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Cops Give Gruesome Details of Benoit Killing Spree

6/26/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials have confirmed the horrifying details in the deaths of wrestling superstar Chris Benoit and his family.

In a statement by a member of the Fayetteville Sheriff's Department, "Mr, Benoit had sometime, possibly Friday, murdered his wife by asphyxiation. Sometime shortly after that, the same for his son Daniel and sometime later ... committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement area."

According to officials, Nancy was bound at the wrists and feet, with a towel wrapped around her body, and blood was found underneath her head. A Bible was also reportedly found near each one of the bodies.

Police have also confirmed that prescription drugs and steroids were found in the house.

Benoit was found hanging in a weight room in his house. Cops say that he used a cord from one of his workout machines as a makeshift noose. Authorities also believe that Benoit died on Saturday.

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murderer and a disgrace!!! i feel grief for that poor 7 year old child and wife who was murdered in such a gruesome manner. not to mention family members & friends who's affected. why not kill himself and spare his family. i'm a wrestling fan and i don't ever want to hear benoit's name mentioned ever again.

2613 days ago


One report said he was found on his bed and then in the basement. Im sorry this is to neat and clean. Something is just not right here. I find it very hard to believe that he did this. If he did do this then may god have mercy on his soul , Nothing is this open and shut, there has to be more to the story. And i pray that God brings comfort and peace and understanding to both familys.

2613 days ago

homegirl101 how terrible...what a coward

2613 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Very SAD . I admit I do watch WWE and do enjoy Smackdown . But recent plotlines ( Vinces death ) and the demotion of some Superstars ( Their products just don't sell ) has left me wanting out . The WWE is spreading itself thin and not policing the use of steroids . I blogged this in December when Horton appeared to gain 20 pounds in one week . All muscle . PLain and simple --'Roids . I can understand making money but what sort of example is set for kids? I do really believe that Benoit wrestled superb against Edge -- Maybe one of the best showings by anyone this year ! I can only imagine how he felt being demoted to ECW -- the rung above backyard wrestling . The WWE need s to get its' act together . I did enjoy many good matches but greed and arrogance is ruining the WWE ... Too bad .... And in the process ruining the lifes of great athletes and those around them . Very sad his wife and son were 'caught up in Benoit spiral downward and sader still is the WWE and its' lack of understanding steroids , depression and Mania and lack of teatments for these problems .
RIP benoit and family .

2613 days ago


322. I may be able to take something positive about this. My son is 9 years old and a big WWE fan. He heard about what happened to Chris Benoit but didn't really understand it.

I calmly explained that sometimes living with Mommy and the kids can make a man go cuckoo and kill them all. We just kind of stared at each other in silence after that. Then I looked off and stared at a spot on the ceiling for a couple minutes.

I think he got the message. I think that boy is going to be a lot more obedient around here than he is for the two weeks before Christmas. He picked up his shoes off the ground and told me he was going to make his bed. I just gave him another blank stare. After he left I took a sip of my coffee. Damn, this is good coffee.

Posted at 8:48PM on Jun 26th 2007 by NV

I'll try that with mine tonight...too funny......

2613 days ago


Rest in peace Nancy and Daniel. There will never be an excuse for what he has done! I don't feel sorrow nor any understanding. He had the choice to use steroids or not, to live on or to commit suicide! His wife and son had no choice!! Why do some say he will be a legend, for me he is only a monster who hadn't the control over himself! God bless the wife's family.

2613 days ago


Angie - post 215: You are the moron..........sorry to tell ya that.

My ex husband had a motorbike accident and was injured in the neck, in fact he was paralysed for a few months - central cord contusion, its called.

The VERY first thing the Hospital done was to inject him with STERIODS - FACT,


2613 days ago


at first when i turned it on raw monday night and seen it i thought of a car crash or plane crash...and when all details were made available .. i couldnt believe it..chris benoit was a wrestler who was one of my favorites as well as one i respected after meeting hom..and now i just cant believe what he did...i dont care what drugs you were on...what would make you take your own child's life..who was only 7 years old..a kid who had his whole life in front of him...i no longer respect i idd before..well oviosly..he is going by his bows "till death do us part," ....he may of put bibles by all of them..but i only see his wife and child going to heaven..suicide is unforgivablee..least to me and so is killing your wife and child!!!!

2613 days ago


To #341

Yes, he clearly needed psychological help and maybe the WWE should offer that, but like most of Americans he was left to fend for himself in terms of health and mental care. But here's where Benoit differed significantly, considering he made hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and owned a $900,000 house I think he may have been able to afford to pay out of his own pocket for a psychiatrist.

And anyway, ulitmately none of that matters. People can blame whomever they want: Vince, WWE, steriods; but in the end the only person who can be blamed for this tragedy is Benoit himself. My condolences go out to the families involved and his other children.

2613 days ago


vince mcmahn does make them take drug tests there smart one

2613 days ago


I keep reading the same thing; a lot of you are still calling him a hero. This is a problem to many people on here. And this whole “TV hero” image thing has got to go with our children.

Children should never admire or think that celebrities are heroes because you never really know anybody. You just see these people on TV until you hear things like this in the news.

Parents are suppose to be the heroes to there children. NOT people such as these that you don’t know. But yet you love them and would give them anything, and these celebrities/heroes don’t know you and would NOT give you anything but easy entertainment so that THEY can get paid.

2613 days ago


#114, you respect the wrestler. Ok, you mean you respect and image because it is fact now, just like it was when he was alive, that he is NOT that person. But he was and still is, (Until the weekend) Someone else. And that someone else that you didn’t know committed murder on two other innocent people.

2613 days ago


You’re right #83. No one should ever make excuses like we are hearing on this site. A murder is just that, a murder. If he had NOT taken his life then people would be saying something different with him alive just sitting in jail.

People are funny when it comes to the people that they want to defend. When you murder, you are a murder. When you murder suicide, then you are still a murder. But you are one that sadly and sickly pulled someone else into your demented world. And now they have NO world because of you, the murderer.

2613 days ago

former wrestler    

as a former wrestler i can say im shocked about chris benoit of all people committing this terrible act. on the contrary in my opinion the world lost a wonderful athlete and i for one belive until we know all the facts can not judge and of course roids were present he had broken his neck in the past and it aids in the healing and recovery

2612 days ago

cat man    

post 346 where in the hell could your head be the child was7 years old how in the hell could you say something like that. i sure hope you do not have kids.

2612 days ago
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