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Miss New Jersey Exposes Blackmail Pics

7/12/2007 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss New Jersey revealed some of those supposedly salacious blackmail photos this morning, and while they're a little embarrassing, one thing's for sure -- she's no Katie Rees!

Amy Polumbo showed the country some of the most "revealing" pics on the "Today" show, and while one shows her boyfriend chomping on her (clothed) breast and another finds her (fully clothed) legs spread wide in a limo, the rest of them (that were released) were decidedly PG. She decided to make the pics public in advance of a meeting today with New Jersey pageant officials, who will determine the fate of her crown.

Meanwhile, three snaps that the New York Daily News "turned up" of Polumbo partying at Disneyland turned out not to be Amy, she told Matt Lauer. They're actually of a "good friend," said the beauty queen.

Update: Pageant officials have just announced that Amy Polumbo will not be stripped of her crown.

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Charm school paid off for her. And this too on the Nightly News. NOW I understand why Katie Couric is the anchor (i.e. weighing down) the news. Drivel news, drivel anchor. How does nonesense become important? Maybe the American Psychiatric Association can add a new category . Meaningless people who capture the attention of a nation and perhaps the world. What would they call it? BrangelinaTomkatParisLindsey,Britney,Nicole Syndrome?? Thank goodness I'm not rich and/or famous. Would could it be like???Amusing to observe but the disease is to be avoided.

2596 days ago


She was just having fun with her friends. Being young and having fun. You only live once. She is not nude or sucking a knob or a tat. What is the big deal.

2596 days ago


if the pics were private on her face book page, no one would be able to see the pics other than her network. given facebook works like myspace. i don't know.

" V " for Victory

i wonder if she would have done those moves for her talent in the miss whatever

2596 days ago


the look on her face when she was about to show the pictures on the Today show was PRICELESS!! hang it on the wall

2596 days ago


Silly little girl!! Tricks are for ho's!!!

2596 days ago

give the dog a bone    

...being a full-blown pig, I admit to be a bit disappointed in the lack of flesh in these pix!!

2596 days ago


Just a girl being silly. Who cares? Can we not have fun anymore? Let it go!

2596 days ago


Tom-green in their eyes? Well I guess anybody can spread their legs. I guess the ones that can't are jealous.

2596 days ago


she brought more embarassment to herself than these pictures did. i saw her on o'reilly, and all she did was make really, really odd faces. she was not poised at all. why is she miss nj? she is not pretty at all, makes weird faces, acts strange in front of a camera.....i don't get it. these pictures might be her best asset!

2596 days ago

All American Girl    

So I guess the pagents really don't judge on looks. She must have sang well.

2596 days ago


she's a person just like everyone else. i don't think she made any mistakes; she was having fun. maybe some people won't like it but i don't see the big deal. i've seen far worse pictures than that. let her have the crown. and i'm glad she can step up and admit that she's a person and not a robot

2596 days ago


You cannot just listen , read and believe the media. Obviously they dont have 100 percent of the true facts... they were posting pictures of people that werent even her. Where are they getting this false info from? And publicity stunt? I dont think so- why would she work so hard to risk it all being thrown away. Shes far from fake and this is the last way someone would want to become publicly known. Back off of her - there are way more important things in the news to be worried and debating about. Shes just another college girl- you were all in a fix about nude pics and now look... its nothing so get over it. Props to Amy. THATS a TRUE New Jersey girl thats not afraid to stand up for herself and tell it how it is. You go, Girl... I wouldnt want anybody else representing NJ!!!

2596 days ago

stop the madness    

soo much for standards.

2596 days ago

come on    

First of all her head is way too big for her body, I can't believe no one has mentioned that
and whoever doesn't think these are bad pictures must be a slut themselves. Anyone who acts like that in public whether there are cameras or not is a slut with NO class, and classy people know this..................

2596 days ago


Alot of to-do over nothing I'm afraid. Don't know why it was necessary to even go public with this. . . .She was scared of losing her crown and I can't figure out why she would let the blackmailer know that. . . .

2596 days ago
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