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Axl Rose: I Didn't Play Live Earth. Waaaahhhh!

7/9/2007 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Axl RoseAxl Rose (memba him?) did not perform at Live Earth Rio and wants to make sure his remaining fan knows why!

In a ridiculous press release, the Guns N' Roses frontman whines about why he (or the band) did not perform at the Live Earth concert in Rio. Um ... cuz no one cares?!

Rose points out that he was not asked to perform at the benefit concert "until the last couple of weeks," and the band was already on tour in Australia and other "sold-out dates" in Japan. Really?! Then Axl says promoters and Al Gore himself (?!) asked Rose to perform with Lenny Kravitz, but Kravitz suddenly became injured and canceled. Fast thinking Lenny! Unbeknownst to Axl, Kravitz miraculously recovered and recommitted to the Rio concert. Rose states, "I was not informed that Lenny's performance was reconfirmed until our own explorations and in following the media surrounding the event today." Snap!

Rose finally states that he begged offered to play at nearby Live Earth events in Japan or Australia, "but the offer of our involvement was declined." Welcome to the jungle!


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Well said Vergy! Axl is one of the most talented artists to reach our airways...So why are you people knocking him? Axl wasn't the only member of GNR who had probs...Do some research! Kick a man/band when they are down AMERICAN WAY! Give me a break...We all have problems and we all deal differently...Axl has one of the most awesome voices anyone will ever hear. Don't knock him because he is a you realize most of the GREATS are? Axl..Keep rocking..Your the best!

2663 days ago


Just so everyone knows, Slash and the old guys have all forgiven Axl, even though it was Axl who conned them into signing away their rights to the band name. Izzy tried to contribute songs to Chinese Democracy but was rejected by Axl. Last year, Slash drove to Axl's house to try and talk to him, but Axl refused to meet him. Instead, he sent out his house keeper / mommy figure. A woman named Beta Lebeis. She talked to Slash, reported the conversation to Axl, and then Axl went public with a statement about how Slash came to his house to trash all his band mates in VR and beg to be back in "GNR" with Lord Axl.

Axl is a very healthy, sane person. Not a hint of bitterness.

2663 days ago


TMZ u guys know nothing. why dont u stick to ur gossip garbage of paris hilton and lohan and stay away from real musicians and real rock stars that party hard... Axl rose has had more success in the 15 years he's been away from the media garbage than any of the talent-LESS artist's (scratch that), talent less people u guys cover in ur colums.......

2662 days ago


"30. Europe people still do care about Axl and love his music. BTW, amazing
musicians like him are (or at least should have been) the pride of the
USA, because this is what we always admire in this country: the music
that during the hardest time of the communist rule gave us the sense
of freedom and happiness. For this reason it's very sad to read an
article like this in an American website. In art there is no such
thing as a has been, because art has a history at least this is my
personal opinion. Even young kids in my country know Novermber Rain,
Don't Cry, etc. AFD is still one of their favorite CDs (it was once a
symbol of my generation cuz I was a teenager when it was released,
whereas nobody cares about all these "journalists" who instead of
being proud of their musicians, don't miss the opportunity to throw a
piece of **** at them."

I agree totally. Axl Rose will remain always the biggest legend, it doesnt matter what he does or what he doesnt do ;) The point is what he (and the band) has done! I was amazed when I read this article... American people should be proud of him, but maybe they are proud of Britney or Paris...
I admit that old Guns n roses was better than the new one, but Axl still rocks! And Im really curious if there will be another band or singer that will be able to do at least something similar like Guns n roses. I dont think so!
Oh, and Axl is always in late? Who cares? :) Its a tradition :)) I would feel offended if he wasn't in late :) So we love Axl for what he was, and what he is.

2647 days ago
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