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Paris to TMZ -- I'm Just an Ordinary Inmate

6/19/2007 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has sent a message to TMZ -- she ain't no one special in the pokey.

A rep who visited Paris today said Hilton wants TMZ to know she's being treated like any other inmate, emphasizing she's getting no special breaks.

We're told Paris is spending time reading "The Secret" and "The Power of Now." She's also reading lots of "fan mail" that has been sent to the jail. She says most of the letters are favorable and it's helping her. She's written responses to some of the letters.


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Rev. Father Maximiadis    

For quite some time, the TMZ website has been inundated with hypercritical postings regarding Paris Hilton and her family. These postings have outweighed any of the unprejudiced, constructive comments, or information serving the public interest; by a very long chalk. They have consisted, for the most part, of irrelevancies, assumptions, unadulterated poppycock, hypotheticals, and salacious smut.

Amongst this public onslaught, a few objective postings featured a catalogue of “facts” detailing the progression of events from the original apprehension of Paris to the legal proceedings, her non-compliance to judicial matters of form, et cetera, and finally to her incarceration. Although these “facts” cannot be denied, as they are on the court records, police files, and in ‘public information’, they are only part of the proceedings.

Public opinion is deduced from editorial controlled media reports. Media reports, for pragmatic purposes ( amongst others ), omit publishing entire proceedings; as in the Hilton case. Unpublished facts underpinning the basis of the judge’s final decision of law ( i.e., the conviction and sentence ) included the entire proceedings between the defence and prosecution, admissible medical or psychiatric evidence, and in all probability, pre-sentence reports, with recommendations, et cetera. These factors of the proceedings were quite conspicuously absent, subsequently public opinion was formed from only the limited known “facts”.

Paris was then incarcerated, after which some anomalous circumstance occurred shortly afterwards, that brought an additional wave of public abuse against her, the district attorney, and the sheriff. Those bent on assassinating the characters of others, in these circumstances, ought to refer to Article Four, Sec. 2, l.519-21, and Amendments, Article Five, ls. 645-646; of the The Constitution of The United States.

The American judicial procedures, I believe, would be based upon equitable principles and rules. And if any irregularities occur – as appeared to have happened in the Hilton case – the American jurists would be more than capable of letting justice be served - calmly and objectively - without any unnecessary scurrilous outbursts from an hysterical sector of the public.

Paris Hilton has been incarcerated for a misdemeanour, and for failure to observe an instruction of law. She did not commit a felonious crime; there was, fortunately, no victim, yet the apparent magnitude of public condemnation was grossly disproportionate to the offences. When are the anti-Hilton campaigners going to recognize that this matter has been dealt with, and move on to their next celebrity?

2651 days ago


I would to Love Paris!!! I hope She will get out of jail anytime...

Thanks, Leroy Daniel

2651 days ago


paris hilton has probably not learned her lesson. she was drinking and driving which could have killed somebody.she is going to go home to that mansion of hers soon and will eventually forget any lesson that was learned. who knows how long she was actually driving drunk and im sure her family thinks she is above the law.she will not be pretty forever and will have nothing to offer people when she turns 50 and the age lines apprear.she will always be rich but won't be smiling,the way she is now.she is a very bad example for young girls and im glad justice was served.i have a feeling that sherrif baca tried to let her out,cause of who she was and i think that he should be in jail too.lets see other inmates get let out for similar reasons. paris hilton must really think that all these fans that she has are dumb.people are blinded by fame, money,celebrity and hilton probably thought that she would completely get off. lets hope when she gets out that she does something decent for the world.

2651 days ago


She is indeed getting special treatment, daily showers, clean under garments, none ofthe other inmates get this daily stuff. If they were smart they'd all get together and make a big stink for who evers inchrage over there. Oh, I guess its her huh!

2651 days ago

Go away!!    

"father" your comments are decidely one sided also. Please line up on the left to pick up your cheque from the hiltons.

2651 days ago

Go away!!    

Father Maxipad - paris hiltons pictures and videos ARE facts, her character has been put out there for us all too see. Too late for the pr spin, nice try though

2651 days ago

you go girl    

i don't believe she can read or write. i am so bored with tmz kissing paris' ass. apparently tmz is getting lazy and just taking this self promoting retard by her own choice's press release's. please stop. /she's over and boring and ugly. She looks like olive oil.

