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Don't Blame WWE for Benoit Killings

7/10/2007 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Onetime wrestling star, Steve "The Lethal Weapon" Blackman believes the WWE is not responsible for the grisly double-murder/suicide of Chris Benoit ... and he's beseeching the King -- er, Larry King.

TMZ cameras were outside of Larry King's CNN studio in Hollywood last night, where our camera caught Blackman, as well as massive hunks John Cena and Chris Jericho, heading for an interview about Benoit.

Blackman was the only one who chirped up when our photog asked about Benoit's alleged steroid use, attempting to take pressure away from WWE by saying, "They're not the people to blame for this, any drug habits that started, started independently, long before they got to WWE." Blackman also said the media attention put on Benoit's possible steroid use -- toxicology reports are still pending -- are "blown out of proportion."

The WWE issued a similar statement last month, saying it was too soon to jump to the conclusion of "roid rage," specifically citing the timetable of the brutal murders as proof rage was not a factor, but no scientific evidence.


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His kid was retarded too!

2665 days ago


No use taking care of a retarded kid so he had to get rid of it

2665 days ago


These guys, and Cena especially, are hypocrits. Even though a couple of them that werent on Larry King aren't currently employed by the WWE, they will surely not speak bad about Vince McMahon, because wrestling organizations often go back to the junkyard to re-hire their old "stars", even if they were WELL over the hill.

Cena saying that he's not on steroids is a JOKE. NO ONE can get that big naturally. Even though I don't think steroids were the main contributor in Benoit's kill-fest (unless extremely long-term abuse has permanent effects on the brain), I don't think they should mask the fact that its rampant, they're on it, and it is a real issue.

2665 days ago


This guy looks like that evil guy in "Superman" He looks really unnatural with that dye job on his head and beard.

2665 days ago

Cat Stevns    

All wrestlers are a bunch of narcissistic jerks!

2665 days ago


"any drug habits that started, started independently, long before they got to WWE"

Yeah because the WWE won't hire you unless you have a bodybuilder's physique or are 7 feet tall. Causation can work in more directions than one. Girls can become bullemic before becoming models because they know they have to look a certain way to get a job. Same thing with the WWE.

2665 days ago


I can't believe so many people don't realize that this kind of wrestling is staged aka fake. Yeah, they work out and bulk up and have to be athletic--but, when it comes to "fighting" in the ring--it's all an illusion.

2665 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Since 1980, over 96 individuals involved in this sport have died before they reached the age of 50. Sounds pretty normal to me. The WWE surely has had no involvement in this whatsoever. I think you need to investigate "Binky" of the Teletubbies. Anyone who carries a purple purse has got to be guilty of something.

2665 days ago


It was learned the kid was not mentally challenge unlike you.

2665 days ago

cat man    

I do not understand why these guys take that stuff, and don't think for one second they don't, thats the only way they could be so big. I have yet to hear or talk to any one that does not think they look like freaks. Then there are people like the animal that are as big as a house yet they get their dumb ass beat-up by everyone he wrestles. He stinks.

2665 days ago


My guess is the WWE tips off the big stars/earners, that a drug test is coming, so they "don't fail."

2665 days ago


Yes, they are just taking flaxseed oil like Barry Bonds. Steriods is ruining ALL sports from wrestling to legitimate sports.

2665 days ago


all of the wrestler's were employed by the wwe at one time or another

2665 days ago


Let's get real here, it is no secret that steroids run and always have run rampant in NOT ONLY wrestling but in a great many professional sports (baseball? Football?) My point is..why only pin point wrestling?

I agree with Blackman that the use of steroids is a personal one....WWE can not be blamed for that. Are the guys pressured? Sure...especially when there is a ton of money on the line for the top guy. BUT, can they make a choice not to use steroids...absolutely! Is the pressure to succeed more than a lot of the guys can handle...yes. It IS a real issue that has been in the spotlight for years. But ultimately, we all make our own choices at the end of the day.

I think that while it is in question, that to automatically blame steroids for this horrible tragedy IS premature. Benoit killed his family and himself over a period of DAYS. He obviously had other issues going on in his head.

And to #6: Not all the guys in WWE are hulking big. Look at Jericho...he's not a big guy at all and went over HUGE in WWE based on his charisma (and his good looks don't hurt either). The guys who choose to use choose it on their own.

If Benoit was on steroids at the time of the murders, the tox reports will show that. Nobody has ruled it out at this point...not even the wrestlers speaking on WWE's behalf ..all have said in not so many words that it is possible. (McMahon is another story I suppose)

Also, if I worked for a corporation paying me hundreds of thousands a year..I can't say that I would not defend it. All involved in this are just being human when they talk on behalf of WWE. It's not some big conspiracy to cover up the fact that steroids run rampant in not only wrestling but EVERY professional sport.

Let's be real here people..quit blaming the WWE and start blaming the individuals for their choices!

2665 days ago


Let's wait for the toxicology report comes matter how anyone bad mouths anyone, you dont' do that to the dead, let the rest. He snapped and perhaps we will never know, but a very very close look has to be given to steriods and there long term effect on the body. Growth hormones or whatever....cooler heads must prevail and save the lives of young men now who think they are not going to pay a price now or down the road for using these so-called "'enhancement's". Its a deadly game they are playing and they must think it is worth it. Unfortunately, those closest to them also pay a heavy price and sometimes with their lives....
Regarding Barry Bonds, he will also pay a price, for all his drug use, the game of baseball has no credibility anymore, its a shame what he has done, and those like McGwyer as well. They have ruined a game. Sad, very very sad.

2665 days ago
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