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"Transformers" Puts Air Force Up Front

7/4/2007 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Transformers" -- which hits theaters today -- stars Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel and a team of more than 300 U.S. Air Force servicemen. The film features hundreds of real-life pilots, and real Air Force aircraft, including F22s and F17 Nighthawks, which are used throughout the flick. Filmmakers were given special access to film in and around the Pentagon -- the first crew allowed access to the area since 9/11.
Captain Lennox and Jorge Figueroa
In return for their help, director Michael Bay treated the service members to a private preview screening. The response? "It took a movie about alien robots invading the planet to get the military stuff right," said Army Sgt. Charles Eggleston. "The movie accurately depicted life in the military," said Chief Master Sgt. Mike Gasparetto. Let's hope the military doesn't really spend its time battling robots!
Tranformers film still


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One of the helicopters is from the base where my husband and I are stationed. He's actually worked on one of the ones that's featured in the movie.

2614 days ago

Alton Pierce    

I saw the movie tuesday in brooklyn. The movie was awsome and the Air Force was the bomb in the movie. I have a new found respect for those guys. I just thought that they flew plains and thats it , but I see that i was wrong. those guys were kicking buts and taking names. great job guys keep up the good work.

2614 days ago

Boy Howdy Cannot Be Silenced!!    

Poor, poor tmz...have you been saving this "story" for slow news days? My condolences.

More LiLo, please, please, please! And Paris, Britney, Nicole, etc.

Shalom and happy 4th.

2614 days ago


Of course access to the Pentagon was given for this movie as in all likelihood it supports the Bush-Cheney perpetuation of violence in the world....

Trustingly and in perfectly timing we, as contempoary humans, will realize that wars do not bring lasting peace. It is time to approach a savage-free-life by bridging the mind and heart. Once each person knows peace within their own heart (therein lies true FREEDOM), there will be no more wars. We as a country are perpetuating violence at home and abroad through the actions taken by the current occupants of the White House after 9/11 (most of the families of 9/11 victims did not support the actions of this administration).

With the 2008 Presidential Election, it is time for the United States of America to step back into a (positive) and (intelligent) leadership role in the world.

2614 days ago


We saw the movie today and I thought it was amazing.
Gave people exactly what they wanted to see, the transformers.
The FX were just spetacular and yeah, the movie was awesome.

2614 days ago


grew up playing with the toys and it was everything i thought the transformer movie should be! i hear they are making a voltron movie, can't wait to see that movie also:)

2614 days ago



2614 days ago

stop the madness    

post five spare us please!

2614 days ago


Is this why the movie was shown for free at the Navy Base (San Diego), few days before it was actually released? I should have gone to that, but no. I payed 10 bucks for my ticket. Good movie though. Good timing for the 4th too.

2614 days ago

Luke skywalker    

Those darn autobots they beat me again! LOL! I lvoed the movie I do not know what move the critics are seeing, but this movie was a great start to hopefully a franchise. I just wish we could have had more scenes with the Decepicons, but I guess that can waite for TF2! I just wished they woudlnt have had to kill.........poor autobot got torn in two.

2614 days ago

BOEING 787    

I think they forgot to add the F-35 Lightning II
I'm going to see the movie right away, I've always been a fan of Transformers.

2614 days ago

Sarah Raman    

Soleil, are you nuts? you must be smoking something. How about the next best phrase, "can't we all just get along????" We aren't doing anything except defending ourselves against murderous psychopaths. When those "peaceful" people stop blowing themselves AND INNOCENT PEOPLE WITH THEM, up in the name of their god, we can rest. Not unti then. Don't forget to take your medication tomorrow....

2614 days ago


Sarah Raman.

Of course, I support the troops who are abroad right now and want them back home in the loving arms of their families.

I am an "Independent Voter" and do not support this administration the least and take the casting of my ballot very seriously on EVERY election day. After the 2000 Election, I have been very cautious as to hanging chads on my ballot before I deposit it in the Ballot Box! With the senseless havoc this administration has created in our own country and abroad, I will be working 24/7 between late August and November 4, 2008 to make certain our country does not endure another eight years of the type of history created by these two oil grabbers!

Anyone who had "listened" to (every) speech Bush gave while on the stump for the White House, knew he had intentions of going into Iraq whether there had ever been a 9/11 or not! Violence begets more violence....hatred begets more hatred....and, love begets more LOVE!

I was born at the end of WW II and, therefore, have experiences with those who served in the Korean War, Cold War, Viet Nam, the Daddy Bush Iraq War, and now this one! Sarah Raman, I invite you to research the profound words of President Dwight David Eisenhower which you'll find somewhere on the Internet.

Additionally, I may just be a more rational person than you, who knows?!....only time will tell! As a matter of educating you, the only pharmaceutical drugs I have ever ingested have been for dental fillings, pneumonia (which I wish on nobody), and a C-section (a beautiful late-in-life child) . Obviously, if I rarely use pharmaceutical drugs, you must realize I'm not into illegal drugs nor have I consumed alcohol since becoming a pregnant woman 21 years ago! Guess you didn't give this person enough "pidgeon holes" to fit into, eh?

Happy 4th of July!

2613 days ago


fashioned after the words of the simpsons character comic book guy "worst movie ever"

2613 days ago

john allen tate iii    

this movie is evil its about devils

2613 days ago
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