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Benoit's History of Domestic Violence Exposed

6/26/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before her grisly death, Chris Benoit's wife once told a judge that she was, "intimidated by threats of violence" from her 220 lb. husband.

In divorce papers filed in 2003, Nancy Benoit included a petition for protection from domestic abuse against Chris. In the papers, Nancy claimed that Benoit, "lost his temper and threatened to strike the petitioner and cause extensive damage to the home and personal belongings of the parties, including furniture." Nancy added that she was, "in reasonable fear for petitioner's own safety and that of the minor child."

Three months later, Nancy filed to have the divorce papers and the restraining order dismissed. A short time later, a judge granted her wish.

As TMZ first reported, law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe Benoit strangled his wife on Saturday, smothered his son on Sunday and then hanged himself on Monday.


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I've never been a wrestling fan, but I used to watch occasionally with my husband. I quit the night I saw a male wrestler "smack" a female (don't remember who they were, it was about five years ago), the worst part was when the whole audience cheered.

2614 days ago


God forgive ME for having no sympathy for Chris. He held one person down, choking her till she was dead............. and instead of that being a shock to him, making him ask "WHAT HAVE I JUST DONE??????" he eventually made it to his son, and held a pillow over his head till he too died. Ya ever wonder what a man like this is looking at, or hearing as he struggles to keep the pillow over his boys head? WHat he thinks as his son fights for a breath? What terror the son must have gone through as Dad held that pillow on his face?
Lucky for him he hung himself. How many of those roid rage nuts might have shot him for being such an animal. How many of us who have nothing to do with roids would have wished him dead for doing what he did ! AND DONT BLAME THE VICTIMS. Thats shameful.

2614 days ago

nicole hahne    

please to believe everything you read. You dumb assholes. If you can really believe a man like Chris Benoit would do something like that to himself and his family. Then you all should go to hell. My prayers and heart goes out to the entire Benoit family. I hope you all think about them when post the crap your posting.

2614 days ago

Men are all sicko's anymore    

He only chose to kill himself AFTER her murdered his family. Suicide was only his last resort. He certainetly was not thinking of offing his damn self while brutally banging is wife's head into oblivion. He did not think of suicide before placing a plastic bag over his baby's head and suffocating him to death. It was only after his actions that he decided it was time to die!!! I never could understand why women like those bulging scarry looking men. How does one even mount one of those hulking beasts?? Why are men murdering their families these days?? WHY?? Looks like the lesbians might have an idea worth looking into. I have a man, but if he hever thought of doing this kind of thing, I would know about it and get to him first. My man is a good, decent, law abiding man, thank the Almight Lord! But you just NEVER know anymore with the men in AMERICA anymore or anywhere in the world for that matter. Life scares me.

2614 days ago


He let his body image/fame/wrestling come before his children's lives. Woman should have left him long ago. If you have ever known anyone who takes steroids, this roid rage they have mentioned isn't a one time occurrence. The domestic violence claim proves that. And how long ago was that? Their lifestyle was funded by what I consider to be a lot of bad acting and good acrabat moves. They chose that lifestyle, their child was innocent. Nancy, managing his career and turning a blind eye or possibly even encouraging his roid use and his roid use and selfishness. Wake up and call it what it is. I'll only remember him as a self-absorbed, muderous loser now.

2614 days ago


For those who say he wasn't on steroids, that's just a stereotype: They found steriods in his home. What, the kid was taking them? No, not every wrestler takes them.

And not everyone with a history of domestic violence goes on to kill their family. But it's certainly a statistical predictor.

No, we may never know exactly what happened, but we do have a pretty good picture of the basics. Quick POST-AUTOPSY timeline review:
He tied up and strangled his wife on Friday; suffocated his 7-year-old son some time on Saturday, then later called to cancel his appearance due to "family crisis", sent some weird text messages to some friends, and somewhere in there managed to lay a Bible at the feet of each victim before hanging himself.

My opinion: Sounds a tad premeditated for roid rage, whether or not he was taking them.

