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A Banner Year for Hanson!? Mmmkay...

6/25/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ten years after most people stopped listening to Hanson, the boys -- er, men now? -- are desperately trying to get back into your lives with a super-fun Internet contest! Please, contain your enthusiasm.

Isaac, Taylor and Zach will personally write a song about you (MmmmBob?) -- if you paste banners all over your personal site. Fan sites that get the most click-throughs to the Hanson site will be entered to win a song written by the funky, hunky musical gods.

Of course, with Hanson, there are no real losers -- those who don't win the grand (?) prize, will still get to keep their ultra-mega-teenarific banners. Can it get any better?
And a little fact about the boys which you may not know; we hear that they were the worst Oprah guests ever! You might have thought it was a demanding Babs, the silent Liz Taylor or even the couch-jumping Tom Cruise. Our sources tell us that in the twenty years that Oprah's been on the air, the Hanson brothers were the most difficult guests the show has ever hosted, hands down.

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Why can't people just leave them alone? Hanson is great and they want to please their fans. I think this idea about the song is really cool and many people will try to win the first place. You, who are not a fan and criticizes Hanson in this ridiculous way, should think more about it and not go saying these terrible things. They're talentous, and even if they weren't, they would deserve everyone's respect.


2646 days ago


Hanson is one of the most amazing bands to ever grace the radios. You don't see them in tabliods, because they are good people. Hanson took a shot to go on there own, and they have been very successful independently. Also not only did they split from their record company, but to help others around the world, they devoted a lot of time to children in Africa. How about instead of bashing them, get your facts straight. On the independent charts they were on top!!! They are doing everything they can to be successful. Also they went to different colleges across the country to talk about the music business. You don't see many musicians doing that now do you?

2646 days ago


Even though I Don't Like them or their Music, I Actual DO Have Great Amount of Respect for them! They don't just Sing and look nice, they also Write their Own Music, and Play their own Intraments... and that will Always get Major Kudos and Lots of Respect from Me. I'll even go on to say that I wish All Music that Was played on the Radio today was by Genuine "Artist" like these guys... and I only use that Term for those Who DO Write and Play their own stuff, not just Sing.. those are just "Performers".

But with all that said, I'm Sorry to Say that I still can't Stand them. I DO Respect them... but I Still don't like them or their Music.... Sorry.

2646 days ago


Clearly this is a Tabloid site. Using mostly inccurate information or twisting the truth at best. But it has managed to create a buzz for Hanson.
People love them or hate them for whatever reason but the music speaks for itself. These three guys have a passion for making music and that won't ever change, doesn't matter what anyone says.
Their music may not be for everyone but for those that haven't heard their music since MMMbop came out 10 years ago really can't say they don't have talent because they haven't heard their recent music.
They each have their own unique voice so anyone that does chose to check them out should listen to multiple songs not just one.
The haters may always hate Hanson for whatever reason they come up with but people with an open mind might be surprised what they hear form these talented guys.

2646 days ago


SailorAlphaCentauri: you seem to be operating under some misconceptions. I don't "get mad at the people who don't like a celebrity". You can dislike Hanson all you want; you might be surprised by how little I care about your opinion, really. However, if you want to spread misinformation about the band, and perpetuate old stereotypes about them, I will step forward and attempt to set the record straight. My posts are in response to declarative statements people make about the band which I conclude are not accurate.

I may not have read every message here, but I can't say I've seen any fans claiming that "they're great because they play their own instruments". In an earlier post, I gave some of the reasons I feel they're special. "They play their own instruments" is not one of them. Other posters have listed other reasons for liking Hanson in particular. I'm not seeing "they play their own instruments" anywhere other than your post and Bell's, and Bell makes it clear that he is not a fan at all.

I always feel sorry for the people who claim that "most music sucks today". No matter your taste in music, I can pretty well guarantee that there are many artists out there making music you would enjoy, if you took the time and effort to find it. If you only hear the music on MTV, VH1, or terrestrial radio, sure, you're going to conclude that there's not much good music out there, but that's very far from the whole story. Since you obviously have access to the Internet, you have access to the music of thousands of GOOD artists of every different genre. It's just a question of finding the music you particularly like.

2645 days ago


This article is a testament to the caliber of people who work for TMZ - not very smart at all…and contrary to how they perceive Hanson fans, this author (or authors) is most likely a teeny-bopper him/herself.. Or just really ignorant. Hanson are not really listened to these days by teeny-boppers, but by adults (many of whom are talented musicians who appreciate listening to a band who actually has self-made, authentic talent).

Also, it must be mentioned that mmmbop was not their sole hit, or the only song they ever wrote. What type of music does the author of this article listen to? I’d rather be a well-to-do musician than a poor journalist any day, but yes, Hanson must be losers.

2645 days ago


2645 days ago

Sophie Oxon    

Some of you base your judgement upon the fact that you just basically can't get over 1997. They are a completely different band, who are now in their 20s. They ARE talented, and if you just forgot your prejudism against them then maybe you could realise that they DO deserve a hell of a lot of recognision for their artistry. I'd like to see some of you put together a band and see how 'easy' it is to get a record noticed. But they still do it, and yes, maybe their fan base isn't as huge as it was, but it's still pretty sizeable. You just love to drown yourselves in the negativity because that's what you choose to hear. But there are still people out there that love them! And by the way, natural good looks and an amazing voice DON'T make you gay!

2626 days ago


Love Hanson! They are great singers who are NOT on drugs or in jail.
Married decent family guys..LOVE LOVE THEM!

2623 days ago


First there NOT desperate for anything. Second I don't believe the Oprah thing. And third for anyone that says they didn't know they were still around they ARE. And at least there still making music. One b/c they love doing it ( and NOT just for $). They have REAL talent. Weather there singing & writing, & playing interuments. They've ALWAYS DONE IT ALL. NOT someone else doing it for them. Like some people. Britney etc. Hanson is the REAL DEAL. And I'm 26 & been a TRUE & LOYAL fan for 10 years now !!! I will ALWAYS have RESPECT for Isaac, Taylor & Zac.

2622 days ago


rule #1 when discussing hanson:

don't be mean, or else their scores of fans will open up a can of whoop ass on you.

rule #2:

don't try and be cute. they're not girls. they were very young when on oprah. some people would love to keep those banners.

rule #3:

they are not hasbeens. they continue to put out great music for many, many fans. they're doing more with their lives than many of us could even hope for.

so, please, do us all a favor and look into what exactly is the appropriate way to bash a perfectly good band.

2614 days ago

juego de casino    

go to hell with does gays.
I hate those guys!
I really do.
and I fill like I am not alone!

2647 days ago



Are those the guys from that old Paul Newman hockey movie that was showing on late night the other night???

Where's the thick glasses???

2647 days ago


Which One Tried To Commit Suicide Late 2006???

I For Got Which One Was It..

2647 days ago
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