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Shar: No Fed-Ex Packages Here!

6/16/2007 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shar Jackson, K-Fed's baby mama numero uno, quelled rumors that she's preggers with another little K-Fed junior. Earlier this week her reps denied the story, and Jackson came out personally to deny the claims, too, with a little TMI. "There's absolutely no action going on in my uterus," she told reporters. "I'm no expert, but I hear you have to actually have sex," and that, she said, "hasn't been happening." Okaaaaaay.

Plus, Jackson has no desire to have another baby, with K-Fed or anyone else: she just had a tummy tuck. "I'm not trying to ruin my body," she said.


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All the comments make me want to laugh!

Has Shar Jackson every done anything? On those same lines has K-Fed? Brittany has always sucked!! I thought she was a loser from the beginning. Even Jessica Simpson can sing better that her and that's not saying much. Gwen, Christina, Kelly and Pink totally blow these bimbos out of the water!

Hey Brittany--------YOU SUCK-------Go home trailor trash!

2593 days ago



2593 days ago



You should be careful of what you put out into the universe. That death wish could come back to you or someone you love.

2593 days ago


i think she has the biggest mouth i have ever seen !!!!! why does tmz waste good space on boring , untalented, stupid , uneducated idiots WHY WHY WHY

2593 days ago


Why are we even disgusting this whore. She has 2 children from K-Fed and 2 from some other idiot. She has four children and she isn't 30 years old. Hello! Birth control is still easy to purchase. Shar, Brit and K-Fed should all live together as one big happy dysfunctional family. I feel sorry for all of the kids that were conceived. To bad they can't choose their parents.

2593 days ago

Here We Go Again    

Hmmm...I guess no one on Earth has a baby out of wedlock. That would be shocking. And if this was the olden days we would shun them from society. I would paste links of every celebrity in Hollywood that has baby's by different men and out of wedlock (Madonna, Heidi Klum). The list goes on and on, but you get my point. Idiots!

2593 days ago



2593 days ago


Shar Jackson is one of the stupidest women in the world. In an article (usa today) she said that she had "lots of dogs named after pop stars". One of them was named Britney, so after K-Fed hooked up with Britney, what does Shar do? She got rid of the dog!!! She got rid of that poor dog, because its name was Britney!!!!! What an ignorant, heartless loser she is. While she could've changed the dog's name to anything - the dog wouldn't have cared - she chose to get rid of it. BECAUSE OF HER NAME. And she said the poor dog was just another victim of the Britney/K-Fed relationship. Shar Jackson is a despicable human being. I'm so sorry she has reproduced. What a piece of trash.

2593 days ago


this woman should never have a pet - much less a child. what a cruel, rotten, immature woman. that poor dog she dumped just because its name was britney. and SHE named the dog. this woman is stupider than most. may she go on to live a miserable life. and may she never get another pet. ever, ever, ever.

2593 days ago

Here We Go Again    

Oh wow. Since when did giving away a pet equate to poor parenting and a ban on reproduction. What about Brit Brit giving away her dogs because K-Fed told her to? Oops! I guess that just proved your point about bad parenting since Brit is such the shining example of a parent. Idiots!

2593 days ago

Here We Go Again    

Gonna prop my feet up with my fav Starbucks and watch the inner-KKK come out in all of us! Let's get it on!

2593 days ago


yeah, if this woman is ignorant enough to give away a dog because it has the same name as britney, she's an idiot. and she shouldn't have another dog or cat or anything. and she shouldn't have children.

britney did the same thing...dumping her pets, who were supposedly "members of her family". another big, fat loser.

k-fed knows how to pick 'em. they're all idiots. and none of them should be parents either.

2593 days ago


Maybe she can get some work on that HUGE mouth of hers. She looks like a horse!

2593 days ago


Is that the youngest girl from the Cosby show on crack?

2593 days ago


The truth will be out 7 months from now and Shar is going to declare it's not his. Don't continue to support the good-for-nothing asshole and gold digger. That man is not worth the love. Go somewhere else to gold dig with him, have some conscience and live an upright life for yourselves and the kids.

2593 days ago
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