Also, whether or not he was a great entertainer, he apparently wasn't quite all that as a human being. If he hated his wife that much, leave. No one "deserves" to be murdered for being a pain in the ass (if, indeed, she was), or else we'd have many, many dead folk lying around. And the kid? Really? Murder is murder.

2614 days ago


Freedom of speech - we can bring up OJ is we want to you. Are you the forum Ruler? hahaha

2614 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

202. I can't belive that all of you people a condeming this man and we don't complety have the full story no one does. You people make me sick passing judgement and you don't even know anything that was going on in there personal lives its allways the mans fault and never the womans. For all we know someone elese could have done it or mabey even she killed the boy and then he killed her then him self. Point is the cops don't even know what hapened yet so there for we don't know what happened yet. It's tragic Both Chris Benoit and his wife were wrestling icons. I hope Chiris Did'nt do it for the sake of his other children and for the sake of his other CHILDREN please stop bashing their FATHER........

Posted at 4:32PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Nikki

Yea, just like Bobby Cutts Jr. didn't kill Jessie she died of a brain hemorrhage and he panicked. You just may have a point! NOT!`

2614 days ago


I would rather idolize the guys in pro wrestling than these other so called
athletes in other so called sports today
rip benoit family

2614 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

231. Freedom of speech - we can bring up OJ is we want to you. Are you the forum Ruler? hahaha

Posted at 7:16PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Lulu

Everyone was all over Bobby Cutts Jr all weekend and this man was in the process of murdering his family. I find it quite ironic and really kind of funny how everyone is defending this man and already convicted Bobby Cutts Jr. The police said that the murders occurred in this order. Wife was killed first and her legs were bound together and then he took a pillow and smothered his 7 year old son the death. Great Man keep making you loving comments about him and you will burn in HELL.

Freedom of speech BABY!

Peace out Lulu the looney

2614 days ago


to #234,

Who cares if he was doing steroids? He does deserve to burn in hell for what he did. Are you so naive that you can't see what's in front of you? A woman and child are found dead in a home along with a male (I don't dare use the word man) who committed suicide and you want to defend him?

If he had problems and couldn't or didn't want to deal with them, fine. But why did the wife and a 7 year old child have to pay for it? So sad for those two and the families left behind. Apparently he was too selfish to deal with his problems on his own.

2614 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

Say No - To the Immigration Bill," looking at your other posts, I can only surmise that you're either a forum troll or frighteningly delusional. Either way, I suggest you seek help. Your kind of racist and sexist extremism is the very thing that causes these types of crimes.

Posted at 7:40PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Tom

Thanks for the compliment....Yes, I am a racist and I say it loud and proudly not like you white people that hide your racist ways.

Have a good evening Uncle Tom

2614 days ago


Another wrestling tragedy. Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith and Chris Benoit. All trained in Stu dungeon. All drug addicts. All dead. All wife beaters. I wonder what comes around goes around. Woman played a devil character with then husband Kevin Sullivan. His booking story line sent her to Benoit and then they ended up together in real life. If you didn't act like a slut and leave Kevin, she probably would be here today. Bad example of a ring rat gone wrong. I have sympathy for the child. Should have let him live. She probably was going to leave him for another wrestler and he ended the cycle.

2614 days ago


I don't get why so many fans still think he is so great when he was a wife beater and killed his family. It does say she wanted protection from domestic abuse in 2003. I am very disgusted the WWE had a tribute on him after this happened.

2614 days ago


I think all you wrestling fans on here trying to focus on the positive are right. So why don't you take your limited edition Chris Benoit dolls off their stands on the TV tray next to your recliner and send them to the WWE. Then, the WWE can melt them down and make a nice four foot coffin out of it.

Lets be positive about the memory of this great wrestler. Please send in your dolls so the rest of the family can avoid the expense (and the hassle of picking one out - grey or black? - always a tough choice) of a childs coffin.

Don't besmirch the man - he was a good wrestler. Honor Chris's memory and help build a coffin for the son he murdered. Do it today - don't forget - he was a good wrestler.

2614 days ago
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