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No Biel on the Road

6/16/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All work and no play make Timberlake a dull boy indeed. In a recent interview with the UK's Daily Mirror, pop prince Justin Timberlake admitted that he sent new flame Jessica Biel home from his European tour because he wants to focus on putting on a good show.

Biel wanted to hang around on tour, but the TimberSnake put Biel on a plane home because, "this tour is very important to me. I'm doing it really seriously so there's no question of playing sweethearts." Especially since JT won't even call Biel his special lady yet; she's just a "very dear friend." Justin should be careful: with a body and face like that, she'll be somebody else's "very dear friend" before long.


No Avatar


I think that she should dump his azz! She's to good for him anways. Why would she even take that, I mean with a smile,a brain,body, and face like that she can get anyone.

2660 days ago


Talk about being kicked to the curb.... Keep stepping and get yourself a real man...

2684 days ago

Kris Peterson I said, I just don't get him. He's so....white bread.

2684 days ago


Girl, go get somebody else in your own league-he's not all that.

2684 days ago


White Bread LOL nice...Its cuz he has money if it wasnt for that he would be at home playing X Box or WII

2684 days ago

C Ya    

Mamas boy!

2684 days ago

jProud American Author    

Justin was cute years ago...but that has long worn out. His ego is bigger than the Universe. He treats woman awfully. Yuk. He's not soooo sexy.

2684 days ago


What does she see in him? She could have anybody
and she picks him? I think she might need a vision check.

2684 days ago


Why won't he say she's his girlfriend? Is he waitin to see if Cameron will come back?

2684 days ago

stupid hollywhores    

who did he have to paid to classify him as sexy? this guy is just down right fugly. if hollywhores & media are going to label him as being one of the sexiest, i'm becoming a nun (sorry not into girls)

2684 days ago


I think she has a nice body and good hair but she's not that pretty in the face. She looks to manish to be considered beautiful. My husband doesn't think she pretty at all! And don't get me started on JT. He looked good in cry me a river but since then I haven't been that impressed.

2684 days ago


is she so self-absorbed & high-maintenance that she can't find SOMETHING in europe to do than hang on his coattails while he's trying to work? geez loo-weez. dump her!

girl, get a personality! get a life - of your own to share !! call me & we'll go shopping- on your black VISA !

2684 days ago


Biel needs a man, not a boy.

2684 days ago


Talk about both have low self esteems.. JT (alien look alike) that is very average in any high school or junior college... has to make it seem like he's in control and JB (manly face) and works out but has to because she is very average in the looks department.. in that scenario - it makes sense because average looks and average personalities go good together.. but be real and quit having low esteem both of you.

2684 days ago


I have never understood the appeal of Timberlake. He is just very average looking and nothing more.

2684 days ago
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