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Korn Frontman Wants to "Kill" Lindsay!

6/24/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Korn and LIndsay LohanIf given a choice, Korn's lead singer, Jonathan Davis, says he would rather kill Lindsay Lohan than Paris Hilton. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

While Davis was only referring to who his victim of choice would be in a horror movie, he tells AOL Music that he'd rather off La Lohan because "at least she's hot and has an ass." Has or is? What's the difference, right?!

The metalhead father of three doesn't let Paris off easy. Regarding all the nonsense surrounding the heiress' prison term, Davis says, "Stupid! Just do your time and shut the f**k up!" Amen.

Davis says he's writing music for a gothic end-of-the-world opera with horrror honcho Clive Barker, and already finished co-starring in a horror movie with pornstress Jenna Jameson, called "Sin-Jin Smyth." Can you say straight-to-video?


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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Lame please don't post there are lots of us that enjoy this board. Yes I am a grandmother.. with a VERY active sex life!!!!

2642 days ago


LAME ............GOOD NAME 4 someone from Maine,,,,,,,,,,STUPID EAST COASTER,,,stay out of our fun!!!!!!!!!!

2642 days ago


AOL brought up Lindsay Lohan than Paris Hilton not Jonathan just so you guys know. So now some of you can stop making ignorant statements.

2642 days ago

Kris Peterson    

I would like to kill Jonathan Davis because he sucks so bad as a singer. They were nothing but a Pimus knock-off anyway.

2642 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Tired of lame jokes ? Need a break from PC humour . Sick of looking at Perez draw on copyrighted material ? Give yourself a laugh and Google " Nasty Boil " for a non-PC laugh feast complete with celeb putdowns , stupidly right-on predictions and Laugh till you fart fun ... . Added bonus -- search for " NaSTy Boil Jr. " And " Not NASTY BOIL " for even more fun . And harv pick out a good dress for that PAris interview on LArry King . I know both You and Paris are going to have red behinds from all the tag-team brown nosing . PUCKER UP !!

2642 days ago


Lame- you need to meet sanityrules, another a**hole!

2642 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Hard Metal... Bring it on you GD BI*&H

2642 days ago


What a non-story this is..

2642 days ago

tooth fairy    

I agree. At least Lindsay is hot. Lindsay can still be pretty without makeup and blonde hair. She can wear all hair colors and look good.

Paris is ugly, it's her hair extension and makeup make her look less ugly. Her blue eyes are not even blue. She wears color contact lenses. It will be interesting to see what she really looks like without all the help.

2642 days ago


My feet smell right now. But its ok,I will survive

2642 days ago


.......lindsey lohan 4 PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...................

2642 days ago


They all suck.

2642 days ago


Jonathan Davis speaks the truth, haha. he's the best. but i'd rather kill them both.

KoRn FoReveR

2642 days ago


My dislike of Hollywood celebrities is growing by the minute. Who is this idiot who want to kill Lohan? Another whore hungry for attention? ..........Look what is happenning to Angelina Jolie, her movie, Mighty Heart is number 10, only made 3 million on the weekend. A total disaster!!!

She, like Lohan it's to overrated, to much publicity, to much time on the gossips magazines.-Angelina may be Mother Theresa but she is not the queen of ratings.- No sir!

2642 days ago


Good lord, what the hell is up with all of the Freckled Freak lovers.... go back into your parents' basements and post your "FIRST" posts everywhere... geeze :P hehe

Seriously though... if any of you had bothered to actually read the article, he said in a horror movie. Not for real.. geeze.

Anyways... that's not really what I wanted to comment about, a horror rock opera with Clive Barker???? That is AWESOME with awesomesauce dribbling all over it!!!! I love Clive Barker!!

2642 days ago
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