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Pari$ Hilton Costs L.A. County a Bundle

6/11/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ParisIt costs more than 10 times the normal amount to jail Paris Hilton.

TMZ contacted the Sheriff's Department to determine just how much money the County is spending on Hilton -- and it's way more than it costs to stay at a Hilton!

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ the average cost per day for a female inmate is $99.64. Paris, well, ain't no bargain. It costs $1,109.78 to keep her locked up. The costs include medical treatment and staff associated with her needs.

By the way, if Hilton were under house arrest, it would cost taxpayers zilch. The inmate shells out the cost of doing time at home.

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2658 days ago


Did harvey levin really say his readers basically suck?? No Harvey, YOU suck. I'm not checking out your "paris" site anymore.

2658 days ago


Ah, hell, it's worth it!

2658 days ago


Gee what a surprise! But if she was under house arrest would she learn anything from her experience??? But then again...doubt she's really learning anything now, either.

2658 days ago

Mary T.    

She should have to pay back every penney with Interest. This can be her first good deed when she"s free................................

2658 days ago


dear #2

2658 days ago

stupid hollywhores    

the pampered princess got out of serving her time in jail again. pretend you're a psycho and you'll get put in a comfy hospital bed. i'm still outraged she's getting off easy. all the drama for a few weeks, what if she would have killed somebody driving drunk?

2658 days ago


dear #2

what an appropiate number for an idiot

who the hell do you think is going to read that???

get a flickin life

2658 days ago

dizzy by all the drama    

in my opinion, id rather pay the money to see her locked up and really THINKING about what she did wrong and how she needs to change her behavior - then have her on house arrest laying by her pool laughing at everyone. She is around too many people kissing her ass to often - she needs serious alone time to think about HER - only way she will make a better life for herself.

2658 days ago


2. couldnt hav put it better. for those of you who choose to judge, look inside yourselves not others. always. we can only judge ourselves.

2658 days ago

Kevin T.    

We'll happily pay to keep her in jail or jail hospital! We'll even pay extra is she wants a cleaned and pressed orange outfit every day.

Or if she's all balanced out now...

(by the way: what's wrong with her that she needs 3 weeks of hospitalization - who is going to verfify and defend that? 3 weeks in a hospital for a healthy 26yr old female who was at a huge awards show only "days" ago? AND ITS NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS? If its not a MENTAL illness, its a LOOPHOLE in the system)

...she should be returned to normal jail and cost, What was it? $52 a day?

The people are willing to pay to lock up a DUI and jail system (and media) manipulator.

2658 days ago


Paris is creating this madhouse media attention and jail watch surrounding her. Celebrities want to be separated from other cell mates and have special treatment? Then SHE should pay the difference!!!

2658 days ago

no more celeb moms    

to #2- you have been posting this BS all weekend. I hope ABC gives Barbara what she deserves (the boot) because of the 'phone interview' which was not allowed. Since Paris is causing the need for the extra cost, bill her family or better yet deduct it from Baca's campaign.

2658 days ago


I didnt realise valtrex was so expensive.

2658 days ago


You are living in a dream world that only teenagers believe exists, Farrah.

2658 days ago
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