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Paris -- Totally Sketched Out

6/26/2007 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Paris Hilton was released from Lynwood this morning, her lawyer, Rich Hutton, slipped Harvey Levin a personalized sketch and note from the heiress herself.

The drawing, a self-portrait of Hilton at a pay phone inside the jail, features Paris in her jail issue with an incredibly accurate depiction of our fearless leader hosting "Larry King Live" on television in the background.

Sorry folks, you ain't gonna see this one on eBay.
Paris' card to HArvey Levin


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Why are so many of you angry about her drawing a dang picture for him. Whats the big deal?? Hating Paris Hilton is getting very old. None of you know her and apparently doin't like her, but enjoy not liking her. Get over yourselves and her. It was entertaining for a little white but now its gone to far. You people hate her no matter what she does. She drew a dang picture and you hate her for that? You guys have some serious issues...

2676 days ago


Do they have computer access in the jail? Just how did Paris know how TMZ was reporting? I bet she did not even write this letter as well as the other one.

TMZ, what are you going to do now that Paris is out of jail?

I just noticed that is part of the Time Warner company which also owns CNN.

2676 days ago


I really hope you got a BJ out of this whole career-tarnishing mess, Harvey. Look who loves you; a herpetic retard who can sketch but cannot read! Nice...

2676 days ago


stop commenting on Harv's money train..the longer you buy this trash the longer you will be eating it.

2676 days ago


A CNN reporter just said that if she does community service or a PSA, she can get 12 months knocked off her probation. Damm -- I'd like to see the probation stick cause a leopard doesn't change it's spots and know full well she'd be back in the "big" house before her probation was up.

LA -- your laws suck. It's like a free for all out there.

2676 days ago

Sick of It All    

aahhh... I wonder which one of her new "girlfriends" wrote that for her... I am sure she cannot spell her own name and would not be surprised if she does not KNOW her own name... she probably thinks it is Media Whore!

2676 days ago


What is with the hearts over the i's...and she says she is done with acting cute and wants to be someone young girls look up to. Doesn't mean she should act like one.

2676 days ago


C'mon peeps...she did her time. I don't like Paris by any means, but she did what she had to do. As far as the letter is concerned: it was a nice gesture. Get over it.

2676 days ago


Good for her..I'm glad she's home...Now girl go to school and get a degree. Your life has a higher purpose...But for now, enjoy your family and relax and get the spa treatment...God Bless you Paris and your family.

2676 days ago

getting tired of crap    

That's not realistic. The TV's in the joint are turned to Oprah and Jerry not CNN.

2676 days ago


Paris, I think you could do a LOT of good with your name and money. Much better than being a celebutante. I just hope you're serious about it and that you follow through on what you've said you want to do. I hope your dreams come true and never stop reaching for the stars. They're yours to grab.

P.S. You look MUCH better with brown eyes!!!

2676 days ago


So, it appears Ms. Hilton's definition of 'fair and unbiased' is 'kissing my scrawny STD-ridden ass'.

2676 days ago


The primary Style of this sketch is odd, indeed. The eyes remind me of myself during the late 60's, early 70's while on acid. But I never had a trip as bad as that idiotic sketch(sic).
Anyway, I'm sure PH hasn't ever entered an Art Museam, so Artist's like, Monet, Picasso, Dali, Manet and on and on are not actually something she is aware of.
What in the world is with the hearts over the letters i, instead of proper utilization of the English language? I forgot, she doesn't posess a vocabulary large enough to allow for that. My mistake.
Who cares anyway, Why TF did I just waste my time? Addiction, I s'pose.

2676 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Interesting....Paris super-sized the telephone (which, to me, looks like a dog bone) and not to be ignored, drew the labels on her jailwear four times. At least this is an honest rendering by our (like or dislike her) -- National Treasure. lol ;-)
nobody gag.....but that's what Paris has become.

Harvey, you just slay me. First, you run anti-Paris articles to capture the hate-Paris mob, then you blatantly show your pro-Paris side.
So, Harv? Which is it? You either like her or you don't? Quit playing both sides of the fence! ;)

Gotta give you props for marketing strategies.

p.s. It got so sleazy here I finally had to delete your site from my bookmarks. However, I'm back! Why, because I saw you last night on LKL and I honestly did detect something soulful in you, way to go. (and here I thought you were a complete moronic bottom feeder!)

You did a good job interviewing your guests, hope to see you again subbing for Larry.

So anyhow, Harv.
I'll stick around here on TMZ until the hate-addicts get to me again.
tick tock tick tock tick tock

lol...well, it was fun while it lasted. :)

2676 days ago


I find the drawing quite charming. I see children's books in her future.

2676 days ago
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