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Danza on Paris

Who's the Hypocrite?

7/6/2007 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

tonydanza-1Failed talk show host Tony Danza vowed dramatically never to watch CNN again because of wall-to-wall Paris Hilton coverage, but he sure liked Paris enough to feature her on the first week of his now-canceled talk show a few years back -- and to pimp her appearance beforehand.

The "Who's the Boss?" ex-star slammed CNN for its Paris coverage, whining to the Washington Post that "I'll never watch CNN again" because "they don't give you want you need, they give you what you want."

But we did a little research, and it seems that Paris was what Tony wanted on his show back in September 2004 -- booking her for his fourth episode and boasting to Time magazine, "I think I wanna teach her how to cook. Just in case somebody comes over, Paris, you can whip this up for them."

Once you've been there, it's hard to forget Paris. Danza is another story.


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What a Legend!! Tom Jones    

Congratulations to Tony Danza...he hit the nail on the head!!

2663 days ago


TMZ.... so what is in it for you to keep defending this bimbo Paris? You just keep it up and you will loose all of our support! Sham on you TMZ. You can sure tell where your bread is buttered. YUK. TMZ is the hypocrite.

2663 days ago


Back in 2004, Paris wasn't as annoying as she is now. Stories of Paris Hilton have overwhelmed current news. Who really gives a (blank, blank) about Paris Hilton? What has she done for society lately, besides entertain it with unnewsworthy information?

2663 days ago


TMZ must be pretty desperate to try and make a story out of this. The thought pattern between the two ideas of CNN and Danza's show from 3 years ago doesn't even exist. TMZ...... you better get back on the streets and try to dig up trash on someone else because you have no story here.

2663 days ago


So You're getting on him cause he booked her on his show 3 YEARS AGO? Talk about grasping for straws. As for those judgmental people who call him a "Has been" I rather be a has been than a never was like most of the loser keyboard commandos on the 'net. plus if TMZ is reporting it,He must be "important". Gimme a break.

He is 100 percent right.

2663 days ago


I have always loved Tony Danza....he's a all-round entertainer....o.k.....get it......
entertainer......he had an entertaining-celebrity-talking-singing-cooking-audience give away-show....a far cry from CNN

I applaud any celebrity how has the nerve to say what is on their mind and think they don't have to cuddle and stroke every rich dimwit who has outlasted their 15 minutes of fame.....

you go Tony!!!

2662 days ago


This story is ridiculous. CNN and The Tony Danza Show are two completely different platforms. One deals with world news, the other deals with morning chit-chat. And wow, Tony Danza wanted Paris Hilton on his show one time. That is completely comparable to the endless Paris updates on CNN you see every single day. You probably thought you could do some sneaky research and turn Tony into a hypocrite, but this is really, really weak.

2661 days ago


I should stop watching network t.v. altogether for the garbage they show every night, including Danza's show that ran for years, he was a no talent, pompous as- who actually had the nerve to call himself a singer and dancer and "friend of Liza". Give me a break.

2661 days ago


Danza is right!!! Who cares about Paris and her Jail sentence and that she finally got out and free.. She's not known for her acting anyway. CNN is a news channel and Larry King was stupid to interview her and pay her for that.. I'd watch Danza anyday before Paris in a interview anyday!!!!!

2660 days ago


Has been 'actor' (and I use the term loosely)...sad

769 days ago
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