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Dead McMahon in Bad Taste?

6/20/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Death struck twice for the WWE this week, and the real fatality is making the WWE wonder whether the staged one should stay in the script.

WWE fem-fighter "Sensational Sherri" Martel was found dead at her mother's home June 15, and just three days before, chief butt-head Vince McMahon was "killed" in a limo explosion on the "Monday Night RAW" broadcast. Foul play wasn't suspected in Martel's death, but cops have said in reports that the cause wasn't natural.

In light of Martel's real death, we're told there were discussions inside the WWE about abandoning their current "McMahon is Presumed Dead" storyline, with many WWE folks feeling that it was in poor taste.

But c'mon, folks, this is the WWE we're talking about! Not only is McMahon staying dead, the WWE, according to reports, plans to push the storyline even further with the discovery of DNA evidence linking McMahon, his limo driver and a "mysterious third party" to the fictional attack ... all for consumption this Friday on "WWE Smackdown."

That sound you hear is Owen Hart, spinning in his grave.

The WWE had no comment on the situation.


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Shame on the WWE!! with the number of real deaths in pro wrestling u think they would stay away from storylines like this. Watch TNA Thursdays 9pm on Spike Tv.

2681 days ago


Okay, I am not defending the WWE but TMZ needs to hire people who get their facts correct. Sherri Martel was not on the active WWE roster and didn't deserve the whole package that was given to the late Owen Hart, etc. This is all a storyline and people need to accept wrestling is a soap opera. The WWE wanted to please the USA Network, so they give an ending to their show that the Sorpranos couldn't give to their audiance. Tasteless, digusting, dumb, stupid, etc. THE WWE DOESN'T CARE AND JUST WANTS PRESS!

TMZ, congrats you gave it to them with you AMAZING knowledge on a story.

2681 days ago


Get your facts straight TMZ. If you're going to report on wrestling, it isn't beneath you to look into it.

Sherri Martel hasn't worked for the WWE in 14 years. She worked there for about 6-7 years in the late 80s/early 90s. As much as I liked her growing up, she was not a huge part of that company. In fact, most of her career was spent wrestling elsewhere. It's not like they'd cancel someone's fake death on a soap opera or any other drama because an actor who used to work for the show many years ago died.

Also, she died 3 days AFTER the Vince angle started. Not before.

It's not in poor taste. However, your Owen Hart comment was.

2681 days ago


I met Sherri and I think it's terrible that her real death is taking a backseat to Vince McMahon's fictional death. I think what a lot of people don't realize is that Sherri was a special person. It's a shame that more wrestling fans weren't fortunate enough to get to find out what a sweet person she really was.

2681 days ago


This is the WWE.

The same company that had a wrestler have sex with a dead girl.
The same company that exploited the death of another wrestler (Eddie Guerrero) for a long-term storyling.
The same company that had "gay" wrestlers nearly get married, then pull out because it was a publicity stunt gone too far.

I guarantee that, not only will McMahon continue to be "dead" (even though about 98% of the fans know he's not), but he'll come back in a couple of months at a Pay-Per-View with some "Genetic Jackhammer" comment.

2681 days ago


If my 6 year old daughter can understand that wrestling, like most things on TV is not real, the wrestlers are only pretending to fight and had to go to special school to learn how to (which is why we don't imitate them), and they're all really friends and who wins and loses is determined beforehand, I'm sure the grownups who watch can figure out that Vince McMahon was not murdered. This is TV people, not that big of a deal. Many former superstars pass and they get a memorial screencap. 10 bell salutes are saved for on-air talent who pass unexpectedly. This is no different than "Who ran over Stone Cold?" from 8 years ago. Take wrestling for what it is, mindless entertainment like soaps or Survivor that keeps people amused for two hours.

2681 days ago



2681 days ago

bye sherri    

Sensational Sherri was a pioneer in wrestling she was a fantastic manager who accomplished so much throughout her carreer. She will be dearly missed. (Sensational Sherri brief tribute)

2681 days ago


I feel bad for Sherri she was a great woman wrestler but im betting the writers for the WWE couldnt come up with another script in time. Im just wondering how they pulled off that explosion so Vince wouldnt get hurt( we all know hes alive). I hope they can find out what happened to Sherri though...RIP Sherri...

