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BET's Fashion Fright Night

6/27/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the looks of last night's red carpet, it's obvious why the BET Awards honor the best entertainers in music, film and sports -- but not fashion! BET phone home!
BET Awards Fashion Nightmares
From Beyonce's roboho performance getup to Eve's streetwalker chic, check out why it's time these artists hired new stylists and put the hip back into hip-hop!

On another note, while Robin Thicke didn't scare up any fashion alarms, he also failed to become the first white artist to win a BET Award. The world will just have to wait for Celine Dion's next album to drop!


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The BET awards is for hip hop/R&B/Soul/Rap many "white people" do you see falls into this catergory of music? AND the ones that are in there-just because they are white doesn't mean they are better. It is an award show, so the best in that category will win. I personally don't like Robin Thicke, although he is really, really cute!! Anyways, You don't see blacks winning the CMA because there isn't many black CM artists. Racist my ass. People and TMZ, quit trying to bring race into the factor here.

2613 days ago



2613 days ago


You all are lyin. If you saw white people dressed like that, with those bad weaves and makeup and all, you all would be callin them ho's. I'm glad they all looked like that. $$$$ can't buy taste or class - just more weaves.

2613 days ago


They either look like hookers or look way over the top like they're trying too hard. Less is more. Those photos say it all.

2613 days ago


#2 Beyonce did not steal Kelly's shine. Beyonce introduce Kelly and at the end B, Kelly, Michelle, and Solange ended their performance together. BET is not racist. It was formed at a time when African Americans musicians videos weren't in regular rotations on MTV. MTV began as a racist network. They wouldn't play music by African Americans when it first began. Know your facts before you start writing you idiots!!!!

2613 days ago


Plus B's performance and robot gear is just about the same as Kylie Minogue's performance last year.

2613 days ago


I think the BET awards were great. You people at tmz have to realize, that is is BLACK Entertainment Television awards. Half the stuff you say is cute is not, Beyonce and Eve were hotness and stayed within their culture.

2613 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Its a music awards show people. The object is to get as much attention as possible. By the way Bootsie looked fantastic, right up there with his Parliment days.

2613 days ago


Hey lets keep things in perspective its ENTERTAINMENT! ..... WOW. Beyonce in the robot outfit is purly Art and thats what entertainers do, bring new and interesting way to portray their art much differently than their videos. Remember she was not a robot thur the entire performance. The girl is clearly gifted and it shows. what would be uninteresting if she just got up there and did a complete 360 of the video. As for stealing Kellys light thats rediculous, there was NO light to steal. the wonder woman thing was boaring and unattention grabbing. I thought that performance was just ok. Little Kims performance was just ok also no real sparks. Waiting for her to bring the real Little Kim back. At the end of the day its just entertainment. I love all the entertainers it just takes a team to make the package marketable. oh and tallent Beyonce definately has that!

2613 days ago


so when are the White Entertainment Television awards...? Black people are so racist, its ok for them to host an award show for black but if white people did the same the whole black community would be up in arms.

2613 days ago


Robin Thicke will be touring with Beyonce'. So hot. Beyonce' is hot. She was hot last night on the BET Awards 07. She is hot, period. She can sing. She can dance. She looks better than anyone I know doing it. You have to see the show -- the whole show. It was AWESOME. There were heaps of white people there.

2613 days ago


These outfits are frightful! Hollywood women DO NOT know how to dress. They are always mismatching their outfits. Either their clothes fit baggy/looking like a homless person, like Mary-Kate or their clothes are hideous like Kelly Osbourn and Beyonce. Who ever it is...they just can't dress right. What happened? Hollywood is full of zombies. CAN'T PEOPLE GET THE PICTURE, THAT HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE ARE THE MOST LOWEST PEOPLE ON EARTH? CAN'T YOU SEE THAT PEOPLE? I can't believe these people have sooo much money and they choose to buy AWFUL clothes.


2613 days ago


Hush, Heather. Besides, Beyonce looks better than Paris, Britney, Lindsay or any of the other lushes on her worst day. Now, I must agree about Eve. That blonde hair is played out.

2613 days ago

She Looks Fabulous    

To: K Anonymous

Regarding Celine Dion: Count me in! I love Celine. Especially her song "Because You Loved Me". Infact, I love the whole CD, its called "Falling Into you". She also did something with Peabo Bryson from Beauty and the Beast.

Celine is hot! hot! hot!. Her voice is so romantic and the way she interprets the lyrics - mesmerizing.

2613 days ago


I don't think they were all too bad...some of them though...good GOD

2613 days ago
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