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Benoit Murder Details Revealed

6/26/2007 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BenoitTMZ has learned more about the deaths of WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit, his wife and son -- and the information is extremely disturbing.

Several Atlanta-based law enforcement sources have told TMZ Benoit may have strangled his wife on Saturday, then smothered his son in his bed a day later. Investigators refuse to officially comment, pending final confirmation by the coroner on the cause and time of the deaths.

One source told TMZ that Benoit was texting friends during Sunday's WWE "Vengeance" Pay-Per-View program -- possibly watching the show with his son, who may have been alive at the time.

According to sources, Benoit then hanged himself Monday in a weight room inside the family home.

A police investigation is ongoing.


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Ann from Malaysia    

I watched wrestling when I was in high school but stop when I enter univ. I hate him then but never thought anything bad could happen to him and his family. RIP. Shouldn't kill his son but still, felt pity for someone for feeling the pressure of living that he felt compelled to kill others and also to commit suicide. Prayers go to all - including him. May God forgive all your sin.

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2640 days ago


New news on and abc news shows he saw a docor on the day of the killing and the pressure of his son and his illness may have been to much for him to handle. his son had fragile x which is a birth defect with a weak x cromisome. it symtoms are almost like autism and effect normal groth. the family has been dealing with this rare disease for years. their is no excuse for what he has done but it does shed light on his motive. even though steroids may have played a role in his depression, dont blame steroids for what he has done. his doctor on the day of the killing said he seemed "calm and rational" which is not a symtom of roid rage.

my blessing go out to anyone effected by this tragedy

2640 days ago


I think Sulivan set this up. I think that Sullivan killed Nancy, then Daniel( it wasn't his son) and kept Chris around and taunted him while his wife and son were in the house dead then killed Chris. How is that for speculation Harvey, you asshole.

TMZ needs to shut their mouths, they do more dragging people in the mud then they do reporting news. Yes you reported it TMZ and then you had your facts all screwed up.

Now Censor this post. It won't matter I will just post my comments about what I think about TMZ on other open blogs.

2640 days ago


Ok people Vince McMahon aired the tribute to Chris Benoit BEFORE he knew the details of what happened in the Benoit house. He was paying tribute to a man he loved. Would you want to just forget your brother or your son if he did this horrible thing? No I think not. ALSO if you watched ECW last night Vince came on before the show started and stated that since had learned the details of the Benoits deaths that there would be no mention of Chris Benoit during the show and that the show was dedicated to the people who have been affected by this tragedy. So get off the WWE's back. Also for all you numbskulls who keep bringing up the fact that wrestling is fake, you are not informing us of something we don't already know. And by the way all your soap operas are fake too but I am sure that is what you are watching in between thinking of dumb comments to post on here.

2640 days ago

My Opinion    

You know, we don't know what was on Chris Benoit's mind to cause him to do this.

We don't know what relationship he had with his wife, they may of been a normal couple who had their arguments.
Benoit for all accounts even with his first relationship that had two children loved his family and his children. (Despite what the Media is trying to spew)!

Some people are arguing that steroids are the culprit; some are speculating that he wrestlers take bad and hard falls that something may have jolted and caused
these actions. New information is suggesting that Chris could not take his son's mental illness anymore. On the television entertainment shows, others are saying his wife and son did have food poisoning. (that is why he rushed home they were coughing up blood). On some blogs, they are saying he just found out his son was not his and that made him go nuts).

Then we have the ole his wife was going to leave him and he couldn't stand the thought of not being with her.

Others believe there was something more sinister then what meets the eye.

Others are blaming the WWE and now judging the WWE for having a three-hour tribute for Chris. We the true fans sure do appreciate having the tribute.

We will never really know or understand what happened to make this man go berserk.

Was it steroids combined with years of abuse to his body? Abuse that we the fans all enjoyed I might add. Now we judge him!

We don't know and we will never know.

While Chris Benoit was alive, the fans loved him. Now that this tragedy happened, we are prepared to hate him, wish we could resurrect him and give him a piece of our minds.

His actions may hurt our memory of him, and many of us have a hard dealing with a seven-year-old child murdered. Some say he was never a hero, no, he was
not, he was a professional athlete that still was a human being with human feelings, human issues, and human weaknesses.

If any good should come out of this is that families should take a good look at their relationships and try to repair what ills you may have in your relationships.

My own personal belief is that something was wrong
with him, and it was caused by years of abuse of entertaining so many of us.

Now he and his beautiful family are dead and instead of dragging them through the mud, we should take the time to say a prayer for them.

TMZ, in your quest to be right, you seem to show limitless stupidity in how you deliver a story. You never have all the facts or truth, you just say

Brett Hart said it best tonight. "I wouldn't judge Chris Benoit just yet"! Brett should know he was a good friend of Chris Benoit's they were like family. Chris studied under Brett's father Stu Hart. I think as a fan I am going to LISTEN to what the people closest to him have to say, not the Media who wants to sell papers.

My god, the Media today, leech onto to tragedy and they stop at nothing to make a depressing human tragedy even more depressing.

God Bless the Benoit family and may you rest and sleep well.

