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Richie to Prosecutor

Your Drug Test on Me Stinks!

7/10/2007 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document that holds the key to Nicole Richie's DUI defense -- she will claim the drug tests cops performed on her were bogus. Life isn't simple!

The declaration, filed today by Shawn Chapman Holley, Nicole's lawyer, states, "Dr. Terence McGee as a defense expert ... will challenge the prosecutor's scientific evidence and the conclusions reached by the drug recognition expert."

The pregnant Richie's trial was set to begin tomorrow morning. Chapman Holley appeared before the Commissioner today and asked for a continuance until August 5, because Dr. McGee is not available until then. The commissioner ordered them back to court tomorrow to decide whether he will grant the request for a continuance.


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The King of the World    

The best description of Nicole so far is ANOREXIC CHIJUAJUA by #75, I officially award you 10 points! LOL

2632 days ago


Yeah.. start something awful by badgering the police and challenging judge as incompetent fools and evil arrest and try you first.. Nicole? Isn't that really smart..? I guess this mature couple must be taking genius pills or something.. because the police and Judge will just give up and fearfully run home crying for their mommies now!!

2632 days ago


Boring and ordinary...

2632 days ago


Witnesses calling in and reporting her wrong way flight and self-confession to drug taking will not be counted either.. if she stands firm and scares the judge and police with her gall and daring, for sure. har har.. Boy she's hardcore and a scamp for punishment! And the rest of her life will be lived in misery and fear of being caught again, once she riles up police with her cruel accusations. A target here..

2632 days ago

oh really    

fun-fun - i agree, and i smell a plea deal here - unless she signed something, her 'confession' won't be admitted. if people called her in to 911, unless they signed charges (or in most states, a complaint) against her, that won't stick either. so unless she admitts to eating some poppy bagels or something, who knows.... i think they'll plea tomorrow for some reason

2632 days ago


I love me some Nicole baby!

That picture of Nicole on the header is adorable! Her angelic little face, sexy skin color and trade mark hair over one eye look!

2632 days ago


Go to jail simpleton slut.

2632 days ago


Nicole is a loser with too much time on her hand's, thats why she smokes pot and sleeps with anyone who will have her. She should go to jail and read some parenting books while she does her time.

2632 days ago


wow what is happening to parents in america? i don't have alot of money but i taught my daughters values and respect.they are going through college and it's hard, sometimes they call and don't have enough money for food, i send it to them and then don't eat that much myself. but in the end i will be prouder of them than what i see of these girls. i think it's really sad

2632 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Nicole, you and a race dog have track records, so stop the nonsense against the test, find another loophole.

2632 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Stoned or not, she was driving backwards down the interstate. What about that?

And why isn't Harvey reporting about Paris being at the clubs now drinking and doing drugs? Yes, she's certainly changed.

2632 days ago


wow, to end up driving on the wrong side of the road...I have a theory on it.
In my days, I have taken loads of vicodin and smoked the most pot together along with other stuff and never drove on the wrong side of the road. The only thing that has ever made me do that is hypoglycemia meaning having a sudden drop in sugar levels. Because of all the dieting and diet pills, she probably suffers from it and that would sound like a more likely reason to me for being that disoriented. Either way, she admitted drug use and no matter how some feel about it, it is still illegal.

2632 days ago

the wise old owl    

YIKes !!!

sOMEONE protect that " Unborn chILD "

2632 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

71. I am the average American. It is painfully obvious to me and everyone else that Nicole Ritchie is going to jail just because she's black. This horrible racism that goes on all throughout our country must be stopped. I think that Nicole Ritchie is living proof that black is beautiful and I hope that we will see past the kind of anti-Semitic racism that sent a crying Paris Hilton to the LA County jail.

Posted at 10:21PM on Jul 10th 2007 by Homey Jay
Dear "Homey Jay",

It's time to wake up, bubba, and stop being such a moron. "It is painfully obvious to me and everyone else that Nicole Ritchie is going to jail just because she's black"? That's so moronic, I don't even know where to start. But, gotta start somewhere. First off, she's not black; she's of mixed blood. And, she looks more white than my norwegian sister. So, your "she's black & being persecuted" arguement doesn't hold a drop of water. Second, since when do you speak for anyone besides yourself? Were you elected the "voice of the people"? I doubt it; I think the people would want someone with more brain cells. Thirdly, she's not going to jail. Not yet, if at all. She has not been judged yet. However, IF she is found guilty after undergoing a trial, and IF she is sentenced to jail, then she will be going to jail because she stupidly thought that the law did not apply to her, that she could get caught for driving under the influence FOR THE 2ND TIME (yes, she has a past DUI conviction), THIS TIME DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FREEWAY, by the way, & her "celebrity status" would protect her. If she's sentenced to jail, maybe she'll finally understand that the law applies to her too; she's not above it. Maybe she'll actually grow up & learn to be accountable for what she does.

Now, let's take a look at the 2nd part of your moronic posting. "I think that Nicole Ritchie is living proof that black is beautiful and I hope that we will see past the kind of anti-Semitic racism that sent a crying Paris Hilton to the LA County jail"? Let me think about that one... Nope, no sale. Nicole ritchie is living proof that anyone can be a self centered, arrogant little party princess, who thinks she's better than everyone else & is above the law if given enough money & no adult supervision, regardless of race. Anti-semetic racism against Paris Hilton? Funny; I was unaware that Paris Hilton is jewish; maybe it's because she isn't. In her trial and subsequent sentencing, the issue of her religion was not brought up even once. So, how could she have suffered "anti-semitic racism" (which by the way, is moronic because you're confusing religion & race in the same tirade) if she's not semitic? How? She couldn't have. So, again, your posting is unintelligent, barely literate & moronic at best; use your brain next time; that's the stuff inside your head, in case you didn't know...

In conclusion, your posting is laughable, lacking in any intellect and just ridiculous. You need to actually think before you post here; it'll be a lot less embarrassing for you later on. The United Negro College Fund once ran a campaign with the slogan "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste". In your case, "A Mind is a Terrible Thing..."

2631 days ago

Enough is Enough    

What happened to her "I will accept responsibility for my actions " ????? Like Paris, that sure went out the window quick ! Now trying her best to get out of it, so much for accountability.........lmao... since Paris was sent to jail, NO WAY is she going to get out of this one......I don't think LA wants another outpour of public opinions after the Paris ordeal..............(if she doesn't get jail time)..........

2631 days ago
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