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"Age of Love" Tennis Hunk -- Easy Mark?

6/19/2007 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All those kittens and cougars purring so sweetly over tennis star Mark Philippoussis in the new NBC show "Age of Love" might be interested to know a little about his romantic past ... as the main himbo of the men's tour.

Mark P. -- or, as he's so affectionately known to some Aussie media, The Poo -- caused a stir a few years back when he had a reported dalliance with Paris Hilton, while he was still in a relationship of several years with Aussie pop star Delta Goodrem, who was suffering from cancer. Paris even reportedly showed pictures of The Poo to journos, telling them she was "head over heels" for the racquet-man. The Poo denied the hook-up with P.

Meanwhile, before that, Mark P. was reported to be playing a bit more than tongue tennis with fellow hot-but-not-so-hot-at-tennis star Anna Kournikova. The Poo's coach, Pat Cash, wrote in his autobiography that he had to beg his protege not to go out (and get in bed) with Anna K. on the eve of a big match.

On top of all that, The Poo has been linked to Tara Reid and several Aussie models, which should raise the question in all those feline minds -- who wants to play with a used racquet, anyway?


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Well I watched the finale and I have to say that I am not surprised at all. From the 1st show and his reaction to the women in their 40's, I knew that there was no way that he was going to pick a 40 year old over a 20 year old. Even though he had more chemistry with the 40 year old - in the end, he could not get over the age difference. He served all mankind very well because that is typical of all men. If the tables had been reversed, the woman would have gone with her heart rather than like a man, the little head.

2637 days ago


I had the misfortune to switch on this show when it aired for the first time last week - I switched on maybe 5 minutes in, it was already on that channel & I wondered what it was - I switched on just as they started shoing the 'girls' the video profile. After 30 seconds, I had to turn it off, it was so nauseating.

Funniest thing was in the profile, something along the lines of '...he is in the middle of a successful tennis career...'. Obviously the know nothing about making TV, or tennis - successful career my arse. Utter garbage & obvious gold-digging from the poo - serves to cement my previous opinion of him. No doubt his cohort uncle lle lle hewit will be in on the act shortly.

2658 days ago


Mark - Handsome? Looks like he has been whacked in the face by his tennis racket more than once. He needs tennis balls in all his pant pockets, that way he'd have a pair.

2651 days ago


I wouldn't touch "Poo" with someone else's genitalia.

2686 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

Gay show! Who would pick an old used broad over a hot 20 year old girl?

2686 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

Paris Hilton does gay man Tom Cruise. She's funky like that

2686 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

Do you think Tom likes to give or receive? I know that most gay men like Tom like to give.

2686 days ago


he admitted to getting around a good bit on the show last night, didnt he? it is what it is.

2686 days ago

Dawn Day    

Cougars and Kittens, get your Valtrex filled!!!!

I knew there had to be a catch with him!! Too funny!

2686 days ago


Rename it disease of love and I "might" watch it. Another loser reality show that's not real.

2686 days ago


TARA REID AND PARIS HILTON? I wouldn't let that Poo jerk touch me unless he was in an abestos suit - and I still wouldn't let him touch me! EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!! SKANK COOTIES CANNOT BE WASHED OFF - EVER !!

2686 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    

talk about used racquets -- those cougars aren't exactly fresh-strung

2686 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Another walking STD factory. I guess TMZ is doing the world a public health service by warning us about all of these celebrity disease carrying sluts like Mark Poo, Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Collin Farrell.

Thank you TMZ for this excellent service.

2686 days ago

South Beach Lizzard    

Paris has done all Hollywood and after she get out she will do the M13 gang all the other poor souls she has missed in these days since her incarceration. Even gay Tom.

2686 days ago


He was too cute anyway. I am releived he is a whore. This way Age of Love can be a comedy and not a drama. Eww, who is going to get Paris' cooties first? See guys...this is what happens when you are a slut. It's not sexy. You become a joke.

2686 days ago
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