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Wrestling Superstar Found Dead

6/25/2007 7:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE superstar Chris Benoit, 40, his wife Nancy and young son were found dead in their Atlanta home early this afternoon, this according to

No further details regarding the tragedy have been released. Benoit was scheduled to appear at a pay-per-view event last night ... WWE said that there was a "family emergency" that prevented him from being there.

Benoit, a former World Heavyweight Champ, wreaked havoc with his signature move, the "Crippler Crossface."

The incident comes on the heels of the shocking death of former WWE wrestler "Sensational" Sherri Martel, and the supposed "assassination" of WWE head honcho Vince McMahon. TMZ has learned that the WWE is scrapping all references to the McMahon death storyline on tonight's episode of "Raw.'

According to the official WWE website, tonight's "Raw" will serve as a tribute to the wrestling great.

Police are investigating the incident.

UPDATE: ABC News is reporting that the deaths are being investigated as a possible suicide and double homicide.


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It was a murder suicide and he did kill his wife and son and then proceeded to kill himself. there is a news story developing. the police released that statement, they said it was pretty bizzarre how he did it but will not release the results until it is proven but they are pretty much positive of how he killed them, the website also says that he sent "weird" text messages to his friends that morning.

2679 days ago


ok, tightwad, the reason I didnt comment about sensational sherry is because i honestly didnt know the facts surrounding her death, just like no one knows the facts about chris. Sherry has been out of the spotlight for how long??? Chris was still a full-time competitor in the sport.

Like I said, if you cared to read it completely.......don't jump the gun, there are reports and rumors flying about it everywhere and if you don't know, don't comment.

and a P.S. to maggie, its a shame O.J. didnt kill himself.

2679 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

And I totally agree with other posters. The WWE should be ashamed of themselves for airing an idolizing memorial segement of Benoit last night, before having the brains to find out how he died.

Blind Stupidity WWE for idolizing a murderer.

2679 days ago


some people on this site have said a lot of horrible things about chris benoit
maybe some of them true maybe not true we will probaby never know what really happened

but what you have to remember is that a man, woman and child died
whatever the means that is still unnesessary and you wouldn't like it if it happened to you or your friends or family

and yes the wwe did do the tribute before they knew all the facts but to the wwe fans
chris benoit was one of the best wrestlers of his era and ok if he did what they are saying thats fair enough but people will still idolise him for what he did in the ring not out of it

i know all the wwe fans here in the uk including myself will miss him on wwe shows
he was one of the best

2679 days ago


The scumbag killed the wife and kid and then hung himself. What a role model for kids, eh? Sounds like 'roid rage to me.

Hey Vince, time to look at the 'roids thing again, only a lot closer this time. And maybe you'll do something to get it out of the industry that you own if you want it to continue.

OK, now back to Paris Hilton.

2679 days ago



2679 days ago

Mike F.    

My love for wrestling has died today. If you have ever seen the film, Beyond the Mat, you'll know how hard these guys live. Although, I don't know the details, I do know that wrestlers die very, very young. To say Benoit was perfect in the ring is an understatement. He was text-book, maybe even prototypical. But it just seems that everytime I turn on the TV, I see more and more tributes screens of men smiling (usually with a belt around them), and the years of their life underneath, like tragic bookends, that signify they sadly couldn't make it past fifty. Vince McMahon must take stock of what he, his WWE or the business of wrestling does to these people. Then he must change things. Or I will never watch again.

2679 days ago

Janine, Josh And Chris    

to ALL YOU MORONS out there!!!!!!!! you would be the first to accuse,blame and talk smack,you should be put in a padded cell for stupidity. But as just announced ( supposedly )he did do the unthinkable..God have mercy..May his surviving children know NO MATTER what others say about your Dad HE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE a wonderful,loving,dedicated father an great wrestler, and a true sportsmen.ALWAYS be proud of your DAD..Fans forever CHRIS,JOSH AND FAMILY FROM GEORGIA

2679 days ago

John Barnes    

I think this is really sad I will miss benoit a lot. I am dearly & emotionally up set.
I wish his family the very best.



2679 days ago


This is so sad. If it turns out to be the way it is being said, it is a shame that the child had to be added into the mix. What could he have done so bad to be killed like this. It is always hard for us to accecpt that someone in the public eye that seems to have it all together could lose it like this.

2679 days ago


It just hurts because no matter who you were for or against in the WWE, everyone loved and respected Chris Benoit. He was just who he was and had no fronts about him. It's not only that he's gone, but his wife and son - it's just overwhelming and mind boggling. I dont know how the WWE will bounce back from this. He will be greatly missed and the wrestling world will never be the same. He lived for his sport, and that's not something you see every day. We miss you Chris.

2679 days ago


what got in to him, he was a good wrestler. if he really killed all his family n himsef, then he's goin to HELL!
but still he's an awsome wrestler, R. I . P

2679 days ago

John Barnes    

if he kill his wife and little boy I feel sorry for them but,feel nothing for him afterall, it take a real man to show that he cares for his family

2679 days ago


Amazing to read posts about how Great" this guy was, and the fact the WWE had a 3 hour tribute to him. the prick killed his wife and child!!!!! "great and tribute" are not the first two words I think of. hope it's not too hot in Hell Chris.

2679 days ago


I think it is such a tragic event. Especially when children look up to wrestlers,football players as role models. Who can they honestly look up to these days.. My heart goes out to the child who was just a innocent kid.

2679 days ago
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