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Jessica Simpson -- Upstaged on Her B-Day

7/11/2007 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson celebrated her 27th birthday with a beachfront BBQ at the Silver Spoon Beach Body House Malibu yesterday, but the real story was the smokin' hot bikini photo shoot next door!

Just watch the video and enjoy.


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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

I feel bad for Jessica. Life looks like it sucks for her. I just hope she doesnt lose her mojo like Britney Spears. oh god please don't turn into trailer looking trash like Britney. Just a few years ago Jessica had style and she's going downt he same path as Britney by looking cheap and cheezy.

2568 days ago

chillout music girl    

jess has it going on.
she isn't trying to have a big party or attract people.
I never heard of her doing anything nasty like nick and miniho.
Let her enjoy her time alone.
She wasn't upstaged - the model was the one begging for attention.

2568 days ago


With her flat a&*, who cares anyway she is over rated and over. I got so tired of her she was definitely over exposed.

2568 days ago


Ass man uh Jessica doesn't have a ass, well she kind of does a PANCAKE ASS....

2568 days ago


Dear Jessica,

Please for your own sake, reinvent yourself. You should start by hiring a real manager that is not related to you. You should do some soul searching and find out what kind of music you like and what kind of music you want to make. You keep trying to do music that you think will sell or that your fans want to hear from you (Dad's vision, not yours). Do something from your guts. You are in the enviable postion of having enough money and name recognition to do something "real". You are not an actress, you are a personality. You have a strong voice but I'm not sure you can sing. As I said before, get a professional team assembled and strike out on your own. Reach out to Janet Jackson to seek advice on how to escape a controlling overbearing father/manager. I think Beyonce is trying to go that route too with mixed results so far. Otherwise you will be this generation's Lonnie Anderson. The reason I write this is because I was shocked that you are now 27. You still have time...and if someone approaches you to do a movie version of WKRP in Cincinatti, run like hell!

2568 days ago

chillout music girl    

jessica seems like she wanted to be left alone. she wasn't showing her body or anything. No scandal there, I don't find this story even news worthy.
It is sad to pick on someone when they are having a quite birthday and having so many problems in life. I think she should go back to singing christian music. I don't think everyone is meant to have a sexy image. America fell in love with her for her sweetness. She seems so confused lately. I wish everyone would stop saying she is ugly as clearly, she is not. She is a naturally pretty woman.
If I was her rep. I would tell her to take some time from hollywood and figure out what is best for jessica simpson. She is making money. She is 63 on forbes list, nick lachey isn't even on the list.
I am happy to see she was covered up.. the way a lady... should behave

2568 days ago


Jessica Simpson is ONLY 27 YEARS OLD??? Geeez!

2568 days ago


The gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the "I am a star, smart, funny and so Sexy" train isn't coming for her.

2568 days ago


I thought it was Ashley.

2568 days ago


simone's dad #23 needs to hook up with tori's (spelling) mom and do bong loads together.

2568 days ago

chillout music girl    

What is up with everyone talking about this lady.
she has feelings too.
I never heard of her acting like a diva.
She spends time with her family in her hometown.
That seems grounded 2 me.
Maybe she isn't happy without nick, but she is rich without him.
She needs to lose her dad and work on jessica.
I agree with the other post.

2568 days ago

chillout music girl    

Some of us are fans and others are not.
We know you had a platinum album in christian music.
I wish you a wonderful birthday.

PS. I happy you are single. No one wanted 2 see you with john mayer - he is 2 ugly.
Believe in yourself always.

2568 days ago


Shes losing all control of her life since she left Nick. She looks so lonely and the spark is gone from her eyes when shes photographed. She needs to fire that so called preacher dad of hers and get a real professional. Something tells me that as long as daddys in her life professionally she will not find true and unconditional happyness and love. He has a weasel look to him and its un-natural the way he interfers in her personal life. When she was with Nick she was finally able to be herself. She has a good voice but cant act, she needs to stay away from movies and use the talent that she has. Jessica.. send DAD back to Plano, Texas..

2568 days ago


lonelygurl #31 sounds suspiciously like simones dad #23 after taking a few more bong hits slipping into his collection of panties and lipstick

get a life loser

2568 days ago

chillout music girl    

Whenever, you see her in pictures... she isn't happy.
jessica seems like she is in trouble emotionally.
Fashion used the thing with her, now she doesn't seem 2 care how she looks.
I think she is depressed over her life and her choices.
She needs to divorce her evil father.

2568 days ago
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