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Benoit Murder Details Revealed

6/26/2007 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitTMZ has learned more about the deaths of WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit, his wife and son -- and the information is extremely disturbing.

Several Atlanta-based law enforcement sources have told TMZ Benoit may have strangled his wife on Saturday, then smothered his son in his bed a day later. Investigators refuse to officially comment, pending final confirmation by the coroner on the cause and time of the deaths.

One source told TMZ that Benoit was texting friends during Sunday's WWE "Vengeance" Pay-Per-View program -- possibly watching the show with his son, who may have been alive at the time.

According to sources, Benoit then hanged himself Monday in a weight room inside the family home.

A police investigation is ongoing.


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When I read online yesterday afternoon that his entire family was dead, I immediately suspected familicide. That's a crime which occurs in clusters, and of course there have been several cases in the last week. Chances are that no one will ever know what caused this man to snap. It could have been steroid-induced psychosis, though. What a shame. I especially feel bad for the little boy, who he suffocated. I cannot even imagine what went through that poor child's mind before he died.

If it was caused by steroids I hope that the news media warns people about it. There are a lot more people on steroids than most realize.

2641 days ago


i agree with kim ..
no need to trash talk about him.get a life people.
hes dead now.
your not hurting his feelings or anything.
so go do sumtin with yalls life.
so the people who have respect.
agree that ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE.

2641 days ago


Okay people....
WWE was doing an angle with Vince McMahon being dead....and of course it was fake...they couldn't go onto TV with a fake funeral when one of their own had died. They didn't know what happened yet by then, and I think they did the right thing.

Get over it...yes it was wrong what he did...but not wwe.

2641 days ago


that cant be true Chris Benoit,Woman and there son lived a great life and Chris Benoit was a family man and loved them all so much.I will miss him and I know alot more people that will to. rember the man as he was dont try to hurt him now.Chris see you Woman and Dan in the next life.

2641 days ago

I'm heart broken over this ,, RIP in Chris,Woman & Daniel

2641 days ago


This is really heartbreaking to hear about Chris Benoit. My heart goes out to his family, both in and out of the ring. Chris was an excellent technical wrestler who could stand toe-to-toe with the best of them. God Bless you Chris,you were the best.

2641 days ago


I know people that used steriods, it was sad to see their personalities completely change, their minds get totally sad

Wrestleing has a history of steroid related tragedy..

My heart goes out to the families

2641 days ago


I wish i could get my three hours back i wasted last night paying tribute to a sorry azz
killer! how can you hurt a child? can we all say "ROID RAGE"

2641 days ago


58. He was looney - He must've been Republican!

Posted at 12:19PM on Jun 26th 2007 by OG
If he was looney, that'd make him a DEMOCRAT...get it right. And if free speech is silenced, and intolerance reigns, then you must be a DEMOCRAT.

2 bad 4 "OG" that they can't stay focused on the article they're commenting on - must be all the mind-and-mood altering drugs that OG-THE-DEMOCRAT takes daily to cope.

may the benoit's rest in peace.

2641 days ago


Come on people. None of you ‘knew’ him – you shouldn’t make judgments that he was such a good guy when he obviously was deeply disturbed. All you know is the ‘celebrity’ not the real person. Just like OJ. You don’t know what went on behind closed doors. I think what is most disturbing is the fact that he didn’t kill his son in the heat of the moment – it was obviously an afterthought and for that, there is no excuse. None whatsoever. I don’t care how f-ed up someone is, that sounds to me like premeditation. IF these reports are correct, btw.

2641 days ago

chill out!    

what in the world is going on lately. First the Plainfield IL woman still missing by the way (husband looks suspicous) , then the man who killed wife & 3 kids, then the pregnant woman found dead (killed by boyfriend and father of her kids) and now this guy killing wife and kid. And I'm just talking all around the same time. This is very disturbing! You're supposed to be afraid of the boogie man or what lerks outside in the dark. NOT someone who is supposed to protect you and you're kids from harm. Geeez! Very scarey what's going on lately.

2641 days ago


WWE has officially removed all remnats of Chris Benoit. His superstar profile has been removed, everything. Their entire homepage was covered with Chris Benoit pictures, videos, eveyrthing. Now they have a small blurb, and that's it.

Some people are pointing to steriods, but this seems kinda fishy to me. Look at the details. He requested to be excused from Saturday's house show, and Sunday's PPV because of a "family emergency." He then stated that he'd try to make it back in time for the PPV. Obviously, something was going on, and he was planning something, because I don't think that he'd just up and ask to be excused from a PPV when you get paid a crap load extra for appearing on PPVs.

I don't know his reasoning behind doing this, but I think it was planned. And, the fact that he killed his wife, then watched the show with his son before killing him is just disturbing. Why would you watch a show with your son after killing his mother in the same house? The dead body was in the house, probably on the same floor as where they watched the show! Something is morally wrong here. I've been a Benoit fan, but this I just can't comprehend. What was going on in this man's head? And what was the message that he sent to Chavo Guerrero that caused the WWE to call the police?

And I agree with a lot of you that are saying that WWE did not know the details about the death when they did the 3 hour RAW tribute. But, I do believe that had they known, they probably wouldn't have done it. They are going back to programming as planned starting tonight, which is odd compared to what they did last night, and with Eddie's death, they had like 2 weeks of tributes, and they do not intend on mentioning Benoit at all ever again.

2641 days ago


it is such a sad thing I agree that the death of his own son is very disturbing! how people can kill their loved ones I cant understand that. Benoit you are dead but you wont be going to the same place as your family and best friend Eddie Guerrero they died by your hand and if died of natural causes if people ever thought of you as a good person now that has changed forever

2641 days ago

Fake People Suck    

WOW everyone is so angry! I think that everyone who is making "threatening comments" needs to look at themselves first, see why you are sitting at a computer judging the lives of people you will never know and maybe start reflecting on yourself!
Yes it is screwed up what happened but not all of the facts are out yet. He was a good wrestler and not just a professional one he was a technical one as well and for those who respect that they should not be judged.
I too hope that he can find piece and I hope that the mother and son found each other.
Just keep in mind people that something pushed this man to a point that he felt he did not have an out, and at extreme desperation people are capable of anything.
The one that that I want to make clear, I do not agree at all with what he did but I feel sad for all that were involved (especially the son!!!)

2641 days ago

John Thumb    

BURN IN HELL BENOIT! I call for WWE Chairman & Owner Vince McMahon to STEP DOWN as a result of the disgusting tribute he gave to a child-killer last night on the USA Network. The WWE knew the circumstances surrounding Benoit's death yet STILL continued on with this tribute that painted him as a great family man and wrestler.


2641 days ago
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