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Courtney -- Ripped Off?!

7/2/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Love's labors lost?!

Courtney Love was tearfully chatting away on her cell phone as she entered LAX this weekend. TMZ cameras heard some of the widow Cobain's convo -- and it sounds like there was a robbery! Holed everything! Somebody stole the rocker's white Versace gown -- with the attention-grabbing neckline she wore to the 1997 Academy Awards when her film, "The People vs. Larry Flynt" was nominated for two Oscars.

From what we can tell, the clothing thief stole sweaters from Love as well. Watch your eBay listings!

Love's publicist had no comment.


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Hope the thieves wash the stuff before they do anything with it. Courtney Love is a walking STD!

2633 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Exactly, I wouldn't want to wear anthing she touched

2633 days ago


Good grief. Another whore.

2633 days ago


Wow, nothin like eavesdropping, camera guy.

2633 days ago


Insurance scam.

2633 days ago


costa...learn to spell, its angle....but i agree.

2633 days ago


publicity stunt anyone? any time a star needs attention, they claim something is stolen. Yawn

2633 days ago


omg she needs to get over it...the dress is freakin old and its not like she dosent have the money to buy a new one. let me guess, shes not getting enough attention? because she was never anything to begin with. a low-life nobody. if it wasnt for kurt the worl would never have even heard her name.

2633 days ago


Poor Courtney. She had no trouble basically stealing the money Nirvana earned to support her drug habit, plastic surgeries, shopping, travel, and court costs, etc. It was easy for her to peddle Kurt's image in a way that he would have HATED. Her dumb 10 year old dress being stolen is hopefully just the tip of the karmic iceberg headed her way.

2633 days ago


You guys are idiots. Just because the dress is "old" doesnt mean that she shouldnt care that some jackass stole it from her. It was probably a memory of better times in her life. She is trying to do better for herself now, and I am happy for her. Everyone has done things in the past that they are not proud of, at least she is trying to fix it. And no, she did not kill Kurt. Get over it.

2633 days ago


Drug addict drama? ( old habits die hard) Insurance claim $ ?
Publicity? Using TMZ to scare someone?
So hard to trust them when they live on the edge of a cliff.
Some may asume she has loads of money but I dont. I feel bad for her daughter. I hope some money was put away for her.

2633 days ago


i see yall love coked up whores!!!...justify everything they do...

2633 days ago


Samantha...nobody here is an idiot. Don't have sympathy for Courtney Love because someone stole from her. She has stolen more money from someone else's creative mind than you will ever see. I bet you didn't know he was going to divorce her when he "killed himself." I also bet you didn't know that she has recorded songs that she claims she wrote...only to be exposed by the fact that Kurt had written and recorded them years earlier. Personally, I don't think Kurt Cobain killed himself because of all of the evidence pointing towards homocide...but don't kid yourself and pretend like this woman hasn't always been (and always will be) a psychopath.

2633 days ago

juego de casino    

so what!?
who cares?

2633 days ago


Hmmmm....This is strange. Just recently she talked about selling some of Kurts clothes and other stuff. The public gave her alot of grief over that. Now she's "conveniently" talking about clothes being stolen, in public, with a reporter within earshot. Hmmmm. Something strange is happening here. Next up, she will claim that other than her own stuff, Kurts clothes are now missing as well. Don't be suprised if there is an angle here. The whole thing is wierd......................

2633 days ago
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