Gummi Gets the Ol' Heave Ho!

6/18/2007 11:31 AM PDT
He's been chewed up and spit out, but just like with his favorite buffet, Gummi Bear keeps comin' back for more!

For club rejection #4, Gummi hit Winston's in Hollywood last night, where -- if you look closely -- you can see the wheels in the bouncer's head spin as he tries to concoct a reason to deny Gummi before the oil billionheir even waddles up to the door. But when the two came face to face, a quick-thinking Gummi saw right through the doorman's lie. Didn't matter though. Gummi, the MVP (Most Voluminous Playah) of velvet-rope rejection, decided to save his strength and not try to argue his way in, as he knew that energy would be needed for the long wobble back to his ride.

Check back soon when Gummi gets shut down for an unprecedented 5th time!