2650 days ago


well who cares if she get special treatment thats what happens to celebs so it doesn't even matter and i think you guys should back off if you are hating on her cuz you people are just mad cuz you guys aren't her

2650 days ago


To #421 - Jane

For Pete’s sake -- enough of playing the “jealousy card!” There are a number of celebrities who actually have more money than Hilton, and are also very attractive – but both inside and out – and we respect many of them. Have they made mistakes? Absolutely, as have we all. But these individuals share two very important elements that Hilton does not: Talent and character. They have not had to resort to shallow commercialism to gain “stardom.” Actually, unlike Hilton, stardom was never their objective.

We are tired of her tedious media exposure. There are far more interesting people and more important events to both read and learn about!

2650 days ago


To Father Maximiadis

I am greatly concerned that your comments seem to “play down” what is really going on here. Many of us who are not fans of Hilton do not “judge” her in the ways you seem to imply here, nor are we jealous of the Hiltons’ economic status. The facts speak for themselves. Hilton presents herself as a “role model” for our youth. This is a position she has gone to great lengths to place herself in through her obsession with the media, etc. This causes many of us great concern.

What Hilton did in driving recklessly on two occasions while her license was suspended, and intentionally violating the various terms of her probation is only part of our concern.

The fact that she did not accept blame for her actions and appeared to attempt to manipulate the legal system is quite serious. Let me explain why: Our family lost a 16 1/2 year old young lady -- a beautiful, bright, energetic person with much to offer the world – to a reckless driver who was clearly at fault. The driver of the other car, like Hilton, tried to manipulate the legal system in the way we see Hilton doing now. Hilton – and others like her – must being to accept responsibility for their actions. To do otherwise is a travesty.

We will not address Hilton’s other lifestyle choices, although many others have in very unflattering terms. As for our opinions of Hilton, they are based not on looks or economic status, but on character…or, in this instance the lack thereof. To accept Hilton as a role model for our youth is really quite unacceptable, if not ludicrous.

2650 days ago


First of all, why the hell do you judge Paris Hilton like this? Why do you people just OVERJUDGE her completely? She is not a plastic Barbie doll, she’s not a robot. Paris has feelings, just like all of you…most of you. And she is celebrity. Do you think that it’s fair that she gets picked on the most? There are heaps and heaps of other celebrities to pick on, why Paris?

I, myself, am a big fan of Paris. You might have heard this before, but you WILL hear this again – PARIS HILTON IS MY IDOL. Yes, Paris – I hope you can hear this, because I really want you to know how every single day I look up to you. How every single night when you were in jail that I prayed to god that he would make a miracle happen, how every minute of my time when I was supposed to be doing my homework I searched all of the internet for your email address so I could write to you. I guess this website was my last hope.

And I’m not just stopping there. You see, I don’t care about the things people tell me about Paris; I don’t care what my parents say; I don’t care about the bad things she has done…you just have to accept her as a person. She is a human being, and she is very pretty, and I don’t care what people say about her being ugly…because she isn’t. If you want to hear REAL bad insults about this poor girl, go to I find this website extremely offending and the only times I visit it is when I have to yell and shout back at all the haters and tell them how good Paris is, and how they are so wrong about her.

I heard that Paris cries after reading all your stupid, nasty comments. Seriously, why do you do this to her? It’s so rude. I knew that if I read that people were calling me names I would cry, too. Go pick on someone else.

Paris, I am really glad you are out of jail, because I, with all my heart, believed that you never deserved to go in there in the first place. I hope you are reading this, and I hope you understand how much I love you as a celebrity and how I want you to be very successful in your life, which you already are and will continue to be. If you want to email me (I’m sure you’ll be busy, but just in case) I would love to hear from you, of course I would! Email to

Because no one has the right to disrespect and offend you in this way.
And you’re a really good singer – I don’t care what people say, you are. I like the way you sing. You have a nice voice and you don’t shout in your songs. The band that really annoys me with their songs is 30 Seconds to Mars. How can you listen to all that shouting? Seriously, you have to be the best singer there is. I like your Pop songs. My favourites are Stars are Blind; Nothing in this World and Jealousy. Simple life is awesome, your dogs Tinkerbell; Bambi; Harajuko Bitch and Tokyo Blue are adorable. And I never knew you did so much charity work…you’re amazing. Keep up the great work; I will support you for the rest of your life!
Love, ♥♥♥ Vicki

2650 days ago

Go away!!    

