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Prince Harry:

Who's My Daddy?!

6/14/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For years, rumors have swirled questioning the paternity of Great Britain's Prince Harry. Red hair say what?

While reports have always suggested that Diana's flame-haired ex-lover, James Hewitt (left), may be the late Princess' real baby daddy, author Christopher Anderson claims in his new book "After Diana," that now Harry (center) himself wants to take a DNA test to put the rumors to rest. Over the Queen's dead body!

Although Harry and Hewitt both share a carrottop likeness, it should be noted that Diana's brother, Earl Spencer (right), is also a redhead. So there is some red in Diana's blue blood!

Should Harry decide to go ahead and take a DNA test against the Queen's wishes, he might want to stay out of Parisian tunnels.


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Harry looks just like his father and somewhat like his uncle Charles....come on people, no one's implying that his uncle is his father.....trying to show family resemblances....but, yes, Diana admitted to having affairs...the cameras didn't follow his everywhere. The Parisian tunnel remark was tasteless TMZ. Let the Princess rest. Prince Charles is equally tasteless. What a rotten marriage they had from day 1....

2685 days ago


He looks like Charles, end of story. I can't believe some readers are so ready to criticize anything they can that they actually thought that showing that his uncle had red hair was somehow impying the uncle was the father when it' was instead pointedd out to show that Diana may have had 'red hair genes'.

2685 days ago


I believe Diana was murdered by The Royal Family. How could they let her marry a Muslim and accept that he would influence and be the step-father of the future king of England? It just wasn't going to happen. If you read the investigation issues, there should be no doubt that she was murdered. After all, with a torn pulmonary artery, you would think they would rush her to the hospital only 4 miles away. They didn't, and it took them 45 minutes to drive the 4 miles! They even lost the police escort they were going so slow. This was murder, plain and simple. So Harry should just forget DNA... let it be.

2685 days ago


#60 are truly hair is very prevalent in England, Ireland, Scotland and up!

2685 days ago


I haven't seen a pic of him since Diana'a funeral, but, Diana's sister Sarah has a son that looks so much like Harry, they could be twins. Definitely Spencer genes.

2685 days ago

kelly garr    

I think Sonya is mistaken. Two blue eyed people can not have a brown eyed child. But a brown and blue eyed pair can, I believe , have either color.

2685 days ago


#65 Nicole....NO 2 blue eyes cannot have a brown eyed child......Most people know up on this before you write.

2685 days ago


Let's get past the royal family for just a second. They are the public faces of the Monarchy. The Monarchy is, in fact, a political machine with the sole purpose of protecting and perpetuating its own existence. I believe anyone who thinks the Monarchy didn't know exactly where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were, who they were with, and what they were doing is naive. Certainly the Monarchy orchestrated which men would cross Diana's path, what role they would play in her life, and when it was time for them to exit. THERE IS NO WAY DIANA WOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO BE INTIMATE WITH ANY MAN OTHER THAN CHARLES UNTIL AFTER THE ROYAL HEIRS WERE CONCEIVED. We're talking power and control of the Monarchy, not what the public faces of the Monarchy - the royal family- could control. Prince Harry looks like Prince Philip. And have you seen Diana's siblings... God love 'em? They all have the same coloring as Harry, except for Diana, thank goodness. It saddens me to think Prince Harry feels the need to take a DNA test to stop the incessant rumors. I believe he is a Windsor in mind, body and spirit. God Bless you, Harry.

2685 days ago


Do the dna test after the queen dies, why get her all flustered. leave it alone until she dies, she don't want this drama, it's not her fault her son's wife was a hoe in tow.

2685 days ago


I have blue eyes and my wife has brown eyes. All three of our kids have blue eyes, so there goes the theory that a brown eyed parent MUST have kids with brown eyes. It just doesn't work that way.

2685 days ago


Well, he has close set eyes, like Charles and I do believe he looks like a handsome Charles. He has enough of Dianna's good looks to make the part of Charles he has look better. SHAME ON EVERYONE FOR EVEN BRINGING SOMETHING LIKE THIS UP FOLLOWING HER DEATH!!! Can't you guys leave her alone? How disrespectful. How sad.................Shame on you!

2685 days ago


He has Charles's ears. Poor princess Di, let her rest in peace.

2685 days ago


I agree that every child should know who their father is and i think he should have the dna test .
And for the comment about him having blue eyes and it is genetically impossible that is NOT true.
Both my parents have brown eyes and i was born with light blue eyes only to change to green at 2 yrs old.
My friends daughter has light blue eyes and both parents have dark brown, they learned that the father's biological father had blue eyes.

I hope prince charles is his biological dad.

2685 days ago


I give up arguing on this eye color stuff......go google it and you will find that 2 blue eyes cannot produce a brown totally recessive. 2 browns can have a blue, a brown and blue can have either. My father is a biology professor....he's the one who realized my best friend was not the child of one of her parents. Her eyes were brown....her mom and dad's were blue.....boy, we opened a can of worms on that one....come to find out, she was biologically the daughter of her uncle (her "dad's" brother.) And, so was her brother. Her mom screwed up big time.....and, yes, her mother ended up coming out with the truth. What a mess that up people!

2685 days ago


It's really up to Harry but I personally don't care. I did love Princess Di. As far as brown eyes are dominant, they are but you can get a blue eye child because we did. My daughter looks just like her Dad but has blue eyes. There are alot of blue eyes on each side of the family.

2685 days ago
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