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Axl Rose: I Didn't Play Live Earth. Waaaahhhh!

7/9/2007 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Axl RoseAxl Rose (memba him?) did not perform at Live Earth Rio and wants to make sure his remaining fan knows why!

In a ridiculous press release, the Guns N' Roses frontman whines about why he (or the band) did not perform at the Live Earth concert in Rio. Um ... cuz no one cares?!

Rose points out that he was not asked to perform at the benefit concert "until the last couple of weeks," and the band was already on tour in Australia and other "sold-out dates" in Japan. Really?! Then Axl says promoters and Al Gore himself (?!) asked Rose to perform with Lenny Kravitz, but Kravitz suddenly became injured and canceled. Fast thinking Lenny! Unbeknownst to Axl, Kravitz miraculously recovered and recommitted to the Rio concert. Rose states, "I was not informed that Lenny's performance was reconfirmed until our own explorations and in following the media surrounding the event today." Snap!

Rose finally states that he begged offered to play at nearby Live Earth events in Japan or Australia, "but the offer of our involvement was declined." Welcome to the jungle!


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I wish Axl would just shut up sometimes. Guns n Roses is still one of my favorite bands ever and "Appetite For Destruction" is still in my cd rotation...they freakin' rule! But he just kind of lost his mind a little bit, and now he sounds like a fool. Too bad. Oh well, I still remember them in all their glory, and even though Velvet Revolver is OK, it's just not the same, and I don't think it ever will be again.

2663 days ago


You guys should just still to ur gossip because you guys have no idea what ur talking about when it comes to axl rose and sadly enough nor do the ppl who read ur site apparently. Cuz if they knew axl's situation they would have not wrote with ignorance as did TMZ...... Axl has sold out gig first of all. and in NYC alone last year played to 5 sold out gigs, not to mention he has not released a record in 15 years ... u tell me of any of those princesess u guys write about cant even sell 2 millions records let alone the over 90 million records guns sold world wide, 11 top tens hits and more money in 6 years than any other band.. As journalist's....oh im sorry .. .thats right u guys are called yellow journalism.... that explains this article that must have been written with some one with peas for brains....

2663 days ago


Who cares...I feel most the "celebs" that performed are just money grubbers anyway. Most of them probably aren't as eco-friendly as they claim and got more out of performing by getting publicity for themselves. Seriously, I watched that concert for about 2 minutes until fugly Leononardo showed his mug...that was enough, I couldn't take any more sellouts!

2663 days ago


Axl Rose is a guitar Legend and an awesome artist. I think its cool to know that about Lenny K. He's a awesome artist as well. That would have been a great concert. I heard one of Guns N Roses songs last week and put a line in my book. My boy has hair like Axl's and I like it. I was happy to get an Axl update; and old people are cool.

2663 days ago

Get a life!!!!!!!    

I don't get it!!! If u guys don't like him, then why even bother reading or posting a comment about him??!! Why waste you're time trashing someone you have no interest in?! Oh wait, I know why!!!!! It makes U feel better about yourself to put someone else down! Now I get it!!!

2663 days ago


Axl, where's Chinese Democracy? 10 years in production and counting....

They didn't ask Axl to play because they were afraid he wouldn't show up.

2663 days ago


#19, I agree with you to some point. A lot of these celebrities just want the publicity, and have no clue about the real issues of global warming.

2663 days ago


NOTHING like WASH UP singer who still think they matter ..PLEASE!!!

RUN ALONG and go hug your CRACKPIPE.

2663 days ago

F. Raude    

his time has come and gone and still gets money so why should he care!!!

2663 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

AXL who?

2663 days ago


I gotta agree with #18. The promoters were probably too afraid that Axl wouldn't show up. He has a habit of doing that, ya know. It could also be assumed that he no longer has the "big draw power" that he used to have. In other words, Axl, you SUCK! Now, put on your big boy panties and get over it.

2663 days ago


"I didn't think Live Earth was going to be a big deal. Then when Lenny backed out, I still didn't think so. Then when Lenny realized that it was a big deal, he jumped back in. Then it was too late for me. Oh noes."

2663 days ago



People need to stop hating on the guy. Isn't it obvious he needs to be embraced??

2663 days ago


Networks and fans are done waiting for you to show up at concerts. Sleep in the bed you made, drunk.

2663 days ago

Kris Peterson    

#27- Axl is a singer not a guitar legend. He can't perform without a bottle on stage. He cancelled a gig once because there was an ordinance in that city banning alcolol on stage and he refused to perform without it. Do you suppose that this was the case at Live Earth? Oh, well.

2663 days ago
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