2681 days ago


While Iv always enjoyed TMZ and their personel views, i believe it time to tell you shut up! Ive been a fan of wrestling for over 20 years and yes its fake and usually in bad taste but why should they change their story line just because of something that happend three days later to a retired professional who hasnt even been a regular on tv since 1998. And how does it make you any better by reffering comically to Owen Hart? The bottom line is that Sherri and Owen were both professionals of this sport and respected it, so I have no doubt in my mind that if they were here today they would have no objection to the story line of McMachons pressumed death, in fact I would be willing to bet they would be just as interested in it as everyone else who enjoys WWE programming. Stick to Hollywood entertainment TMZ, because you dont know jack about Wrestling entertainment!


2681 days ago

loving mom    

The sad thing is i lost count of how many people at my work are saying "do you think that vince is really dead?" People, wrestling is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago


is vince really DEAD

2681 days ago


Show me somebody who expects good taste from the WWE and I'll show you somebody who doesn't know a gattdam thing about Vince McMahon.

2681 days ago

Dark Maiden    

First I want to say that I have been a fan of wrestling for over 28 years. I have seen the greats and near greats of wrestling. I have watched great angles and ones that blew dog dung. And I can say without a doubt this angle is one of the worse Vince has come up with since the katie Vick storyline. (Don't know it, good you are lucky)

That said, for the most part, it is, as others have said, just another dumb "try-to-get-ratings-" attemtp by the wwe. Nothing more or less. We've seen it before, we'll see it again.

Well I lie. There is a differance in this one from angles past. The fact that this one, goes against the stated intent of the wwe, to never do a murder angle. This was a promise that they gave to childern protection gruops that had issues with the wwe content, as the wwe (dispite their claim) also does target yougsters, as well there will be, at least, several hunderd kids of 15 and lower at any given wwe show. Now, if you were a constinous(sp) parent, would you take your young child to see, say, Pulp Fiction? (The women with the well adjusted 6 year old not witstanding) You would not, and though wrestling is not Pulp Fiction,you do hope that what violance you expose your child to, is over the top enough that the child can see through it. It's hard for a child to see past an exploding car when the person, presumed, to have died in it, was just standing in front of them in the ring. This angle, which has nada to do with wrestling, or wrestlers, was a blatant reniging of their stated promise to these orginisation and shows Vince's out right contempt for anyone.

But a bad storyline is a bad storyline and a broken word is a broken word. But the way they treated a wrestler that spent years entertaining fans and helping to put money in his pocket is, truely, unforgiveable. Sherrie, was not the washed up performer some here would try to paint her. She was also a role-model for many true female wrestlers. (No I am not talking those walking playboy wannbes that the wwe calls "Divas" I am talking real female wrestlers. Women and girls that saw, in here, that the sport is not just a place for men to show their athletic sides and a woman wrestler can be more then prancig around half nude. She was an important figure in wrestling. As important as Moolah or Miss Elizabeth and she deserved more then a small mention at the bottom of the wwe websit. Far below the story of Vince's fake death. More then not even being mentioned till halfway through the following Raw, as a passing note. She deserved more from the wwe, or any wrestling orginization but more the wwe, then she got.

And the finaly unforgiveble act of this ill-time and ill-concived angle, was the use on the Smackdown, following the car bombing Raw, was the use of the 10 bell salute. A tradition in wrestling older then most of you posting here and reserved for the real deaths of real wrestlers and others who have dedicated themselves to the industry. Many of you say wrestling is fake. And yes, the reason these men and women get int the ring and fight is fake. Storys written in the baack room by men who's most strenious acts is munching on a bag of cheetos. But what they do in the ring is very much not fake. The injuries they suffer are real. Owen is not faking his death. Eddie is not faking his. Brian is not faking his death. Chirs Nowinksi is not faking his brain injury and Droz is not faking the fact he is paralyzed. What these poeple do is very real. And it is a shame that so few care. I am not talking about the non-fans. I am talking about the, so-called, wrestling fans, who on here, have written Sherrie's death off as not really all that important, so no one should really be upset that she was not given the respect she derserved.

It's you that should really take a reality check and realize that Vincent Kenndy McMahon, would have no "wrestling empire" if it was not for athelets like Sherrie Martel.

2681 days ago


bigstan (uh, ok)...two words little man...suck it!

2681 days ago
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