A Banner Year for Hanson!? Mmmkay...

6/25/2007 1:41 PM PDT

A Banner Year for Hanson!? Mmmkay...

Ten years after most people stopped listening to Hanson, the boys -- er, men now? -- are desperately trying to get back into your lives with a super-fun Internet contest! Please, contain your enthusiasm.

Isaac, Taylor and Zach will personally write a song about you (MmmmBob?) -- if you paste Hanson.net banners all over your personal site. Fan sites that get the most click-throughs to the Hanson site will be entered to win a song written by the funky, hunky musical gods.

Of course, with Hanson, there are no real losers -- those who don't win the grand (?) prize, will still get to keep their ultra-mega-teenarific banners. Can it get any better?

And a little fact about the boys which you may not know; we hear that they were the worst Oprah guests ever! You might have thought it was a demanding Babs, the silent Liz Taylor or even the couch-jumping Tom Cruise. Our sources tell us that in the twenty years that Oprah's been on the air, the Hanson brothers were the most difficult guests the show has ever hosted, hands down.

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