Vicki, please enlighten me. Please tell me of all the charity work paris does.

Oh, and go clean your room, it's almost bedtime

2650 days ago


From some of the fans postings, one would think they knew Paris personally and was a real good BFF of hers. But I doubt that very seriously. Paris has no idea who they really are and could care less, except to get a fawning fan letter from them which will once again make Paris think that because Vicki thinks she is some of talent, looks and talent, then it must be true.

One fan stated that "Paris cries after read your stupid nasty comments" huh! Yeah right. Her parents shield this girl from anything derrogatory so she will still believe that the whole worlds thinks of her they same way they do, as the "American Princess" (almost threw up typing that!).

Paris has no clue as to just how real people feel about her. (Notice, I said real people, as those of you who are "fans" do not live in the real world, but some kind of made up Barbie type fantasy world - you call it Hilton World).

No, we do not hate Paris because she is rich and can play with the "big dogs".

As a matter of fact, it we really do not hate Paris the flesh and blood. Nor do we resent her.

However, our feelings are one of absolute disgust at what she represents and how strongly she is sucking in many young innocent girls to believe that the way she lives (a shallow existence at best) is just exactly how they want their lives to be.

So, let us go over just how Paris lives and then come back and tell you this is how you want to live:

1) from the day she was born was told on a daily, if not hourly basis, that she is destined to become the American version of Princess Diana.

2) was never, ever, ever disciplined for anything. In fact, every thing she did, from her first "NO" to her first bowel movement was thorougly praised, each and every time she did/said these things.

3) her every day was consumed with things like shopping at the elite stores, never, ever anything less.

4) learned very, very well from her parents how to manipulate every one around her. Learned early on just how money was "made" (if you can call it made - certainly not earned) - anytime there was a desire for a party for anything (and every little thing) you were to call a famous restaurant/night club/hotel/casino and put your name in at all of them to see who would fork up the biggest bucks for the honor of you holding your party at their place (gawd, had to pause to rush to the bathroom and puke!)

5) revel in attention like it was something that is supposed to happen to her from the first "wah" out of Momma's womb (my goodness, the truly rich and famous people truly seek privacy - not unwarranted publicity!)

6) have meaningless sex with every rich guy that would drool over her (and contract some really nasty sexually transmitted disease that is uncurable, only treatable - something to live with for the rest of your life.

7) video tape yourself in various acts of sex - and now they are all over the internet for all to see.

8) party at any club that is willing to pay for your presence - and party hard and every night

9) never ever have to clean up after yourself, there is always someone else to pick up those dirty clothes (except for panties - none to be seen anywhere in your place of residence) you just remove and drop on the floor where you stand

10) never learn how to cook even the simplest things, like boiling water.

11) always have a body guard around you at all times, and I do mean at all times.

12) because your parents tell you that everything you do is cute and never, ever tell you when you have really done something wrong (cause they tell you that it was cute) you never learn the difference between right and wrong. HOWEVER as you grow up, it is just human common sense to see for yourself some of the basic rights and wrongs - like no one has to tell you that if you kill someone else that is wrong or that if walk into a bank and tell them to give you all their money, that that is wrong. These are the biggies, but there are even some of the small ones that you would realize on your own. NOW you are grown but you feel you are not meant to have to abide by even those little ones that in your heart you know are wrong, cause you got money.

13) every time you do something that your parents have told you while growing up was cute, but now in the real world you find you have done something that those awful other people say is wrong and want to punish you for it, your Mommie and Daddie go to these awful people and say "hey, how about a few big ones and then you can tell Paris you made a mistake and she did not do anything wrong".

14) quit school long before your senior year in high school and then have no job skills. So, Daddy, so others will think of you as responsible and respectible, creates a line of perfumes and jewelry so you and sis will have something with your name on it (but, you won't have to lift a finger to do one si

2648 days ago


I feel sorry for Paris she has no idea what life is really about, and how
could she with the all the attention she gets just because of her name
it's sad she'll never have a private moment.

2645 days ago
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