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Akon: Humpty Dumping

6/13/2007 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Akon apologized to his fans, the young girl, and Gwen Stefani today for his involvement in the onstage underage girl-humping incident that rocked across the net earlier this month.
In true R&B lamentation style ... Akon wrote a song about it. The track, which was leaked to KIIS's On Air with Ryan Seacrest, asks for the "the blame to be put on me." Uh, isn't he the one who humped?! His song also questions the father of the young girl, along with the nightclub that hosted the concert, saying, "Daddy should have never let her out that young ... how was I supposed to know she was underage in a 21-and-over club?" Deep!

Akon apologizes to Gwen Stefani, with whom he was touring, saying, "sorry for the hand she was dealt ... for the embarrassment she felt." His apologia ends with a profound excuse: "I'm just a singer trying to entertain." Akon, back together again.

Stay tuned to see if Akon writes another apologetic song -- this time about the the 15-year-old fan he threw off stage and into the crowd at a Fishkill, NY show earlier this month. If he keeps up the antics, Akon will never run out of material!


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Rap, Hip Hop, or whatever you call the noise that passes for music over the past couple of decades, is a cancer on modern culture.

Pre-teen girls are running the streets dressed like $15.00 whores and little boys with their pants round their knees limp by talking like a bunch of low-life scum. So it is surprising that one "Rap Star" after another is paraded through the court system for assault, sexual battery, drugs, weapons violations, and murder?

These thugs are destroying western civilisation.

2634 days ago

TMZ reader    

I agree with #52, Rap & Hip Hop is a cancer. Akon is disgusting. I think he should be banned from the US.

2634 days ago


You know what, its admirable that he cant apologize publicly. But, isn't publicly blaming the father of the girl "(even though the blames on you)" going to embarrass her even further? And embarrass her father?

Is it an apology when it is given in spite and preceded by "even though the blames on you?"

2634 days ago


"whoops I meant admirable that he CAN."

2634 days ago


i think it was the clubs fault. they should be checking IDs anyway. has no one pointed this out?

2634 days ago


Too little...too late !

A lame apology from a lame performer who degrades woman in the name of "MUSIC" and "entertainment".

Crawl back under the rock you came from and please stay there.

2633 days ago

Makrel du 92    

this stupid song, is so fake that I am laughing at it right now.
I was a big fan of hip-hop and rap in general, but nowadays rapers are so stupid and careless, that I do not see why i will continue to buy their records, what is the deal of being insulted a zillions of times in a song and to watch video when they claim they have money (while they do not make that much!!!).
Akon sucks like many other rapers...

2633 days ago


That's right Blind Justice. What about R Kelly? Why isn't he in jail? Oh well, Akon said that his job is to entertain, and aren't we talking about him.

2630 days ago


What do you want him to do, how can he know she was underage. I think the girls parents and the club should be blame for that. OH I CAN SEE WHY YOU PEOPLE ARE BLAMING HIM JUST BECAUSE HE IS AN AFRICAN TRYING TO ENTERTAIN. AND TO THOSE WHO CALLED HIM AN ANIMAL THANKS FOR THAT.

2627 days ago


akon made this song to say sorry and this article makes him sound like bad again. i mean he went thru the trouble to say sorry and people are like still forget it. i mean the girl wasnt supposed to be in that club first and since she's under age the parents are suppose to take care of her. everyone makes mistakes. its even harder for people WITH publicity to not make a mistake. one mistake and people all around the world are like "what the heck! you're not suppose to make mistakes. you are famous" then they acuss them of being bad and criminals. so yeah akon might have made a mistake its not like we never did!!!

2588 days ago


akon is just as human as the rest of us he makes mistakes just like the rest of us but he is constantly watched by the eyes of his fans one slip up could screw him up but all his critics just ask yourselves, 'if you were placed on a stage right under a spotlight watched by all of those who love you as fans and think you are the perfect person... dont you think you would slip up to from all the stress being placed on you from the media and the public eye'??

1518 days ago
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