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"Indy 4" on Universal Tour?

6/20/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Are the folks on the Universal back lot telling the truth to theme park guests?

A few TMZ staffers took a ride yesterday on the Universal Studios Hollywood Tour where they passed an enormous Aztec temple set that tour guides said was being built for the upcoming flick "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets," but could it really be for the Indiana Jones sequel?
Universal Studios backlot tour
We called Jerry Bruckheimer Films, the production company for "National Treasure," and it turns out the Nic Cage pic is wrapping production next week outside of L.A., so clearly Universal needs to update their tour guides.

Our staffers thought the giant Aztec set could have something to do with the long awaited Indiana Jones sequel, and questioned the tour guides, who had no clue. Later, we contacted Universal Studios Production, which denied any link to Indiana Jones, saying, "We do not reveal the details of our shooting locations." Details about "Indy 4" have been under wraps for a while, but filming reportedly began this week.

As for the folks at Universal ... "Snakes, why did they have to be snakes?"


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Westcoaster shows pictures of a Inca temple set on the Universal backlot

Search Frickr: Yale and Newhaven set photos - more than 100 postings this week
Visit : "thestudiotour" or "insideuniversal" for backlot news

2610 days ago


Re: National Treasure 2
[quote="gaptoothed" on the studiotour form]The sets built in New Falls Lake ARE for National Treasure 2. They just featured it on Entertainment Tonight![/quote]
Thankyou for confirming the Entertainment Tonight showed a clip with the cave set.
Westcoaster update shows the lights on the set have been removed. Shows temple set being dressed with stones on the walls.

2589 days ago

Ed Arnold    

You guys really need to get your facts straight and check out your sources. This movie set at Universal was clearly for National Treasure and not Indiana Jones was featured on Entertainment Tonight this week!!!!!

Clearly the Universal tour guides DID know what they were talking about!

2587 days ago

Ed Arnold    

And yes I did mean the set was National Treasure 2...not Indiana Jones 4.

2586 days ago

Go To Jail Paris    

Tom Cruise is very gay

2618 days ago

Jim Disney    

As the owner of the site linked, I'd like to announce that being among the fine company of people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, our staff will begin flashing our crotches and have already signed up to check into rehab next week.

2618 days ago


As I understand it, it's not about Universal's Studio Tour guides not "telling the truth"... it's the production companies who contractually make them keep their mouths shut in order to protect the integrity of the film shoot. They had to do the same thing when War of the Worlds was filming and again just recently when Transformers was shooting on The Backlot's New York St. It's becoming rather commonplace nowadays to do that. If were up to Universal, I'm sure they'd love to plug the films. It only increases their guest experience. Positive guest experience = More revenue.


2618 days ago

Ms Kris    

Indy is Paramount NOT Universal.

Just because of Spielberg’s long history with Universal does NOT make it so.

I was first in the door opening day for all 3 Indy films.

Do we have proof of this?

Different studios, I need proof of this.

2618 days ago

su.san smith    

I work here on the backlot for Universal.
YES Indiana Jones #4 is having sets being built on the Universal backlot.

Indiana Jones might be a Paramount release, but they are shooting some of the movie on the Universal Studios Back Lot... By Stage 28..

2618 days ago


LOL - I supervised the tour guides at Universal and, quite honestly, much of what they tell you is complete fantasy. When they are forced to ad lib and deviate from the script, they say whatever comes to mind and take great pride in coming up with some of the wildest stories and watching the tourists take it all in.

I'm not saying this one isn't true, but unless they are being evaluated and there's a manager or lead on the tram, take whatever they tell you with a grain of salt.

2618 days ago

Gangsta B***h Barbie    

The set for the next Indie movie is here, in sunny Albuquerque. Actually, from what I understand, it will take place in several places here in NM. Also, there have been several movie studios opening up here lately. Kevin Costner is filming a movie, "Swing Vote", here as well.

They have started advertising her locally for staff fo the production of Indie. We have also had production companies renting equipment from us for the set.

2618 days ago


Indy4 will be shooting on the streets of New Haven, CT and through the paths and buildings of Yale University from June 28-July 6. Apparently Indy is being chased on a motorcycle. It is set in 1957, and for the New Haven shoot they put out a call for 500 extras.

2618 days ago


Indian is being filmed in New Haven, CT next week. Come on down to New Haven and watch or be in the will take about a week to film.

2618 days ago


I took the Universal studios tour on Sat and the guide said nothing about this set. It's not really "on" the tour, but you get a pretty good look at it as you round the water tank area and head into the rolling ice cave thingy (which is now some sort of rolling Mummy thingy). It is a HUGE outdoor set and work was being done even on a Sat. It's certainly for something special. I think there' a good chance it's for Indy.

And, yes, just because Indy is a Paramount film doesn't mean it can't have a set at Universal. There's nothing unusual about that.

2618 days ago

Ron Riley    

Has anyone who went for the New Haven casting call heard back from Billy Dowd casting yet? Curious whether they've already made all their picks. thanx.

2616 days ago

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