the sheriff caved to the celebrity & dollar sign, how about focusing on that?

2659 days ago


That just made my head hurt.

2659 days ago
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