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Eddie's the Baby Daddy, Says Scary DNA Test

6/22/2007 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy is definitely the daddy of Scary Spice's 2-month-old baby, according to a DNA test that the singer just received, and a source who has seen the actual test tells TMZ that it "leaves no doubt" that Eddie's the dad.

A rep for Scary -- aka Melanie Brown -- confirms that her client has received the test results and that they point to Murphy as the father of Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Scary had preemptively given the baby the name even before the test.

As for the test, we're told that the results are "irrefutable" and that, as with most DNA tests, there is a far greater than 99% probability that Murphy's the dad. Mazel tov!

Murphy's rep tells TMZ, "We don't comment on our clients' personal lives."


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Raymond Hill    

Where is Jessie Davis Father? dose she have one? We see her Mom but not her Dad, or was she like her son and come out of wedlock?

2679 days ago


Buck Nasty,
Put some water in Eddie Murphy's dish!!!

2679 days ago


Melanie is going to take Eddie to the cleaners and he deserves it.

For someone who has been in Hollywood for so long you would think that he picked up pointers on how and when to break up with your baby-mama. Announcing this on world-wide television while she's heavily pregnant with your child and at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean flying home to see you is NOT, NOT, NOT the way to do it.

Mr. Murphy will be breaking out the checkbook for at least the next 18 years. Cha-ching!!!!!

2679 days ago


Now she should take that baby, live in England where she is from and never allow Mr. Murphy to see his child. He may be biologically the father but he doesn't know the meaning of the word. He totally abandoned her, dragged her name in the mud and has no respect for women...just likes to screw them.

2679 days ago


You would think that after 6 or 7 kids that Eddie Murphy would learn how to use a condom?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

2679 days ago


Eddie should pay twice the amount.
1. For unloading his DNA on that poor girl.
2. For making Scary Spice Scared enough to do it with him.........ugh!

2679 days ago

interested canadian    

what a terrible thing ,have a relationship with someone and then ask for a dna test. eddie keep it zipped or grow up

2679 days ago


What a loser!!!!!! As for as I'm concerned - he's a piece of crap for putting her through this horrible, embarrasing ordeal. Shows his true colors - and definately is the "ASS" he plays on Schreck.

2679 days ago


I'm so glad Melanie Brown proved what she has been saying all along. I thought it was horrible how Eddie Murphy treated her through it all. I lost a lot of respect for him. I hope now that he knows that this child is his he will not only financially own up to being the child's father, but also be an active part of the child's life, and introduce her to her other half siblings.

2679 days ago




oh and....

LOSER ..............................

2679 days ago


"Unbelievable! Black people hardly ever have kids out of wedlock."
Posted at 4:06PM on Jun 22nd 2007 by skip

Skip, please leave race out of this. There are people of all races that find themselves in the same situation. I hope TMZ deletes your comment. Racism shouldn't have a place anywhere in this world, or on this board.

2679 days ago


That's true Liz or at least pull out. Doesn't he know how babies are made? I feel sorry for the baby boy, well, no I don't. Who would want a asshole like that for a father anyway!

2679 days ago

He's Boring now    

Dottie Dame: Dont go trying to decide what people can and cannot express. If Racism is part of the world, than sorry about that, always has been always will be. Go tell the ACLU, oh thats right they wont help you either---if they protect Child Abusers imagine the protection and support they must give Racists.

The guy is a skank, in any color. He should have stayed with his He-She Fetish, that way theres no pregnancy.

2679 days ago

She Looks Fabulous    

Both Mel B and Eddie are in a tizzy for this one. You can't just blame Eddie and call him a loser because he wanted a DNA test. Hang the bill on Mel B also for getting in this fix and she was not married to Eddie.

They both are responsible as they were not married to each other in this case.

Why are you women / men on this site so full of anger, rage and hate toward Eddie? This is really something especially since it takes two to tango. Mel B could have chosen not to go through with this but she apparently wanted a life with Eddie. So far, he is preferring otherwise. So tag her too for being irresponsible.

Seeing that the item of romance is not going anywhere away from the human race in the near future, women will continue to get pregnant by men they are not married to.

Just out of curiosity for the women telling Eddie to be involved in the childs life, how many of you have had a baby out of wedlock hoping to get the guy because you are pregnant, then ended up bitter and hateful because your romance with him did not work out and you had to raise the baby without him, child support or no child support? Then to boot he fell in love with and married another woman?

Also, how many of you want to deal with a "scorned" mother if you end up meeting a guy with kids from a relationship that did not work out?

Women have to become more responsible when they are having sex. It is women who are the final decision makers in this. It is their body who will bear the child. Anyway, it will all work out. It always does.

Paying Child support is the least of his concerns I am sure.

2679 days ago


Ever heard of using protection you idiots? You get what you deserve for your stupidity.

2679 days ago
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