I am completely heartbroken in how their lives ended.

I would caution those of you who have so many negative
things to say, that Chris Benoit has two remaining
children, who already have to contend with this, don't
make it worse for them with speculation.

Oh, for those of you and TMZ who think that the WWE was wrong to hold a three-hour tribute, some of the fans needed to see that tribute. Many of you posting on this site are admitting you don’t even watch wrestling yet you condemn the WWE for posting the tribute. It only says one thing to me, the WWE commander and Chief Vince did not forsee that Chris Benoit would murder his family or commit suicide. Had they known I would be positive to say they would of all tried to help him. They gave Chris the tribute out of their memory of him not as a man who was violent or would kill his family, but a man they worked with for twenty years. A quiet man of few words, a hard worker and a friend. Who are any of you including the media like TMZ to condemn them for that?

2640 days ago


"A quiet man of few words, a hard worker and a friend"???

You forgot "child murderer".

And "Rabid Wolverine".


2640 days ago

Michelle McKee    

The death of Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and Daniel Benoit is indeed a tragic event. Despite the fact of how these deaths happened, whether steroids were involved, is the WWE to blame, yada yada yada, does not change one central fact. These people are dead. I am unwilling to pass judgment as to the location Chris Benoit will spend eternity for these acts that were committed. I am reserving judgment until I hear all of the evidence especially the toxicology report. Even if he did committ these acts, God will be his judge. I hate it that his wife and child had to suffer needless deaths and it saddens me that such a brilliant technical wrestler suffered such torment that he even contemplated killing his wife and son who I'm sure he loved with all his heart. Then, he killed himself too. At least that is what the authorities in The Atlanta area papers are saying. Maybe it was a setup maybe not. In any event, this tragedy is a reminder of how fragile life is and how know one is promised their next breath. I watched Chris Benoit and followed his career closely. His excellence in the ring doesn't condone his actions. However, I must say that those ridiculing anyone who was mourning Chris Benoit whether it be fans or wrestlers to show some kind of compassion and resist the urge to be rude. I know for some it is difficult but for those of us who are mature, make the extra effort. Chris has two other children who might be reading this as well. The facts in the story are horrific enough. Why tear down Chris Benoit to gratify your own bruised ego even if he did kill himself and his family? None of us know what went on in his house and nothing would excuse what he did either. It just seems to me that to many people on here are so ready to condemn someone to hell. Get your own life together before you even begin to judge another human being. I have mixed emotions obviously I admired Chris Benoit as a wrestler but if the facts are true that he killed his wife and son then he is in fact a murderer. Then he killed himself as well. Those are facts that are sensational enough without adding anything else to it. The fact that he is a superstar or not is irrelevant. He was a human being in a very dark place to have committed this act. I have alot of anger towards him but also towards anyone who thinks they know everything about Chris Benoit when they never met his family, watched his wrestling career, and never met Chris. Try to find some t ype of decency even if you have to reach deep down and if you can't write something nice on these boards, go find something else better to do or someone elses life to destroy.

2639 days ago


This whole story is such a tragedy. The fact that his son was physically and mentally handicapped makes me wonder if in a sick, twisted way, Benoit believed he was "saving" him from having a miserable life. I'm sure that steroids (and other pharmaceuticals) may have added to an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

2639 days ago


I agree with possibly understanding killing your spouse but your own child as he is struggleing kicking waving his hands probably yelling Daddy Stop It! Daddy noooo!
Screaming for his mom too. He does not deserve to be memorialized but to be forever condemned.

2639 days ago


bruno sammartino is absolutely correct, in the name of the all mighty dollar,vince mcmahon wants his wrestlers to look bigger than life,comic book super heroes. steroids is probably taken by 85 percent of the wwe wrestlers, if roid rage is indeed the underlying factor in this family tradjety, vince better take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself if it is worth it.thank you bruno for being the great champion you were and for your integrity.

2639 days ago


This man is an animal, and looked like one. How dare he ruin the lives of innocent families that have to live with this forever.

2639 days ago


He was a good entertaining wrestler seemed like a decent guy. As far as not putting him in the hall of fame is crazy. He should be because he was a good athele.As far as everyone making such terrible remarks about him we don;t know what happened in that house.They are still trying to piece things together. What if he didn;t do it? people dont; rush to judgement. It is horrible for anyone to die the way they did esp a child.And IF he did in the manner they are saying it had to be something snap in him, maybe something he couldn't help. Cause who in their right mind could hurt a child.Those of you making such harsh statements, you could snap as well. So don;t be so quick to judge. May all of them rest in peace.God will be the judge

2639 days ago


This is terrible. I can not believe he took his own son's life! I think he was sick and maybe when he sent his text messages it was before he killed himself. He wanted to see if anyone came. Maybe he thought no one cared about him and killed himself. I think he was trying to get caught and it was a cry for help. This does not excuse his behavior. My heart goes out the families. My husband and children watch WWE all the time. I told my husband I did not want my children playing with their Chris figures anymore that he was a bad man and a monster. He is no idol for anyone!

2639 days ago


Just terrible.......

2639 days ago
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