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Bobby Brown

Boozes Up Again

7/12/2007 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reality TV train wreck/Whitney Houston ex, Bobby Brown, can be "so cruel" -- to his liver! The oft-rehabbing pop star has-been was spotted at the ESPY after party (is that Superhead with him??), living up to his best bad reputation, with a double fist of hard liquor and beer. TMZ's sources say Brown started on the sauce and was walking around, downing drinks on the double, before the show was even over.

Perhaps Brown started boozing because he didn't appreciate being the butt of one of ESPY host Jimmy Kimmel's jokes. After Lebron James performed a not-so-stellar cover of Brown's sassy '90s hit, "My Prerogative," Kimmel quipped that "Bobby Brown just checked back into rehab as a result of that performance."


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We want to talk about him because he insists on acting out in public.

If he can't get clean and sober, may I respectfully suggest that he do his drinking and drugging at home? This will put an end to the negative press.

Of course, that means no media coverage at all.

Bobby, use that time to get well and get your life back on track. It's not too late.

Until then, do us all a favor and stay home, 'kay?

Good luck.

2657 days ago

Just Blood    

He has the right to destroy his life if that's what he want to do. It is not our right to contribute to that destruction. Whitney is not the blame for his failure to lead his family. The real victims in this mess are the children.

2656 days ago

big rah    

he's just being Bobby Brown!!!

2656 days ago


Bobby is a disaster waiting to happen. If this is what fame does to young people, I wouldn't want it....

2656 days ago


Bobby you need to pray and ask god for help my dear, prayer helps

2656 days ago

Always your friend    

Bobby if you are reading this I just want to say that I still think that you have a beautiful heart, especially things that you have done for me. ( I know) Now its time for you get your life on the right track. When are you really going to consider giving your life to christ and allowing him to help you become the true person that he has created you to be? Forget all the negative press it doesnt matter because none of us is perfect. Please Please as your friend just think about what I am saying to you ok. I love you and I will always be praying for you. Also Bob you must think about your kids too. You are not alone in this life!!!

2656 days ago

AB Matthews    

I think Whiteny messed this man up by never letting him take responsiblty for his actions and covering for hin with his troubled behavior listen up ladies when you take care uf a man he looses his manhood and for all intented purposes can not or will not take care of himhelf and becomes the butt of everybody joke ans is looking for another woman to pay for sex O-no i mean to fall in love with she's taken care of herself she might as well take care of me to that's a big red flag look only drive a MWAJ man with a job you can always encourage him to up grade but he must love himself enough to take care of himself before he can love you enough to hold his own weight in a relationship

2656 days ago


Bobby has never been of any interest to me. I've read the comments and initially started to write the "negative thing" on him too. However, people are not born "bad." Something is troubling Bobby in order for him to behave in this manner. Rather than hate on you, Bobby ... I'm just going to say, if possible, seek counseling. I love Whitney. She was a real gem before becoming involved with you. No, she was not perfect ... she had her issues even before marrying you. I first met her personally in Monte Carlo in 1987 with Roy. She wasn't as famous then and I didn't even recognize her, hehehe. We all know that everyone has "issues" ... whether they are celebs or not. You, however, must learn to focus on what's positive about "You" and leave the "Bad Boy" stuff in the past. I watched your Reality Show with total disgust. I watched how your children behaved, spoke, dressed and I felt really sorry for them. With all that money these children should have received a fine education, been taught how to be the best they can be and not be involved in your Reality Show ... which depicted them as ghetto snipes. I can't completely blame Whitney because she was on drugs and not really in her right mind. However, I'm not blaming you for her downfall. She was just not strong enough ... and, when she lost her voice I guess that really added to her problems. I'm wishing both you and Whitney the best. Of course, I don't mean as a couple ... Whitney should never return to you ... your not a good match. However, as individuals ... I'm just not going to be negative or hate on either one of you. There is good in everyone ... now don't continue to embarrass us ... get yourself together. Have a blessed life. Soniyab

2656 days ago

Reality Man    

Drink to your hearts content. Drink, drink, drink. There is a shroud with your name on it.

2656 days ago


Bobby needs Jesus!! For real! What in the world is he thinking? Such talent gone to waste. It disgusts me how these grown individuals have children and in no way set a good example or provide a nurturing home environment for them. Then when their children grow up and start acting a fool, they look like a deer in the headlights stating they don't know why little Bobbi Christina is acting like this. YOU ARE WHY SHE ACTS OFF THE CHAIN BOBBY. Check your self into rehab and find the Lord! Get your mess together MAN!

2656 days ago


cecilia, bobby deserves to be picked on, he is a washed up former singer who has been going the wrong way for a long time. NO ONE i'm sure is jealous cecilia of bobby brown!!!!no MAN wants to be him and no WOMAN wants to be with him unless she's blind or stupid! and cecilia, no one is jealous because he doesn't even have the money to party like he does!that is on the real. he is BROKE. whitney was the only way he survived, she had the money he drained her dry (in regards to money and the relationship). she didn't ruin him, he ruined her.

2656 days ago

Maisha Richards    

I think Bobby Brown should think about his children a little more before he starts Being Bobby Brown.

2656 days ago


He is drinking & grabbing anything he can get for free. What does he live on now that his meal ticket is no longer around. Get a job Bobby.

2656 days ago



2655 days ago


Drowning all his sorrows in alcohol won't do any good. When you get sober, the sorrows are still there. He always treated Whitney as if he couldn't stand her anyway so now he should be very happy. One of these days we will, definitely will, read about him with lung cancer ...or cancer of the esophagus... people who drink a lot get that or maybe he will end up with Cirrhosis of the liver. But we do know it won't be a pretty picture. (Was it ever?)

2655 days ago
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