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Akon: Humpty Dumping

6/13/2007 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Akon apologized to his fans, the young girl, and Gwen Stefani today for his involvement in the onstage underage girl-humping incident that rocked across the net earlier this month.
In true R&B lamentation style ... Akon wrote a song about it. The track, which was leaked to KIIS's On Air with Ryan Seacrest, asks for the "the blame to be put on me." Uh, isn't he the one who humped?! His song also questions the father of the young girl, along with the nightclub that hosted the concert, saying, "Daddy should have never let her out that young ... how was I supposed to know she was underage in a 21-and-over club?" Deep!

Akon apologizes to Gwen Stefani, with whom he was touring, saying, "sorry for the hand she was dealt ... for the embarrassment she felt." His apologia ends with a profound excuse: "I'm just a singer trying to entertain." Akon, back together again.

Stay tuned to see if Akon writes another apologetic song -- this time about the the 15-year-old fan he threw off stage and into the crowd at a Fishkill, NY show earlier this month. If he keeps up the antics, Akon will never run out of material!


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Who the hell is this Guy?? His songs can't be that great!!

2599 days ago


that is music? WTF! people pay and buy his music? that sounded like a bunch of crap!

2599 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Lock that loser up. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for that 15 yr old skank who never should have been there but tossing a kid offstage who weighed 1/2 of what he weighs is
assault and battery on a minor and he should be locked up for it. Whether they deserve it or not you CAN"T touch kids! Let's see the tough guy toss MEN around in the joint.

2599 days ago


It takes a real man to apologize and admit to wrong doing. That is a big first step. I would suggest to Akon that at this time in his life he begin to realize that perhaps he has a higher calling. Yes, he started out on a rough path. A lot of us have! But, now he has a golden opportunity. His words are heard by millions. When I first heard In the Ghetto, I wanted to cry. What a beautiful song about life's struggles in poverty. But, somewhere along his merry trip to fortune he began showing a different side of himself. Some of his lyrics really are, well, disgusting. And, Akon, that performance was truly disgusting no matter the age. But, as they say, everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why that girl was underage and now you are both in the spot light. As for Akon, he needs to seriously change his behavior and some of his offensive lyrics. Live with some moral standards. Young people are looking up to Akon whether he likes it or not. People are listening and watching. Be an example of what a young struggling man should be...NOT the opposite.
As for the young girl, she is a reflection of her home life. Either she has been exposed to all the wrong things, or her parents have been neglecting her all the way. I have a 13 year old and she is beautiful. She looks like a little Beyonce. But, she wouldn't be caught dead behaving that way. She would be way too embarrassed. Come to think of it, I would have to be dead before she walked out of my house dressed like that at night, no less. This girl's father is a pastor?!? He better start practicing what he preaches! And where's the mother in all this? Why are adults such failures today to their children?
There's a connection, Akon.

2599 days ago


ANY rapper, person who listens to rap, person who purchases rap, person who posseses rap, person who professes a taste for rap, or person who professes a taste for a person who professes a taste for rap should be jailed for the remainder of their natural life! (only if there is a power outage at the state pen that has disabled the use of the electric chair)

2599 days ago


Both situations are really sad withe boy being tossed and the girl being humped. Does anyone know if the parent's are pressing any charges. Akon just got out of jail not that long ago!!!

2599 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

That girl used to say she was 19 on her myspace page and posted pics of her onstage labeled "a good time" . If Akon were really sorry he would have said it BEFORE he started losing the cash. Only time he makes press is when he does something stupid with a kid!! His big prob now is having his bodyguards grab that kid and bringing him onstage then him throwing him off where the kid could have broken his neck. I did 30 days for assault and battery but that was with a man and, althou I'd love to clean some snotty kid's clock sometimes you can't cuz messing with a kid gets you a lot lot more than 30!!! Give the loser 6 months.

2599 days ago


It's an 18-and-over club, drinking age is 18 in Trinidad.

2599 days ago


I just recently saw him in concert and I have to disagree with the people that say his concerts are sexually explict. He was a decent performer. The most sexual thing he did....was take his shirt off and throw it to a girl in the audience. He didn't even sing "I'm in love with a stripper". Leave the poor guy alone....he's human just like the rest of us. I'm sure there have been choices that we have all made that are not "the good choice". He's under a microscope b/c he's an artist.

2599 days ago


"was on tour"? he's still on tour with her, right? she needs to drop his ass off of that tour pronto!

2599 days ago

how sad    

Who cares about what he did or didn't do?...I love the song.

2599 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Akon all night--yeppers. A lot of us emailed Myspace when that happened and wanted them to yank her page since she was 15 saying she was 19. She changed her age to 15 and made it a private page. If some guy saw her page when she was saying she was 19 then hooked up with her and got caught I bet he'd be doing time. It sux that you almost have to card a girl when you take them out!

2599 days ago


Anyone know where else i can hear this song? The link isn't working anymore?

2599 days ago

how sad    

Future #1 hit. People buys songs they like, clubs play songs that
people will dance to...not everybody follows the details of the artists
lives, nor do they care. Good song...people will love and dance to it.

2599 days ago

how sad    

to poster "rob"

The link just worked for me. It skips a little in the beginning, but it works.
It's a very catchy tune. I'm sure it will do well on the charts and MTV.

2599 days ago
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