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Dead McMahon in Bad Taste?

6/20/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Death struck twice for the WWE this week, and the real fatality is making the WWE wonder whether the staged one should stay in the script.

WWE fem-fighter "Sensational Sherri" Martel was found dead at her mother's home June 15, and just three days before, chief butt-head Vince McMahon was "killed" in a limo explosion on the "Monday Night RAW" broadcast. Foul play wasn't suspected in Martel's death, but cops have said in reports that the cause wasn't natural.

In light of Martel's real death, we're told there were discussions inside the WWE about abandoning their current "McMahon is Presumed Dead" storyline, with many WWE folks feeling that it was in poor taste.

But c'mon, folks, this is the WWE we're talking about! Not only is McMahon staying dead, the WWE, according to reports, plans to push the storyline even further with the discovery of DNA evidence linking McMahon, his limo driver and a "mysterious third party" to the fictional attack ... all for consumption this Friday on "WWE Smackdown."

That sound you hear is Owen Hart, spinning in his grave.

The WWE had no comment on the situation.


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J A    

Hey folks,were talking about the WWE.Any idiot that believes Vince is really dead should not watch WWE,or check out TMZ.I find the whole scenerio hilarious,and hey,if the WWE can improve their ratings,thats good for them.My co-workers and I are still laughing our asses off about the whole car explosion,and supposed death of Vinnie Mac.Its entertainment.If you don't like it,don't watch it.

2680 days ago


# 3 and # 4 this is for you guys first you #3 You call wrestling FAKE my god I wish people would stop using that word cause it just makes you look retarded i mean how can it be fake if real human beings get hurt working a wrestling match it's SCRIPTED they know the outcomes i mean hell it's like a live action movie or comic book it's fun to get into the characters i mean if wrestling is so fake then you probably walked out of Spiderman 3 all pissed off when you learned Spiderman wasn't a real person out there keeping us safe from the bad guys LOL

As for #4 it is so funny that you ask if TMZ has more important thing's to talk about I mean if you want real news go on cnn or fox news websites TMZ talks about celebrities and half of the stories are about Paris Hlton like that is real news LOL so stop getting on here when you see a wrestling story like that is bad i mean OMG the wresting story is in the way of Paris update #100 today she pouted because the cops wouldn't allow her to go party.....How can we miss that LOL

2680 days ago


it's no wopnder the WWE is getting seriously killled by MMA with the lame storylines they keep comiong up with.

2680 days ago


WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I knew it was a story line, but a stupid one at that. I grew up with wrestling, but this is getting way out of control. i can figure out how he will be reintroduced,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the story will go like this he survived the blast but was kept in hiding for fear of his life and that he suffered burns......... I hate to tell the WWE will know longer have me as a fan. I THINK THIS WAS DONE IN VERY POOR TASTE. When there is actual carr bombings go on in the world. I think they could have come up with something different.

2680 days ago


I went to military school with Vince(Fishburne)in the nazi state called Virginia.I was in his first ever wrestling show right there at school.The show was funny,crazy,outrageous and in bad tast.Just like today.Oh by the way it was sold out.IT IS A SHOW PEOPLE.Get with it or get over it.


2680 days ago


The only thing that was/is poor taste of this angle is that the WWE acknowledged Sherri's death in about 30 seconds on Monday. They inducted her into the WWE Hall of Fame and all she got was 30 seconds!!!! WWE cant be responsible for the way an ex-wrestler continues to live their life. Sherri had a good career and lived a fast life. However, if we are to respect the "wrestling business" at least show proper respect for your "Hall of Famers"

2680 days ago


Loving this storyline! WWE back to its best

2680 days ago


if the wwe did stage this wich im pretty sure they did otherwise it would have made world news..uh hum... they wwe didnt think about children watching this and how it might affect them i sure hope the FCC slaps them with a herendous fine!! and throw vince in the slammer with paris . last time i looked it was a FELONY to fake your own death in the USA

2680 days ago


What is wrong with us? My 12 year old son.., now, cannot distinguish between true and false. WWE's decision is in horrible taste to allow the "presumable death" storyline to continue. I can see that the higher power for this corporation is a bit naive on the effects this has on the small poeple that watch it. I pay top dollar for my son to watch his favorite stars in the ring. I try to take him to all the events around our area.I am now re-thinking that becuase he is having a hard time understanding the whole real/fake "death" thing. All I can say is I hope they think its worth it!

2680 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Would be awesome if it was Bret Hart (Owens brother)
who reeeally would kill off McMahon!

2680 days ago

Capo Status    

this is racist!!

2680 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Good Lord almight! that female wrestler is a dead ringer (excuse the pun) for Erin Moran!!!!

2680 days ago


It really upsets me to hear people complain that wrestling is fake. No crap it is!! Its just like ever other tv show. It has characters, plots, and storylines. Its ENTERTAINMENT not a sport. So when people say I dont watch wrestling because its fake. So are you telling me that 24, the Sopranos, Lost, etc. are real!? I have much respect to the wrestlers. They are on the road 250 days out of the year. They perform in front of 15,000 people a night and on live tv. They never stop. They do more work than any other tv actor/actress can do in a lifetime.

2680 days ago


This is so Kaufmanesque. Maybe the "mysterious third party" will be revealed as Andy finally returning after 23 years of being "dead".

2680 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

Donald Trump ordered his death. It was an "Apprentice" hit. The Donald would not stand for anybody challenging him. The next in line is Rosy O'Donald. Her Miami house is gone go on fire. To The Donald hopefully with Rosie in it. Wait and see.

2680 days ago
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