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Wrestling Superstar Found Dead

6/25/2007 7:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE superstar Chris Benoit, 40, his wife Nancy and young son were found dead in their Atlanta home early this afternoon, this according to

No further details regarding the tragedy have been released. Benoit was scheduled to appear at a pay-per-view event last night ... WWE said that there was a "family emergency" that prevented him from being there.

Benoit, a former World Heavyweight Champ, wreaked havoc with his signature move, the "Crippler Crossface."

The incident comes on the heels of the shocking death of former WWE wrestler "Sensational" Sherri Martel, and the supposed "assassination" of WWE head honcho Vince McMahon. TMZ has learned that the WWE is scrapping all references to the McMahon death storyline on tonight's episode of "Raw.'

According to the official WWE website, tonight's "Raw" will serve as a tribute to the wrestling great.

Police are investigating the incident.

UPDATE: ABC News is reporting that the deaths are being investigated as a possible suicide and double homicide.


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He did not deserve a 3 hour footage last night if he murdered his family, What a loser. I hope he burns in hell. And yes he was one of my favorites.

2673 days ago


I have just found out that Fox news is using this website to air their prediction of how the Benoit family was killed. I wish they would just wait until the police make an official statement so the family can mourne and be left at peace, his stature in the publics eye will still warrant attention even years from now but the media is so ready to put a bad label on another dead wrestler and put a drug abuse label on him. I hate that , for Gods Sake let the family atleast have a funeral you buzzards! Chris no matter what the results we were very happy yuou shared your life with all of us, RIP my freind, may you and your family rest , forever sleep.

2673 days ago


A tribute to the wrestler? That's almost as bad as the murders.

2673 days ago


How can they have a tribute to this murderer?

2673 days ago


I would not normally say anything like this but I have noticed that some of the comments point towards the negative points of Sports Entertainment . Nukewife - to your comment that the promoters leave the wrestlers like a heap of trash when they are done, well I can say I watched the Fox news report on this matter and they showed Benoits home, it was a 1 million dollar estate, Chris Benoit made $500,000 a yr salary and he was in posession of more than 1, $30,000 Gold Championship belts, if you call that a heap of trash I will take it anyday. This is to T.Katz - You want the Sponsors of a multibillion dollar buissness to turn their cheeks and stone wall Sports Entertainment on the basis that a few bad things every now and then happen, well if they do that because of this then how about Football, that sport has seen more incidents this year alone than wrestling and do you see people saying that it should be shut down? No, why? It is also a multibillion dollar a year buissness.The fact is nothing is a perfect situation and it doesn't matter who you are, if you get enough money and you happen to do something wrong , should you reap what you sow. The point is , we can't expect that just because people have made millions and live in a million dollar home that they should live a perfect life, jeez this isn't Hollywood where nothing bad never happens. I am glad that Vince decided to stop with the storyline that had his character being killed off the air, maybe he realized you only live once and you do what you can while you can. RIP to the Benoit family.

2673 days ago


The tribute was done before it was discovered that this was a murder suicide. I can understand how that could have happened.

I think this is horrible. In a way, I felt sorry for Chris because I thought he must have snapped. But this is horrific. And the more details that are released, the more insane he sounds. These murders were deliberate, and the thought of the fear and pain his wife must've felt is almost unbearable. I like to think his son never knew what was happening to him. My mind cannot comprehend anything else. No matter what sort of wrestler Chris Benoit was, in the end, he was a killer, and a baby killer at that.

Its a shame that a man could be as popular, as successful, as expert as he was in his sport and the legacy he leaves behind wont be of his professional accomplishments, but instead, of his insanity and his murdering his own wife and child. It boggles the mind.

I know Chris isnt wrestling with Eddie in Heaven.

2673 days ago


Fact is wether he killed his family or not, nobody really knows what really happened and even the police haven't given a official statement yet and everyone has Chris burning in the depths of a firey lake. Well even if he did, the last thing everyone is thinking here is that the Benoit Family other than his wife and youngest boy is still morning their loss. His other 2 boys must now live with this til their death, I feel for them and I am sure that they are very down , they have toi be considering how most of us feel.

2673 days ago


Until they find the high levels of Roids in his blood and make it official I don't think anyone should make that call. What if, just for the lighter side of life instead of the down, what if they don't find higher levels of steroids in his body than he was prescribed by his Dr?They did fond drugs but all of them were prescribed and legal from a physician.I am sorry but if they don't find him over the amount he is supposse to have maybe someone else is involved. an entire weekend and nobody was there but those 3?I find that hard to beleive sorry.

2673 days ago


why Cris why??? It's a sad day.

2673 days ago


I am truly saddened by the death of Chris Benoit and his family. However, considering what he did, I have lost all respect for him. He was known as someone who was all about respect and family. Something must have triggered this tragedy. What it was, we may never find out.

My heart goes out to the families.

2672 days ago


I agree with you Richard...

"629. this does not seem right, chris did not seem to me to be that kind of person to do such a thing, strangle his wife, smother his son, then hang himself. iget the feeling that someone else did it."

2672 days ago


So so sad, Chris was my fave wrestler. Im in shock. Not much about it in the news in Australia.How did he get to this point? Heather

2672 days ago

KEVIN Griboski    

Why? We will miss you Chris and family.

2671 days ago


This is such a terrible tragedy. I still find it difficult to believe that Chris would do such a thing - he seemed like such a nice, sane guy. I hope something comes up to clear his name but that's unlikely. I remember when I was young I used to watch his matches on tv. He was such a great performer and I remember all the excitement I got every time he'd lock up his sig. submission move, the crippler crossface on his opponent., because that was always a guarantee win. Sometimes I even would bet on him with a bunch of friends and usually would end up winning. He was a great wrestler, and he will always be remembered. I still have a hard time believing that he is actually gone... this is all very sad. Rest in peace Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit and Daniel Benoit. You will all be missed greatly.

2670 days ago

just dont buy it...yet    

its hard to believe anything in this story theres too many what
ifs...its easy to walk in and take a look and assume what
happened...i know the autopsies say who was killed first, and
how...but my ? is can you prove he did it? I mean have they found
his d&a on the towel she was wrapped in or skin fragments on it? its
easy for us to sit on our computers and read and speculate...but we
all have questions even those of you who are sickened by this story
and what he may have done....but the simple truth is the big
questions have not been answered. Im not sayin i think he did or
didnt do it...what i think doesnt matter... its what the authorties
find and can prove that does...and face it we may never know the

2670 days ago
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