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Richie to Prosecutor

Your Drug Test on Me Stinks!

7/10/2007 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document that holds the key to Nicole Richie's DUI defense -- she will claim the drug tests cops performed on her were bogus. Life isn't simple!

The declaration, filed today by Shawn Chapman Holley, Nicole's lawyer, states, "Dr. Terence McGee as a defense expert ... will challenge the prosecutor's scientific evidence and the conclusions reached by the drug recognition expert."

The pregnant Richie's trial was set to begin tomorrow morning. Chapman Holley appeared before the Commissioner today and asked for a continuance until August 5, because Dr. McGee is not available until then. The commissioner ordered them back to court tomorrow to decide whether he will grant the request for a continuance.


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I have taken prescription pain killers, and unfortunaly had to drive, but I NEVER have felt disoriented, or "stoned", you have to take quite a few or mix them with alcohol to make a mistake that stupid.

I agree, how funny would it have been if she killed a family in an oncomming car! I am glad I don't live in LA, I have a better chance of getting into a car wreck with a F*d up Celeb than I do winning the lottery, talk about odds!

Being rich and famous does not give you the right to put the lives of others in danger, If they want to coke up drink up or smoke up, go ahead but don't put the rest of at risk, they have enough money for a driver, USE ONE!

2639 days ago


Joey. Not sure what planet your from, but blacks do not get special treatment. Of course racism had to be brought up. Typical unimaginative comment.

2639 days ago


Janice - she lives in L.A. You can't be that lost and "disoriented" to drive up the wrong way on a freeway onramp and drive down the wrong side of a divided freeway. My Vicodin prescription, after my surgery, had stickers on it not to operate heavy machinery, namely a car. She freely admitted taking them. She wasn't driving down the wrong side of a double yellow line, she was on a freeway and could have hit YOU head on. Grow up.

2639 days ago

Nicole Amber    

First the lawyer messed up, page 2 states Jayceon Terrelll Taylor AKA THE GAME
Nicole is a mess , an unfit mother , ugly and useless she needs to go to jail asap
the world not just americal loathes this girl

2639 days ago


How can you be a celebrity for being a drunken, dopehead, no-talent hag? Oops, that question applies to 1/2 of Hollywood.

2639 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

15. These disgraceful freaks that want Nicole to go to jail make me sick! what did she do that was so bad... she is a lovely thin American... I bet that people that hate her are fat.

We have a saying in my country... WIsh harm to a gentle friend because she is successful and slim and you will have your tongue ripped out by a dwarf! Please fat women get off the couch and quit hating!!!!

Posted at 8:04PM on Jul 10th 2007 by Recent Korean Immigrant and Proud to be an American
Dear Recent Korean Immigrant,

1st off, congratulations on becoming a US citizen! Glad you decided to do it, this is a GREAT country (regardless of whether you like or dislike our leadership) and is the land of opportunity. So, good luck in making your life here a good & free one. Regarding your post, you need to know that one reason the majority of us (men & women, slim, fat & normal, successful & not) are angry at this woman is because she was arrested for taking drugs, getting into a car and driving on the WRONG side of the freeway. Regardless of whether she is slim & attractive, or fat & not attractive, she could have killed somone with her thoughtless and self centered, arrogant actions. She's been convicted of driving under the influence before, so this is not new behavior for her. Which angers the majority of people who post here even more. Also, she is attempting to get out of accepting responsibility for her actions, and avoid jail by legal denial manuevering, which is the most infuriating thing of all. For these reasons, this woman is getting blasted on this site. In my opinion, she deserves it.

If I had a daughter that did what she did, she'd have her car taken from her, and I'd cancel her insurance coverage. It's only by the grace of god that she didn't kill someone; for that, we are thankful. Richey needs to serve a long sentence in jail, to not only slap her (figuratively) in the face & let her know that she MUST be accountable for what she does, but also as a punishment for her arrogance & stupidity. If nothing else, this will keep her drugged out corpse off the roads for a while & will save lives...

2639 days ago

The King of the World    

Janis ...get your head out of ass and get some fresh air..get a clue

2639 days ago


What's with the celebs hiring incompetent, unprofessional counsel? JACEYON TERRELL TAYLOR? Shoddy work, indeed.

2639 days ago


Just cuz the cops said she confessed does not make it true.

2639 days ago

BOEING 787    

Deal with it, everyone goes through the same process who gets pulled for DUI.

2639 days ago


Joey, i gotta agree with Janice (yikes!) Blacks don't get special teatment. You are ridiculous.

2639 days ago


Nicole is so ugly, inside and out, her ugliness should be considered a crime. but the real crime of Nicole is the fact that she probably has a druggie baby. At least if this ugly worthless bitch is in jail, she can't hurt her baby anymore than she has. Can you imagine this trashy slut raising a kid? All the people in this world who would make great parents and they are infertile, but God gives this trash a kid. Makes me sick. Now Paris will get jealous and want to pop one out of her infected hole, too. Too much.

2639 days ago


I can’t find the part TMZ has outlined in the red box in the motion or supporting docs. Is it there?

If so, what does the heroin action have to do with these proceedings, other than sentencing? She was already convicted in that case as I understand it. The time to challenge the heroin case has passed – it’s outcome is only relevant to sentencing because this is not Nicole’s first drug arrest. If that is the case, this hired gun expert isn’t necessary to the trial. Am I missing something?

I can’t figure out why there hasn’t been an agreement reached in this case between the prosecutor and Nicole.

2639 days ago


she is looking for excuses...jailtime will do her good

2639 days ago


I can’t figure out why there hasn’t been an agreement reached in this case between the prosecutor and Nicole. Perhaps the public outcry over Paris’ release from jail (rightfully so, in my opinion) has left prosecutors weary of cutting celebs a break, or perhaps Nicole is looking for an unreasonable deal. Who knows.

2639 days ago
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